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  1. I'm all for toilet flushing; but they ain't big enough.
  2. I confess I haven't read the book, but am quite familiar with Mr. Black. I think he's great other than being a MMT crank. His general thesis when you hear him speak about the banks (and business in general) is what he calls "control fraud." I'm guessing his book has something to do with that subject. He was a criminal guy who helped put people in the slammer after the Keating 5 & saving and loan scandal of 1990 +/- 5 years. I would like to read it at some point.
  3. A guy wrote a book about that; ON EDIT: changed "A" was "I" Duh! Dumb ***!
  4. Beautiful car. Love yellow and black race cars. When I hit the lottery and build the next World of Outlaws championship dirt track sprint car team it will be yellow and black (one of the cars), but will be number 55 (the other 54). Bought tickets to the Knoxville Nationals on Monday (first day they went on sale to those without legacy tickets). That is our racing equivalent of INDY. Second week of August. 4 days of eating dirt and drinking beer. I've been there 5 times (76-79) and 92. This is a bucket list trip; one more time. Me, my two oldest boys, (42, 39) and a kid who was part of our family when they all grew up (same age as the boys). There will be no pictures or video, Facebook, Instagram, or telegraph. This will be a hoot. I will keep us out of jail; I promise. 🙂
  5. Not just financial media either.
  6. Full post since the one above didn't copy correctly.
  7. And it continues; That should get you back on the team dickwad.
  8. Everything you to need to know as recreational pot goes on sale in Michigan - The Detroit Free Press Given the quoted prices, pretty expensive. The black market will laugh, and thrive.
  9. The Citigroup president not in for Bernie? NO, tell us it ain't so.
  10. Cue up some Twilight Zone music, and picture of Rod Sterling. We are living in mind game to make everyone crazy. And it's working.
  11. A little update. AMDT (TD Ameritrade) would have been a nice stock to own with this merger/buy out/whatever; not sure what to call it, don't matter. Owning some AMDT stock could have made you a bunch of money - if you owned it last week - the pop is over. I got an e-mail today about the deal from AMTD. The deal officially hit the tape today when the stock prices hit the market. Nothing we don't already know. Everything goes as usual until further notice. Expected. When these firms, who cater to the retail trader went to zero cost trades, the flag should have went up. A sector to watch, especially for mergers/takeovers. Cha-ching. A tuned in retail guy could have made a bundle. Disclosure; I was no such animal. 😞 The story is, when you ask the very first question about a company you want to invest in; how do you make your money? They can absorb the loss of trading fees by using other ways to find yield; routing fees, managed accounts, and margin loans. Or so they say/think. They might be right. There is so much money floating in the universe of debt, it has to go somewhere. The Ponzi must go on. Jeff Skilling should be on the Mt. Rushmore of financial innovation, and should still be in prison. He helped pave the way to make GAAP overlook complete utter financial fraud by calling if forward profit which can be written to the books to lever even more money. Boo-yah!
  12. Agree. I'm worried about this merger. ToS trading platform is top of the line. Charts are off the charts cool. And I'm one who believes in charts big time. Fascinating stuff to be honest.
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