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  1. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Phone addicted intern informed us today they were going to change majors. Out of engineering and into architecture. I suggest Sim City.
  2. screwball


    Oh, and they called him the commodity king. Prolly cause he talks about investing in things that hurt when you drop them on your feet. Ok.
  3. screwball


    Some funny **** today. First pot company to IPO on Nasdaq raises $153 million - MW If there is anyone worse than Jim Cramer, it would be this guy. Dennis Gartman: An ‘exaggerated’ and ‘stunning’ rally could be on the way He's featured on Bubblevision all the time. I've read he is related to some producer or, some sort of dip**** on the channel. I would listen to a shoe shine boy before this crank.
  4. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Not surprised. I've never witnessed anything like this. And they drive...
  5. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I was whacked in the fingers with a ruler, slapped across the face by a bare hand, paddled with a long board with holes (5 times at once), and jerked around like a rag doll from a teacher/ex-prison guard at different times while going to school. Probably more I can't remember. Try that today... *** The phone addicted intern had to go home sick today. Maybe they tore a finger ligament.
  6. screwball


    NFLX ended down 5 and some change. After being down double digits overnight. I watched AMZN do this years ago. They got taken to the woodshed after an earning miss, got hammered to the tune of 14-15 percent overnight, only to close green at the end of the next trading day. This is not uncommon in the mo-mo world. Stocks can't go down; not then, not now, maybe not ever. You can't short ****. When you can't short ****, there is no market. I will add (unrelated to NFLX), some of the word salad coming from the Fed today is epic horse****. That is all.
  7. screwball


    Only about 4 1/2 now. Dip buyers. Besides, NFLX is one of the FANGS. If they took a ****, we would only have the FAGS. That would be politically incorrect - so it can't happen. :-)
  8. screwball


    Bad night to be a NFLX stockholder.
  9. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I kept track of how many times I mowed this year. I was doing it at around 3 times a week. Only 1 time in the last 2 plus weeks. But we have flowers. The Boss and the water company love them.
  10. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Down here in Cornhole (Ohio, between Toledo, Cleveland, and Columbus); we really really need rain. Your food depends on it.
  11. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I don't know. If it was my business, free or not, they would have hit the road long ago. What's worse, they were hired by a project manager, who has decided he doesn't have time to babysit, so the problem lands elsewhere. Goody.
  12. As hot as it was, I did some brats on the grill, then to a crockpot with sauerkraut, pepper, a few squirts of Worcestershire, and the best part - half a can of beer. Not long after, put on a bun and eat. What to do with the other half of the beer....
  13. screwball

    Foot Golf............

    Known as the "foot wedge."
  14. screwball


    And the only coinstar machine I know about is right inside the front door of Kroger. I'm not sitting there for who knows how long running 100+ lbs of coin through that machine. And it's right inside the door, right beside the help counter (or whatever the **** it is). Probably the highest traffic area of the store. I have saw people using it. They look like they should carry an odor.
  15. screwball


    Won't give in to 12 percent for coinstar. I have been told the bank will not accept rolled coins either (at least a large quantity). A guy told me yesterday they bank doesn't like them because they get "other" stuff in the jars (etc.) and it messes with their counting machine. I think their just ****ing lazy, on top of being a swine bank. This is what happens when you become old, stupid, and cranky - worry about how to get rid of a couple grand in coins, ***** about zero interest, cell phones, crooked politicians, stupid people, and a partridge in a pear tree. Maybe what we really need here is legal pot. They only take cash - I have plenty.