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  1. In my yard sign survey of my neighborhood, a fierce battle for 5th place behind Biden/Harris, BLM, Peters, McCormack and Welch: We have Trump and Wu Tang tied with 1 sign each.
  2. yeah we have that situation with all of our dine-in places too. The other thing that has happened is they expanded outdoor seating, and in some cases closed down a road for it! The only time I've dined at a restaurant since March has been in the middle of the road! lol. I'm just largely saying that he claimed businesses like bars & restaurants were "fully open" and if it's the case that 1/2 of their tables are blocked off, I can't agree that's considered "fully open". There are no bars or restaurants that are "fully open" where I live so his claims don't resonate very strongly with me. Maybe elsewhere they are, I don't really know for sure. When I've been up north, picking up take out food from local bar & grill, it did seem like they were fully open.
  3. Does that mean they're not fully open b/c some tables are not allowed to be used for social distancing purposes?
  4. I don't know your area. I still can't go inside the McDonalds less than 1/2 mile from my house, for example. The Arby's is the same. The taco bell has 1/2 of it's tables marked not to be used, but you can go inside that one. The business I work for hasn't had it's office open since March.
  5. there are lots of bars & restaurants in my area that are not fully open. In fact, I don't think any are fully open at least in my area.
  6. I rewound it. I think he told Welker to go ahead. I totally thought he said good too tho.
  7. hasn't done anything except passed that law I just talked about what a dbag
  8. failing to see what his wealth has to do with anything. Ironic that wingers apparently don't think money is speech now
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