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  1. Seeing a lot of people giving Warren great reviews for her CNN town hall. I didn't see it but I have the Bern on meow
  2. I have no reason to challenge this analysis.
  3. I can't speak for anyone else, but I apologize for any hurt the thread caused, definitely not my intention starting it.
  4. I think there's a reasonable argument that only impeaching if you have enough votes is cart before the horse. Although I wasn't alive and frankly haven't studied it, my understanding is that the House impeachment hearings were instrumental in getting the votes in the Senate during Watergate. 1998 could be a lesson overlearned, in that it's not failed impeachment that isn't popular with voters, but failed impeachment over very stupid **** isn't popular with voters.
  5. Something to hide Trump and his business sue House Oversight chairman to block congressional subpoena of financial records https://wapo.st/2W0cJ7w
  6. It's worse than this. He trolls those who are not his supporters, and the GOP literally rigged their tax bill against blue states. I gave him a chance. It was called the campaign. He sucked in his interview, as the voters said overwhelmingly, not my fault. People can blow it out their asses.
  7. this is my understanding, and in doing so, relinquishing rights to the 5th Amendment on the matter.
  8. Over 200 people killed by terrorists in Sri Lanka. It's clear this president has no plan for terrorism.
  9. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Probably news to no one, but this record is really great. I haven't heretofore listened to it.... missing out.
  10. I'm gonna find out! I hadn't thought of that.... That could be a real pisser
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