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  1. I've said many times I think he's not going to debate, but I honestly think the idea was first floated here by chas.
  2. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about
  3. I definitely agree with you that the problem is it's pasted as rich text. Your solutions definitely work. What happens on my computer (only computer, not mobile) is that when I ctrl-v and paste a twitter url, I get a little popup on the bottom of the reply window that says "Pasted as rich text, paste as plain text instead" and the "paste as plain text instead" is a hyperlink. When I click that hyperlink, it converts it to plain text, then embeds on its own. It's difficult for me to remember to do the hotkeys for shift plain text b/c I do ctrl-v about a million times a day so it's a tough habit to break.
  4. what do you mean dude? I was agreeing with you and suggesting an additional way to get it to paste as not rich text.
  5. No word on how bad the optics of this look for the Democrats... Yet
  6. This is an interesting thought.... Obviously it's a thread.
  7. I also get a little popup in the reply window that will convert it from Rich text.
  8. Yes. Trumps lawyers have basically been getting laughed out of court in these cases. That the SCOTUS is taking up this case is very troubling to me. They're arguing **** like Trump can't even be investigated. If I had to bet right now, I'm going 5-4 for the good guys, Roberts saving the country from dictatorship. If they decide for Trump, it will be very bad. Very very bad. In my opinion of course.
  9. Thanks for the info. I hope you are right. That doesn't preclude a decision for Trump though, and it has seemed pretty cut and dry in every court so far, so why it is being taken up by SCOTUS is concerning. Theyve been getting trounced in these cases in court.
  10. Welp... This is probably not going to be good... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/courts_law/supreme-court-will-take-up-trumps-broad-claims-of-protection-from-investigation/2019/12/13/1de84cd6-1d19-11ea-8d58-5ac3600967a1_story.html
  11. I honestly don't know whether Joe's time as anti-corruption chief overlapped with Hunter's time at Burisma, but I'm ok with accepting that they did for sake of discussion, and it generally seems to be accepted that they did, I just haven't researched it myself. My understanding, again, from what I've read in passing, not really personally researched, is that the prosecutor general who was fired at Biden's request was NOT actively investigating Burisma, and Joe pressing for him to be fired was not beneficial to his son's $$$, it actually endangered it. If this is true, then I don't think your hypothetical above is possible.
  12. One more thing, you seem to be excusing complicated corruption here. I don't think that's actually what you're doing, but that's what it reads like. Do normal people's children usually get hired by corrupt Ukrainian gas companies because their father is VP of the US?
  13. Let's look at this situation though. Since you're talking about politicians, Joe Biden is a politician. What could/should he have done about his son's employer and employment in order to either a) be more ethical, and/or b) make Joe Biden show the appearance of being more ethical? Biden is out there saying he didn't have any contact w/ Hunter about his employment there. If we take this at face value, what else is he to do? Personally, I think it's absolutely wrong for people to argue that Hunter should not take that job. If a company wants to pay him, and he wants them to pay him, it's not incumbent upon HIM to sacrifice for the appearance of ethics for his father, for benefit of his father's political aspirations. Joe Biden needs to take the steps to ensure there was no conflict of interest.
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