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  1. In my yard sign survey of my neighborhood, a fierce battle for 5th place behind Biden/Harris, BLM, Peters, McCormack and Welch: We have Trump and Wu Tang tied with 1 sign each.
  2. yeah we have that situation with all of our dine-in places too. The other thing that has happened is they expanded outdoor seating, and in some cases closed down a road for it! The only time I've dined at a restaurant since March has been in the middle of the road! lol. I'm just largely saying that he claimed businesses like bars & restaurants were "fully open" and if it's the case that 1/2 of their tables are blocked off, I can't agree that's considered "fully open". There are no bars or restaurants that are "fully open" where I live so his claims don't resonate very strongly with me. Maybe elsewhere they are, I don't really know for sure. When I've been up north, picking up take out food from local bar & grill, it did seem like they were fully open.
  3. Does that mean they're not fully open b/c some tables are not allowed to be used for social distancing purposes?
  4. I don't know your area. I still can't go inside the McDonalds less than 1/2 mile from my house, for example. The Arby's is the same. The taco bell has 1/2 of it's tables marked not to be used, but you can go inside that one. The business I work for hasn't had it's office open since March.
  5. there are lots of bars & restaurants in my area that are not fully open. In fact, I don't think any are fully open at least in my area.
  6. I rewound it. I think he told Welker to go ahead. I totally thought he said good too tho.
  7. hasn't done anything except passed that law I just talked about what a dbag
  8. failing to see what his wealth has to do with anything. Ironic that wingers apparently don't think money is speech now
  9. So maybe this is my bad, and it totally could be b/c I'm very cynical, but your whole first paragraph is, to me, a plus for Whitmer, not a negative. The GOP at both the Michigan and federal level have demonstrated themselves repeatedly to not be acting in good faith, and as a wise person on youtube once said, "ain't nobody got time for that" nonsense in the middle of the pandemic. Regarding the second paragraph, you stated that "Whitmer had no problem taking the reigns". I think b/c of Trump's abdication of basic duties, Whitmer had no choice but to take the reigns. Whether or not she had a problem with it is really pretty irrelevant to me. It's also very strange to me that when we're going to discuss "leveraging emergency for a power grab" you go to *this*, rather than, say, declaring a state of emergency where one doesn't exist in order to bypass the constitutional authority of appropriations by the House of Representatives and fund a border wall. I'm not at all sold on the notion that implementing pretty reasonable restrictions in the face of the pandemic is a power grab. That to me is just more evidence of GOP bad faith. They had no issue with executive orders when they were in charge and there wasn't even an emergency to leverage for their abuses.
  10. I think you're probably right... And maybe it's not reasonble to expect Biden to effectively parry everything Trump throws at him.
  11. I totally don't understand why you think people should react the exactly the same to different people saying totally different things, esp considering one of them was apparently a mock quote that no one actually said.
  12. Trump says what? I've never heard him suggest there was a correlation between dropping of restrictions & increase in coronavirus case counts which is what you're accusing Whitmer of saying.
  13. Yep, exactly my point. "Is there a connection?" is totally different than "There is a connection".
  14. seeing push notification from wapo that Biden said his plan for courts is to "create bipartisan panel to study court system" . Seems like a good middle road idea that may weaken something Trump was definitely going to brow-beat at the debate.
  15. I like them too b/c they're activist-y
  16. The stuff you quoted from the article says that she said there "may be" a connection between the court order and the outbreak. I think you're fake newsing it when you said she did a "stupid correlation" - all she said was there may be a correlation.
  17. that's how my wife is with some of the rap I listen to haha
  18. I like this one too but it's def boomer af. That said I've liked Murphy for a while, his pod right after Trump won was really good. Can't remember what it was called now.
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