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  1. Thinking the wall wouldn't have stopped the shooting in Aurora, Ill.
  2. pfife

    Political Pot-pourri

    I really laughed. Click to see the whole series of pics. So good.
  3. pfife

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    A wall wouldn't have stopped this
  4. This dude nails it. This crap happens in this forum all the time.
  5. pfife

    Political Pot-pourri

    I liked ballmich and wish he were back posting.
  6. pfife

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    sounds like #bonghazi is more appropriate....
  7. pfife

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    I like him, I feel he's a long shot but when I hear him interviewed I think he's really good.
  8. pfife

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Edman that **** is spectacular Thank you for maintaining that. It puts a lot into perspective.
  9. pfife

    Political Pot-pourri

    More good news in the battle against the world's biggest POS not named Individual 1 or Cocaine Mitch:
  10. pfife

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    All of those aggregating Dumps golfing are underestimating.
  11. pfife

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Yeah it's really repugnant.