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  1. seems like a pretty good example of herd mentality, they're gonna stampede mufasa or more like maskfasa
  2. I knew we should have had the election 3 months ago
  3. anyone with half a brain would know what most of them would be
  4. The ivy league thing he just said was bad ***.
  5. I bet Jason Leopold and Ken Krassenstein er Klippenstein are already on it
  6. OK, yeah I mean it's fact they've said that. I've definitely heard them say that. I guess that's fact, but it's undermined by the fact that they're in court trying to dismantle the law that is giving people the protections. They could argue that part of the law should be preserved, but they're not - they're arguing the law is not severable (even though SCOTUS already severed it). So in that bigger picture, their mouths aren't in line with their behaviors. Personally, I've never trusted what the GOP says so why would I start now
  7. I'm a huge fan of people who can bench press 400 lbs. Person A: Bench pressed 400 lbs. Person B: Did not bench press 400lbs, cannot bench press 400lbs, and goes around punching people who are benching 400lbs in the nuts while they're benching 400lbs. But one time did half the job and benched 200lbs. And talks mad game about how they love benching 400lbs so people think they bench 400lbs. Sure is a toss up on which side I think I would trust on bench pressing 400lbs. Gonna need to really stew on this one.
  8. So one party passed something I like, the other didn't and is actively trying to dismantle what I like. Sounds like a toss up and I should just flip a coin on which side I like more.
  9. Well this is kinda a confusing question - by that logic the Democrats did something I like, that the GOP did not and is actively trying to stop what I like, so it seems obvious why I'd support the Democrats. Democrats actually passed a law with pre-existing condition protections, which is what we were talking about. Republicans have not, cannot, and in fact, are trying to render that law the Democrats passed as unconstitutional. However since you asked, I support Democrats almost exclusively b/c they're not Republicans and they always have the best change to beat the republicans. my political orientation is left of Democrats, but my voting behavior is strictly anti-republican. If I actually like the Democrat, it's a nice coincidence.
  10. Here's what I've seen happen: 1) Republicans trying to repeal Obamacare and it's protections for pre-existing conditions relentlessly 2) Republicans being unable to legislatively pass protections for pre-existing conditions. That reduces to.... they're not actually for protecting pre-existing conditions.
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