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  1. Hey, I'm in Adelaide, South Australia and am trying to catch the game. The wifi speeds at the hostel here have rendered slingbox useless so I am looking for a way to watch it online or find a sports bar. Anyone have any recommendations on websites to watch it or bars if you happen to be familiar with the area. Thanks, and Go Blue
  2. Ron English is a good guy Ron English rips single moms everywhere | CollegeFootballTalk
  3. What about Bobby Ross for a few years just to right the ship? He got a raw deal at his last few stops and would be that established presence that we all want. Mangino is my other top pic. Guy is unconvential, but he won a BCS game at Kansas, that says something.
  4. Miles - Grass eater Peterson - Look at the track record of his predecessors Gruden - no college experience Hoke - 3 bad seasons are no reason to run back to Carr Some of my choices... Fulmer, Tuberville, Neuheisel, Tommy Bowden, Mark Mangino, George O'leary, etc. there's a lot of talent to be had out there.
  5. I see why its easy to get excited about guys like Dungy or Gruden, but I don't know why we stopped talking about proven college guys... Lets take another look at Phil Fulmer, he had a great track record at Tennessee and would look great in Maize and Blue
  6. Hey Guys, I got a link, I know that was all of your first and foremost concern, so don't worry about it, sit back and enjoy the game. I appreciate your hard work, but Karl was able to find a link.
  7. Hey Dawg, so can I getchya link to a stream?
  8. Yo Delicious, can anyone PM me a link to a stream?
  9. Oh calm down. It was meant to be a lighthearted jab. I wasn't trying to claim UofM is any better, we are awful, that's pretty self evident.
  10. I was implying that MSU was not a top tier collegiate program and that a higher level of collegiate football could be found at another university, or actually in another conference for that matter.
  11. Haha, good one, funniest post yet in this thread... or, wait, were you serious about the "highest level of collegiate football" part?
  12. I usually let it go for no more than a week, so I alternate between clean shaven and scragly. However, No Shave NoVember has started...
  13. Kinda hard to tell, but honestly, if he did, this is ridiculous, 2nd time this year. I don't blame RR, I'm sure this kind of thing happened somewhat under Carr, but that doesn't make it any less bad... if that makes any sense at all (sorry, its late, I'm too lazy to rephrase, and yeah, i realize that i could have rephrased it in the time it took me to explain why I didn't rephrase it, but this takes less thought) seriously, get control of your players.
  14. 1. Solar Car Racing is the most legit thing ever. 2. The college of engineering and the business school are sponsors of the team, not the athletic department. Most of the team's budget comes from corporate sponsors though.
  15. Tokai finished the race at about 2 am this morning. Michigan and Nuon are still neck and neck for second and passed each other five or six times yesterday. Both teams will finish at about seven or eight o'clock tonight.
  16. End of Day 3, Tokai is well ahead of UofM and Nuon at this point. Short of some sort of catastrophic crash, the race is theirs with UofM and Nuon fighting for second. Nuon leads UofM by 2 kilometers, however they ended day 3 slightly after 5:00, where as UofM stopped exactly at 5:00, so UofM is pretty much exactly tied with them. Twente, who was in 4th place, crashed yesterday, however they are optimistic about finishing the race. Tokai, UofM, and Nuon should finish at either 3 AM Wednesday morning, or about 8:00 Wednesday night.
  17. End of Day 2, its pretty much a three horse race at this time. Tokai is still in 1st and has built their lead to about an hours, which is pretty strong at this point, given teams will be reaching the southern territory soon and speed limits will be lower, so it will be harder to catch them. Michigan is still in second, but their lead over 3rd place Nuon has been cut dramatically to only about 20 minutes. Yesterday was marked by severe dust storms that slowed the team, day 3 should offer a clearer day for racing. Twente and MIT round out the top 5, but they are far enough back that they seem out of contention for the title at this point.
  18. After one day of racing, the results are: 1. Tokai 2. Michigan (+15 min) 3. Nuon (+1 hr) 4. Twente (+1.5 hrs) 5. MIT (+1.5 hrs) Its about an 1800 mile race, and usually takes around 4 or 5 days to complete, so this is a pretty close race so far, all of the top 5 are still in contention. Huey - Its Darwin to Adelaide, North to South across the Aussie Outback. Zimm - UofM has won the past 2 North American Solar Challenges (basically the National Championship), and has won it 5 of the 9 times its been held.
  19. Anyone follow Solar Car Racing? The World Solar Challenge started at 7:00 PM Saturday, Michigan started in 6th, but has moved into 2nd behind only Tokai, and passed 4 time reigning champion Nuon a couple of hours ago. Michigan trails by 5 min, and has only a 5 min lead over the next closest team (Nuon) as of right now. Should be an exciting few days of racing. Go Fast, Go Smooth, Go Blue! umsolar.com Global Green Challenge / The Live Event
  20. How many times have we had this exact thread? It seems like it happens at least once every three weeks. Not that I'm complaining, always interesting to read, its just funny how many times we can argue for 8 pages on the same topic.
  21. Chris Perry? wow, I didn't realized he sucked that much. He was the one that the Bengals doctor gave the wrong surgery to, right?
  22. Its fall break this weekend, plus its Delware St. There are going to be about 20 students that show up, but I'll be there.
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