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  1. good thing they believe in stare decisis lol in other words he should make them do it again, change the reasoning slightly, and when they inevitably lose which everyone knows they will, they appeal all the way to the scotus, run out the clock, and win. eta which is undoubtedly what trump's legal team is doing right this very moment
  2. because I don't think unilateral disarming will fix this and I don't believe in different justice for GOP vs. Dem. Absolute immunity means absolute, not partisan
  3. I couldn't care less if they called on him, if he complied even a scintilla I'd be really pissed.
  4. I think Trump has shown all future presidents how to block investigations and that is our new reality and we need to deal with it sooner rather than later, if we give a ****. I will literally be pissed if a potential Biden administration complies with any GOP subpoenas (which hopefully won't exist). If Biden sends anyone to be a witness at stupid GOP Burisma hearings in the Senate, that's a total L and very disappointing.
  5. The rights of the House of Representatives are being restricted. Do we keep restricting rights to not restrict rights?
  6. Exactly why it was a win for Trump. Pretty clear.
  7. You should. It definitely isn't a good look for you. I mean maybe it was a mistake, but then it just looks like you were trying to fight me and not reading what I posted which is also kinda well takes one to know one I guess
  8. you trashed the scotusblog tweet (aka my post) based on vance's comment when the scotusblog tweet was totally and clearly about mazars, not vance - all to troll me b/c you didn't like my argument. Hot garbage that might work on someone that was born yesterday. Sorry you did that. Not a good look. In fact, kinda assholish. FYI I truly don't care if you think I'm an *******. Totally indifferent about it. Feel free to not argue me.
  9. I almost declared victory when you feigned ignorance to troll me - feigned ignorance means you lost.
  10. Yes. On the taxes, he was. Undoubtedly.
  11. Yes. But that wasn't the hot take. For the 1/100th time, I'm here to discuss the hot take. Are you? I mean, you posted it and started this.
  12. and the scotusblog tweet was mazars but sweet trolling chief and also gtfo
  13. Damn, pretty insightful hot take: Pfife will have an opinion I don't know why you keep belaboring that point, I'm talking about what you brought up, which is kav and gor
  14. or it was a different case chief what a ridiculous statement, do better
  15. What in the blue **** do sotomayor and ginberg have to do with the hot take about Kav and Gorsuch? anyways, regardless of that totally irrelevant argument you're trying to make, yes they voted for Trump and I don't know why, I haven't read the opinions explaining such and frankly won't
  16. It's a win for trump if they didn't force him to submit his taxes. They voted for him to not have to submit his taxes.
  17. No, I don't think it's a hot take to say Gorsuch and Kavanaugh protected his taxes. That's what we were talking about, I mean you literally brought that up exactly - I don't really know what the rest of those dudes votes have to do with it besides whataboutism
  18. Interesting take, I thought we were talking about Gorsuch and Kavanaugh like you said. I'm not sure what the rest of them have to do with it besides distraction in an internet argument. It's pretty clear that they voted for Trump in this which you called a hot take, and it was actually true. Because others did so as well doesn't change that fact.
  19. Strange, others that know a lot think Trump won and those two votes helped. Who's hot taking?
  20. yeah apparently Dump isn't out of all options yet, but all of his excuses for being special b/c he's President were thrown out.
  21. pretty cool story behind this poll, I think you are on election twitter so probably know what I'm talking about
  22. And the NY Grand jury gets them as well.
  23. Seeing cryptic tweets that the House gets his taxes per Scotus.
  24. Seeing liberals won the Native American case, w/ Gorsuch siding with them.
  25. Interesting, I heard there were more cases b/c there was more testing.
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