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  1. I was just going to post that <high five to D> since we were talking about that last week. While I'm here, Big Brother is at it again; Google to buy 6.6% stake in ADT in home security push
  2. They want to inflate the debt away. As it has always been in the last 40+ years. That's theft, but they don't like to say that part out loud.
  3. I has nothing to do with Murdoch, it has to do with policy changes over the years. Now that you made me do the homework, I'll give the author a pass. The FOMC did change policy in 2012 to incorporate targeting a 2 percent rate. It is also argued this had been addressed previously, as early as the Humphrey–Hawkins act of 1978 which mandated a 0 percent rate by 1988. The research will also reveal a 2 percent policy target from a change in 2017 as well. All BS really. At the end of the day, this little ***** wants to give more people money (which they need) while they want higher inflation numbers which does nothing but reduce the spending power of the money they are giving you. This is like getting a sandwich with a bite missing. And by the time all this money finds its way into the hands of the serfs - the banksters and other fee extortionists who get their cut (plus inflation) - we get a bun. While they tell us they are helping. **** you! Newsflash; they have no intention of helping us. They don't give a ****. But many are stupid enough to believe it. No matter what rag it comes from.
  4. Wild read. Not sure I buy all the author is selling either, but the Fed pukes are still pukes. They can't get inflation to what they want now, but they think they need to allow it to go higher than the "magic" 2 percent. I think the author cited wrong legislation on that rule but I'm too lazy to look it up. More BS Fedspeak. On the Fed news front while we are at it: Neel Kashkari is making headlines. He's the current Minny Fed head. He was the guy who went Teddy and lived in a cabin in the wilderness after being a Hank Paulson's (Treasury Sec at the time) puppet when we bailed out the banksters in 08/09. One of the main players in the swindle. He might be a bigger creep than Tim (weasel dick) Geithner. Even if he says something that may make sense - don't believe it - he is a POS to the core. The only Fed mandates that matter are the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P.
  5. They have reported the GDP number here the way they did yesterday as long as I can remember. It seemed different because it was so bad maybe. But still, if they would have said 8.5 it is still really bad. Depression level bad. Read somewhere today one of the regional Fed's are predicting a 11 percent gain for the next report. We'll see about that...
  6. Yes, for sure. I have a better idea. As does this fine lady with a cool name; I approve her message.
  7. Correct. It will also be revised. August 27th I believe.
  8. Which runs out today if I am not mistaken.
  9. Some expectations were %35 percent, so this beat that by a little. I don't know about jobless claims. The market should hold up, they know it will be bailed out again (the Fed's "whatever it takes" line from yesterday). That said, we have what, 30 million on continuing claims, 25 percent of small businesses say they will never reopen, or something like that. Main Street - mostly people who need it - don't know what they are going to pay their bills, rent, or mortgage as UI and the extra 600 runs out this week. No news on the bailout front from the pukes. Sounds like a George Carlin routine.
  10. Jobless Claims from the DOL GDP from BEA - 20 page .pdf In a word; OUCH!
  11. That isn't very "Vegas State of Mind Thread" worthy. 😞 2020 sucks.
  12. Two homes sold in my neighborhood recently. One was for sale about a month with the price lowered a couple of times (I thought it was overpriced), and the other went in two days. That one was a good deal IMO. Sold for 4 grand over listing and had 3 offers. I don't know what the rental market is like around here. I suppose that depends on the state, city, etc. Heroin sales must be good with all the ODs I read about almost daily.
  13. FOMC meeting today. Not that it really matters. On the news front, I got a kick out of this one. A couple of the usual suspects. One mentioned in the article (Sorkin) is also a morning anchor on Bubblevision, and he also writes for the rag known as the NYT. He is a ****ing little creep. And of course the other is the well known POS Krugman. New York Times Rewrites the Timeline of the Fed’s Wall Street Bailouts, Giving Banks a Free Pass - Wall Street on Parade.
  14. I designed equipment for a company that made Mickey D burgers (as a supplier). Was in the plant many times. Clean as a whistle, stringent process to get in, top notch manufacturing mouse trapery (new word), and they made a whole bunch of them. The addition of adding fresh meat (read unfrozen) burgers and the changes to do so were really interesting. They doubled the capacity to do both frozen and non, which had to highly segregated from each other. A logistics and process nightmare that would make Rube Goldberg proud. I won't eat one. I do like the fries.
  15. That would be interesting. That wasn't pretty either.
  16. The above is a chart from CNBC on upcoming evictions. I didn't post the article because it could start a political ****storm. A couple other business sites have a similar chart. If you google CNBC, evictions you can find it. Not a pretty sight.
  17. Gold has been on a tear. Given the circumstances and the money printing it shouldn't be a surprise. Pure traders can make some money in this market if they pay attention.
  18. Notable earnings this week; Earnings calendar;
  19. Last week a guy said to me "you should see this, it is great" and showed me his phone. It was that clip. I laughed and said "I've watched that a hundred times." It should be the lead clip in the news every night. Especially since there is more truth in Carlin's 3:15 than the news does in the next hour. Just kidding, but not by much.
  20. Over 30 Million People About to Lose $600 in Unemployment Benefits - Mish From yesterday; AT&T Says 338,000 Mobile Users Stopped Paying Due to Covid - Bloomberg
  21. This isn't a newsflash to those who have played; golf isn't easy. Our league has a rule when you get to 62 you can play from the ladies tees (we only have two sets). You must declare which tees you hit from at the beginning of the year. This is because some tried to switch tees when it gave them an advantage. For example, many holes the tees may only be 10-20 yards different, but on a couple it is close to 80 yards. This allowed them to use the easy tee when they wanted, and the long tees as well, which kept their handicap up. Two man scramble format. We fixed that little scam. The bad part is, when you declare what tee you are going to hit from, and you declare you are going to use the ladies tee, some guy comes running out of the clubhouse and cuts one of your nuts off. Then you are good to go. 🙂
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