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  1. Nearly 400 bills stuck at the senate, but yeah, all they can do is impeach. https://thehill.com/blogs/floor-action/281536-nearly-400-house-bills-stuck-in-senate-limbo
  2. That's interesting and all but why is it that only people around the Clinton's die and not anyone else?
  3. eesh I might actually be ok with that in this circumstance, I'd rather him concentrate on his ****ty hotels than destroying our country.
  4. My understanding is it would have been, shall we say, deleterious to his son.
  5. Obama was just investigating corruption of the US Election. That's what a president should do.
  6. A lot more things don't happen. YOu're the one whose argument isn't backed up by literally anything. Funny chief.
  7. Except he didn't mention the word corruption once in the transcript chief.
  8. The best part about all of this is Hillary never once mentioned Tulsey by name. It seems like the Tulster may have found a pair of shoes that fit nicely and let everyone know about it.
  9. 3 seconds to acquire prooof, from April 2017 Just because Stan was born yesterday doesn't mean the rest of us were.
  10. What's hilarious is you think that happened yesterday. Try facts.
  11. Reminds me of when someone accuses Obama of orchestrating a "coup" against Trump before he was elected, like Trump is doing to Biden. Literally accusing Obama of what they're doing.
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