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  1. Aeroplane is one of the greatest records ever, I love it so much
  2. this is the candidate that I've never heard of that I keep mentioning Wayne Messam https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2019/06/13/wayne-messam-2020-presidential-candidate
  3. I feel they probably coulda easily added a couple podiums each night to get the remaining folks on the stage, so in that sense I agree, there's some injustice there.... but when I look at who they included and who they didn't, I don't have much issue with it. 2 of the 3 that were mentioned in the article I read (Moulton and Bullock) were pretty aware in the leadup that they weren't going to qualify for the first debate due to late starts. The third is a dude I've never heard of, and I follow this crap quite intensely, so I think it's fair that he's didn't make the cut, if a cut was to be made. I can only presume Gravel just didn't qualify, but the fact that he didn't even get mentioned in articles delineating who didn't make it is quite strange to me, esp considering they mentioned the dude I've never heard of before.
  4. He didn't even get mentioned in the article I read about who was left out. They mentioned the former Mo gov, Moulton, and some dude I've really never heard of. No Gravelanche.
  5. Great point It should be entity rather than adversary it seems.
  6. Yeah, maga doesn't respect the spacetime continuum
  7. Then this happened too I believe this is called America First
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