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  1. I was being sarcastic by the way! But you do never know whether or not he'll make it!
  2. What about my boy here Brent Dlugach? He'll be in the big leagues in 3-4 years!!
  3. Hey RedRamage, if you remember from my list RobSk was listed as not being sure whether or not he would participate. I don't think he's going to draft someone today just to let you know (he probably has no idea he's in the draft).
  4. What about all the CB's we have? Shouldn't something be done? We have McQuarters, Smith, Goodman, Cash, and Wilson who are just the backups! Do we really need 5 backup CB's? I could definitely see 3-4, but 5?? Seeing how I haven't heard of any of the backup Safeties (besdies Bracy Walker) I suggest the Lions try to turn either Keith Smith or Stanley Wilson into a Safety (since they're still young). If Kennedy or Holt goes down we're screwed! We have our CB depth now, but we still have the safety depth to address!
  5. What are you guys complaining about? Picking a sleeper is the best part of a draft! Kevin Jones has already somewhat proved himself on the football field! Pick a Mike Williams, Charles Rogers, or Shaun Cody who have yet to do that! Look who I drafted from the adopt-a-tiger! I bet nobody has ever heard of this guy, which is why it makes it fun! It's more personal than dafting a pudge rodriguez who everyone knows about already!
  6. Why are we going with McQuarters? I know he's a veteran and good player, but how about giving Keith Smith a shot?
  7. I wish I could draft Stanley Wilson (drafted 3rd round this year out of Standford), but he's last in our depth chart at the CB position! So there is no point in adopting him if he'll never play!!
  8. Is this the only thread ya'll belong to? I know this is the first sports forum I've belonged to, but I've recently tried joining one on www.detroitlions.com (didn't work by the way). So I was wondering if you guys belong to any other sports message boards, and if so, which ones? Is this the best board you've seen around?
  9. HAHAHA....never heard that one before! Honestly, I know I've said A LOT of stupid things in motownsports but I'm not really like this in real life. I'm just having fun with you guys.
  10. What did you have in mind? I swear to god I'm 16 by the way.
  11. Probably going after Kennoy Kennedy since Terrence Holt has a deformed head. lol. I like my players to be somewhat attractive (not in a gay sort of way though)!
  12. I'm definitely getting Terrence Holt or Kennoy Kennedy then!!
  13. Why not? It adds posts to my profile and it's easier!
  14. lol...okay you guys have me there. But I didn't expect for the thread to last so long! When did I start this thread? Like a week ago?
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