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  1. Huge is good. More huge, more money, more.... They recycled an old commercial song recently. It was originally a Best Buy ad (I think) with some guy looking wide eyed at a wall of large TVs. I want it, and I want it now. I heard the same one lately. How pathetic. As Carlin might say "buying **** we don't need with money we don't have." It will all blow up quite spectacularly at some point.
  2. Meanwhile, in Colorado; Colorado passes $1 billion in marijuana state revenue - CNBC
  3. It can get worse. I have a picture to prove this, but I won't post it. Here in Cornhole, not long ago, a family (on one of the main streets no less) must have been evicted. That's the rumor anyway. So one day a house full of stuff ends up on the front yard - rain and all - not only on a main street, but an intersection as well. Sad, really. Spray painted on each of two 4 x 8 sheets of plywood leaning slightly against the pile of household items "NO TRUST PASSING."
  4. It's raining again, or should I say, still. The farmers here in Cornhole are really really screwed best I can gather. But since we are laughing at signs, one of the best I ever saw; driving the scenic route from Cornhole to Pittsburgh to see the Tigers play the Pirates, we going through the panhandle of West Virginia, came around a corner, and spray painted on a sheet of plywood we see the words "FAR WOOD." Why I didn't take a picture I don't know. <shakes head>
  5. Yea, maybe he finally found him. Go the **** away dickhead.
  6. "none of the above" won the last election. That should tell us something.
  7. I have no idea how this shakes out, and the NIT last year is a small SS (for the stat guys). I like college BB. They can do what they want and I will watch it (to a point) until they put me in a box. I'm old. The 3 point shot changed the game IMO.
  8. From my surfing the web and reading polls, the polls seem to reflect who the media wants to promote. The more ink you see about candidate X, the higher in the polls they seem to get. They intentionally, IMHO, don't cover certain people (or if they do, it is negative press (see Bernie for example)) who TPTB don't want anywhere near the Whitehouse. Moreover, I think the DNC wants so many people running so the delegates are split enough they can get to a brokered convention and then get the one they really want - or - eliminate the ones they don't. This is especially true for Bernie and Tulsi (because of her anti-war and anti-imperialist stance). I really don't get the Bernie hate. He wants to spend money like a drunken sailor, and has this MMT stuff he's selling to be able to do so. The money people should love that as there would be much more money floating around they can get their grubby little hands on. Wall Street should have a perpetual *****. I will say it again through - you guys run Biden - the Trumpster gets 4 more years. And I don't care what the polls say.
  9. And watch how they frame the questions. It's all about narrative control.
  10. There are many people who would love to see the price of oil go nuts. Wouldn't **** me off to be honest. 🙂 This tanker thing is interesting. Like you say, not a cargo that matters in the big picture, so, what's really going on?
  11. He still gave us Palin. How the **** could you pick that twit. And people still vote for them. Einstein had a quote about that...
  12. It would be like compounding his own money. I'm sure he had a boat load of war stocks given there was never a war he didn't like, want to get us into, and voted for. Just think how giddy he would be today with warmonger Bolton trying get us into conflicts all over the planet. Cha-ching!
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