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  1. Old enough to remember concern about freedom of speech 2 days ago 😂😂
  2. Yeah ppl are saying it was upside down
  3. it's awesome that I feel the need to lower the volume of the president talking when my kid is in the room. MAGA
  4. the audio of the call to the governors is freaking hilarious. bleep this bunkerb****
  5. he's going to activate bill barr very strongly what is bill barr, the fa****ron3000 or something
  6. lol that's a total trumpster fire
  7. the president going into a bunker is no laughing matter, you know those were minorities with white people outside of the gates, right?
  8. That bish deflowered my mute list on twitter
  9. It's much less ridiculous than if he had said it was made up of a Mexican cartel, Japanese whalers, or Klingons.
  10. Armstrong Williams is on C-Span, and the moderator asked him how he thought COVID-19 & the riots would help Trump's reelection, and he went WAY out of his way to NOT say that these things were helping Trump. Strange behavior.
  11. The police are playing too many violent video games.
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