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  1. I think it's awesome that she goes on a Q&A show b/c of how she did her job, gets Q about how she did her job, and the A is telling the host how to do her job. I listened to this interview on podcast and it was really pretty crazy how much she was trying to rewrite the history. At the beginning she says something about "we didn't pay attention to cases" but when convenient for her, she talks about their case numbers in the Q&A w/ Brennan. I wonder if those people in the numerator of that South Dakota death rate calculation decided to die b/c of her awesome governance giving them that choice. Sounds probably right.
  2. Soon thanks to Bill gates we will all know where you are at all times
  3. Imagine thinking that's a legitimate news source. Seriously? SMH
  4. we just had a covid-19 vaccinations call at my work put on my the chief medical officer big wigs, it was really great. In the trials across 6 vaccines available around the would, totaling an N of ~90k, all of them reported 100% effectiveness against hospitalization and death. They even included the sputnik one in that total.
  5. I don't understand why they can't just let trans people live their lives.
  6. I feel like ppl can make that argument about any effort the Dems use to go on offense. At some point they need to go on offense. I prefer redhats being victims rather than democrats. I also don't think legitimacy matters to redhats, and they'll claim victim status regardless of whether they're victimized - look at hashtag stop the steal for one of many examples.
  7. what I typically do for A is bar all four of the highest strings (including the high E) and then just not play the high E (or even play the high E b/c it still sounds good in most circumstances). Barring the three "middle" strings would be weird and also difficult. Maybe that will help if you're not doing it that way. In my humble experience, the only trick to this kind of stuff is massive amounts of repetition. The way I think of it is basically repetition to where you do it without "thinking" about it - so it's basically muscle memory. Then you have a new "plateau" to build from where many things you struggled with before are muscle memory now and you think about new, more difficult things, and then those b/c muscle memory, and the cycle repeats. I do ridiculous amounts of repetition of stuff. You almost have to teach yourself to enjoy the repetition, and also find the value in it. Take stock of even modest improvements to keep yourself motivated!
  8. It is pretty awesome that America Uncancelled conference already cancelled a speaker b/c of their views. Nice free speech consistency bros.
  9. I did hear it was called "Uncancel America" which probably also means uncancelling murder
  10. My $.02 is that if you have the notes on the Low E and A string, you're in real business - frankly I don't know much beyond that except for hot spots. From the Low E and A, you can use that to figure most stuff out on the fly. Of course, if you have Low E figured out, you have High E figured out, so you're basically 1/2 of the way through the fretboard. There's an app out there that makes a game out of it which might be a fun way to learn it. Not to overload you, but there are tons of songs that use E/A/D that are really great to practice to. The top ones that come to my mind are Desire by U2 (which changes chords really fast, D-A-D-A-E-A if I remember correctly). Hollywood nights by Seger is an EAD tune as well, and Free Fallin' by Tom Petty is also all around the D chord, you add your pinky to the D chord to create the higher sounding chord. Desire will really get you changing between E/A/D really fast. Furthermore, Hollywood Nights is one of the greatest songs ever written so it's a great one to hear repeatedly while learning how to play. That's an objective fact. haha If you're doing the A chord with 3 fingers, trying doing it with your pointer finger barring all of the strings in the chord. That's the way most folks play it in my experience. You also need to develop that strength in your pointer finger for barring multiple strings, b/c of what is coming up on the horizon..... barre chords! Sounds like you're making awesome progress!
  11. AOC raised $5m for Texas. Cruz (Q, Cancun) went on TV and tried but failed to trash New York. Both sides tho
  12. LOL @ Obama and Springsteen having a podcast called "Born in the U.S.A." Take that, birthers
  13. Thomas, Alito and Kavanaugh: The Devils Triangle sorry about that
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