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  1. it sounded to me like the Loins were going to get a lot of penalties if they do what he said.
  2. I think the kids might be, but it Donald ran again it would be a close fight
  3. I'm not ready to sign on to this yet, I think both DJT Jr and Ivanka have political aspirations. I'm not sure if either could win but I bet both wouldn't rule out trying to run if given truth serum. My $.02.
  4. big fan of "conservatives" self-identifying as white supremacists in order to be aggrieved by Biden's speech.
  5. do they have a backup plan for who it would go to if you didn't take it? I'm hearing that there are ppl getting them b/c otherwise they would get wasted.
  6. THey'd be better off if they did what the left did
  7. I love this song, and this is a classic classic classic album.
  8. Did MTG submit her impeachment resolution yet?
  9. I'm not nearly the political prognosticator that Stan is, but the chances of those 60k arrests of satanic pedophilic democrats by JFK Jr are looking a little bit slim.
  10. Mary Trump thinks it's 100% on purpose trolling. I tend to think that's true.
  11. I got into a politics fight with my nephew a few days ago and he literally tried to burn me by saying I watched the news so I was biased. I'd imagine he's a Q-anon'er (didn't actually drop any legit qbombs so fair to say it's tbd), definitely a virus denier. Qanon is spreading through that part of the family right now. They've tried to red pill both me and my wife... which is pretty hilarious to me. Not sure if you guys are aware but Chris Cornell was killed in Detroit b/c he was about to unveil John Podesta's pedo ring. That's also why Chester Bennington was killed.
  12. those progressive commercials kill me. Big fan of the one where they're throwing those ubiquitous "Live, laugh, love" signs in the trash.
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