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  1. My favorite part of the constitution is where a bureaucrat lawyer in the executive branch gets to declare a House Impeachment subpoena invalid.
  2. So according to Trump's lawyers, the Justice Department OLC gets to decide whether an Impeachment subpoena is valid. That's pretty ******* hilarious. Sole power of impeachment to the House.
  3. Yep, for sure. That's what they do with the Mueller Investigation, and Mueller is a Republican and the Mueller Investigation was started by Republicans.
  4. It's actually that the democrats are just trying to distract from state level gun grabber laws
  5. Jeffries is really good right now, these are strong arguments against Trump's nonsense.
  6. Would this be what the kids call... "TRIGGERED"? The kitchen is getting hot.
  7. The feed is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 right now
  8. Honestly this is a first-ballot, unanimous HOF tweet, on so many levels.
  9. Sekulow now suggesting Clinton asked for foreign help via Steele Dossier, completely lying.... Fusion GPS is in Washington DC. Washington DC is in the United States, which is not foreign.
  10. Lindsey Graham going on and on about Hunter Biden, but says "if the shoe was on the other foot..." while no one investigates Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr, or Eric. Must be nice to be completely fact free.
  11. Schiff just played the Helsinki video again.... I haven't heard all of that in quite a while. What a ******* travesty. It's amazing how ****ty that was.
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