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  1. Running a few numbers on this, some of them don't add up. Not sure what weight measurements they use in the gold world, but the price quoted in the article is too high (based on today's spot), and the weight of the coin (if their diameter and thickness is correct) is too low. Nobody's going to throw this anywhere. Can you imagine melting that down knowing if you dick up it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars? Not that I think that is what will happen. I have no idea.
  2. It's our best and and brightest.
  3. Follow up on the survey. Oh boy! I set the timer on my phone to see how long it would take me to answer a few questions; just to see what that would pay per hour (per the 5 bucks). Giggle. Figured 5 minutes max, 5 bucks for 5 minutes, 60 bucks an hour. Sign me up; I'll do this all day. Better than a barber. Not this time; my stopwatch was well over 5 minutes (turned it on late as it was), and shut it off after the 9 gazillionth question - 20 minutes into this interrogation. FU! They send us 5 bucks in the mail and we act like stupid ****ing robots.
  4. Welcome to the casino. :-) *** Don't know where to put this, but this is as good of place as any I guess. A few weeks ago The Boss got a letter from the Census Bureau; with a crisp $5 dollar bill (inside) as well. Survey was 2 or 3 questions (stupid ones at that), and took maybe 2 minutes (once you got on the net to answer). I got the same thing today; they know I live here (like they already didn't know that). And another crisp $5 dollar bill, delivered FedEx no less. I thought it may not be legit, so I looked into it; Consumer Expenditure Survey Incentives and Outlets Test (CE I&O) - from .gov Census Bureau best I can tell. I bought a Powerball and three Rolling Cash 5s. Don't call, mail me money; I'm good with that. :-)
  5. Beckman sucks. He's not only FOS (about most everything) but they still allow him to spew his BS on that 50k watt "Great voice of the great lakes" channel. Like anyone should give one good **** what he thinks. His due date has long been up.
  6. Follow up; a guy went home and set one (egg) up. Fell over at 10:30 this morning. Wife saw it. Fell over, did a little spin, and died like most yardbird do. Born or not. :-)
  7. Today is spring equinox; for a twisted soul like myself, the obvious thing to do would take us to a bar and get people to stand an egg on it's end. Or try... Highly entertaining. Leads to "who can get it up." Oh, boy!
  8. Banks Are Evil - Adam Taggert of Peak Prosperity (Chris Martenson's site). A man after my own heart. :-) FTA: NO! Tell us it ain't so. **** the banks!
  9. And Krugman is a *****. Giggle
  10. good stuff; this has been fun. :-)
  11. Understand. But it's kinda like this (for me); If I'm going to make a trade (using an online trading account) I want to maximize the trade (profit). Depending on how you execute the trade (a phone call vs. pushing some button on a keyboard (which makes the trade execute immediately)), can mean a lot of money. Example; years ago I got a bunch of company stock as a bonus/reward. Their earnings report was coming out a week or so later. I held it until the report came out, sold right after it spiked (the key --> early that day after the report was officially released) and then took a huge **** after the conference call exposed them to be FOS. Guy came into our cell after the market closed that day and told us he got EOD (end of day price), which was about 3 bucks or less than what I sold it for. That was worth thousands of dollars. Cha-ching. The swine pricks who "manage" our money don't like to tell us that ****. And..........You can bet they pocketed the thousands of dollars they ****ed the muppets (us) out of by arbing the intraday vs closing price. It don't get any easier than that.
  12. Most of the online brokers charge between zip and 10 bucks a trade. Depends on your account (and $$$). Cheaper may not be better.
  13. Congrats; good for you. I've been an empty nester for a while. I already downgraded floor space, inside; as well as out. All about maintenance. When you get old you can't do what you used to be able to do (clean (we do, but it takes longer :-(), mow, fix things, etc)). I'm happy I have a house to live in that is paid for, and in good condition. Not big or fancy, but nice (and a few things left to do). But very efficient to live in; read cheap (cause I'm a cheap *******. :-) But.... Consider insurance, land taxes, upkeep, etc., and renting may be a better deal. Owning a house as the American dream is not an argument I would make. But a mat in front of my front door says "HOME" so I guess it ain't all bad. :-)
  14. Imagine if a FOMC would shock the market with something more than 25 bps? Paul Volcher (the last Fed chair with some balls) went big years ago; of course things were a bit different then. Front running an advertised rate hike like these are easy money for the squid. Who's BSing who? :-)