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  1. screwball


    They wouldn't understand the answer anyway.
  2. screwball


    I got a phone call today from my bank. Since it came up as my bank I answered it. It was a new bank salesman best I could tell. Cold calling to tell me they wanted to help, and if all things are good. I should stop in so they can go over all my options. That routine. Oh, goody. Did anyone steal anything from my account? No Good, we really don't have much to talk about here. I think D was right about 200 pages ago in this thread; I'm a guy they make the new victim call as a hazing incident. I'm already on their do not call list. My request for the record. I wasn't a *****. I did want to ask why their checking/savings account only paid zip interest for one (checking) and .01 percent in the other (savings). But I knew the answer. Come on in, we can hook you up and make you money. Like a carnival barker. They must forget I can get better than 2 percent via Treasury (even short) T-bills which is no different than sitting money in their account (so they can use sweep accounts to lever overnight money), and keep them out of the loop. Their ultimate goal is to get you in the "market." The big swindle. **** the banks. ******* The big pisser of it all; the banks rule the world. Money. It's all about money. The banks don't have any money. Yet, they control the monetary mechanism of the entire globe. 21 institutions - what they call "broker dealers" - are the only 21 companies that can trade any security on the US markets (including 100 percent of the people who have a 401k, or similar ). They play in the "primary market", we play in the secondary market. Example: IPO of some sort. Dog and pony show tour for the IPO company. Wall St. (the broker dealers) as underwriters of course, pump this stock to the public, and investors (definition needed here, because many investors here are pension funds). The funds who run our money buy the IPO at a price they made a deal with from one of the broker dealers (or a few). On the day the IPO goes public, the price the pubic pays is much higher than what the funds bought them for. They arb the primary to secondary market. Fiduciary duty my ***! A true market is about proper price discovery. Not getting an inside deal. Nothing new here. For the record; **** the banks.
  3. screwball

    Political Pot-pourri

    Vermont man installs massive middle finger sculpture on lawn
  4. screwball

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    Plan B. Thanks.
  5. screwball


    Or guys like Gartman (funny name, maybe it fits) Cramer, or a whole bunch of soothsayers. I'm from a different breed, so I see the best return on your money is in short term trading (not minutes, hours or days) playing the trends and volatility. Not an option to most. Also, the best way to protect your money. Of course I'm old as dirt so I have a different outlook.
  6. screwball

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    OFF TOPIC: I did my research and failed miserably, so this is the best place to ask. When do spring training tickets go on sale? Thinking of some for a Christmas present. Thanks in advance.
  7. screwball

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Who's this Bubba you speak of?
  8. screwball


    Curious where you ran across him? I've heard of him, but not much more. And I'm one to read/have read a bunch of those kind of guys. You get tired of the normal stuff the Bubblevison's of the world feed us, so you read alternatives. I think they offer more (as a whole) TBH. None of them have the the answer, but we know that. Learning the system (for lack of a better word) is the reward. On the downside; the more you study it, the more you understand how crooked it really is.
  9. screwball

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    No, the joke would be on us. It really exhibits how truly ****ed we are.
  10. screwball

    Random Thread

    He did it to himself. He made the choices even though many throughout the years tried to help him. It was almost a relief when he went. Every winter I would wonder what place he had found to stay warm, sleep, eat, etc. I heard a police radio call one day during a blizzard that some guy was laying in the street in a snowbank. I was certain it was him. Turned out, it wasn't. It wasn't long after he went though. It was rumored he was living in an abandoned school. The next summer they had a tour as they were trying to sell it. We both went there when we were in jr. high. I went just to poke around. Back in an off the path spot I found a couple rows of metal lockers. One of them had a bunch of ashes where someone had been burning a fire. I would bet this was his home for a period of time. At one time, he had it all. Then it all went poof.
  11. screwball

    Random Thread

    I knew him, his dad, his wife, and his kids. Sad story.
  12. screwball

    Random Thread

    Our McDs is right beside the BKs. You could hit a baseball from one to the other. They both suck. Years ago, a drunken guy leaves the bowling alley, which is just down the street from the two gut grenade joints, pulls into Mickey Ds and orders a Whopper. They call the cops, he gets busted for a DUI. No app required. This was the same guy who drove under a train bridge that had an abutment in the middle - and he missed. Well, he didn't miss the abutment. Another DUI. He ended up on the streets, where he survived for maybe 10 years. Died a couple of years ago at the age of 63. Life on the street finally got the best of him. Rumor has it he ODed from heroin. Was a great athlete in high school, had a good job, 3 kids. BK and McD made me think of this.
  13. screwball

    Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    I don't need any free **** and I'm going to die anyway. Funny though, I know people who were vehemently against "free ****" (depending on the definition of course) who now think the same things they thought shouldn't be free ****, should now be free ****, because they deserve the free ****. Funny how all this **** works. 🙂
  14. screwball

    Political Pot-pourri

    I was going to post this tweet, but I'm not a twitterer, and my screenshot got hung up in the binary world of zeros and ones. Goldman? Doesn't she know Goldman is doing gods work? She will learn, or she will be gone.