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  1. Small hands was a timeless burn though. Too bad that's the best he offered.
  2. that's one of the greatest terrible ideas I've ever heard. Kudos to G
  3. Whitmer is glorified here very much less than Trump is demonized. We don't even have a Whitmer Governorship thread, let alone one with 1000 pages of glorifying her, nor do we have a don't impeach Whitmer thread with a thousand pages glorifying her. No threads about removing term limits b/c she's so mentally fit. No threads about her not having giggolos or prostitutes. Your statement can be quantified rather easily and it clearly demonstrates you're not accurate. Whitmer hasn't acted unilaterally - she acted within a framework of laws that the state legislature passed. Then, the supreme court took her powers that the legislature had granted her (the court did that unilaterally, I might add), and now it's not even her acting unilaterally - it's the director of the state health department who is putting on the restrictions, which are also a legally granted power to him. I would urge you to practice accuracy in your posting. I personally have tolerance for valid criticism, however I will call out lies with the text of her EO when repeated lies about her EO are posted here. I'm not at all sorry for it either. If you want a forum where lies run rampant, join 8kun. If you don't want the forum to be "all Ds good, all Rs bad", then come and post opposite of that. If republicans don't want to come here and defend the indefensible, don't expect democrats to pick up that slack - that's nonsensical. This isn't socialism of saying nice things about Republicans, no matter how much you'd prefer that.
  4. Same, I actually kinda like him but that article was a half hearted attempt to answer the main question in the headline, at best.
  5. I really wish we could discuss what was said, instead of what someone would have said. How it became that person x is a hypocrite because person y said person x would have said thing z makes no sense to me and its boring.
  6. Right but if he wanted to know why they were dying at nursing homes he could have asked nursing homes but he didnt.
  7. Interesting predicament for Republicans that won having to argue the election was corrupt. LOL they deserve it.
  8. I re-read the responses to the questions, none of the answers indicated they did not have the data. The answers indicated that the person answering did not know whether they had the data, and in one instance, didn't believe there was a database, which is a different question than whether they have the data. If he really wanted to know why people are dying at the nursing homes, like his headline purports to ask, he really truly could ask the nursing homes. But no, he didn't. He clearly just wanted to trash the government.
  9. If you take away all of the points OSU scored, Michigan is undefeated against them.
  10. yes regulated by the state. Nursing homes are also responsible for both data collection and rules enforcement as well. It just so happens that when you want to write a hit piece on the government, you don't ask the non-government questions I guess.
  11. Did he IDK ask the people running a nursing home? I mean it's their job to keep their people healthy. Literally what people pay them for. People are dying in nursing homes, better not contact a nursing home. smh nice bias leduff
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