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  1. Wall Street wants a carbon market.
  2. Investing

    What does this have to do with investing? Doesn't the un-hinged already have enough real estate (threads) to **** in? Or, maybe I should say, turn into ****?
  3. Investing

    No problem, just curious what you thought. I have a couple of books about the state, and puppy 1 has been there for a while so he knows of some places he thinks we would like to see.
  4. Investing

    On the AMZN top 20; if I were an elected official in the position to sway this deal - I would run like **** and say so from the get go. But that's just me. :-)
  5. Investing

    I'm flying into Portland around the end of March. Going about 45 minutes to the north and west; maybe half that far as the crow flies. What are the highlights to see in that area (that doesn't include climbing mountains). 6 adults and 4 kids (ages 8 to 2). I know that is a broad question. My boy says some places look like they had a Greatful Dead concert and nobody went home. Giggle. I'm gonna check out the pot shops. That might be a hoot. Not for the kids though. :-) Thanks in advance.
  6. Random Thread

    It's kinda like the English language. I hated English class once they told us to look up a word we didn't know how to spell.
  7. Investing

    The box is close enough to be a problem, so if we don't want to worry about it becoming checked baggage, we need to get a smaller box. I don't want any surprises at the airport. I despise flying and airports in general, not to mention all the other negatives that goes along with it.
  8. Investing

    I have read Skyscanner works pretty good. I used it when I was trying to get my tickets, and it found the cheapest ones it appeared. I was trying to get a particular flight so I just watched that airline.
  9. Investing

    Are you in Portland?
  10. Investing

    Thanks JBK. Looking forward to it. But, as one might say; it begins. It began last night. I was kidding the Boss last week, when she said she was only going to take a carry on bag. I asked how are you going to do that when we need a Mayflower truck to stay one night in Detroit to see a ball game. That didn't go over well I might add.. When I texted everyone I told her the carry on bag limit was 8x14x24. When I got home there was her bag and a tape measure sitting in the front room. I measured it and it was too tall by about 3 inches. I said it won't fit; she said, yes it will. Then got up and measured from the bottom of the bag to the top and gets 25, but didn't include the wheels. I said you need to include the wheels. She said, I think I'll talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. Ok. So I said "I might not be a Skycap but I do know a little math, and 25 is bigger than 24. That was the end of that conversation. <shakes head>
  11. The Pet Peeve Thread

    My mom was born in 1917. She was pretty good at math, but never used the fractions the recipe told her to use, nor use the little utensils to measure tsp and all that stuff. Some of this, some of that, dash of this, pinch of that. Tasty. Thanks mom.
  12. Investing

    both ON EDIT: Once the trade was made and I sent notice to the tribe, puppy 2 got the same deal.
  13. Hollywood attempts to change history

    And people who hire them.
  14. Investing

    I can't say the cookie/tracking thing mattered in this case. I got this with cookies on. *** I posted the above when I didn't have the time to do so; missed one of the best parts. I called the airline and asked if it was normal for a price to jump like that. They gave me the canned yada, yada, BS (closer the date, prices go up - yea, no ****). But that much? I thought that was a valid question, especially with plenty of available seats, and now others had much cheaper flights. They said the price was not likely to go down, and the seat thing was because people haven't picked them yet. Huh? So what, they should still show up as taken, doesn't matter where you sit. I will have a trip report. This is a bucket list kinda deal. I'm kinda pumped.
  15. Investing

    Ok, I'm gonna put this here, but I could put it in the "happy" thread, can't remember what it's called. Short version. My oldest puppy moved to Oregon (the state) a couple of years ago. Never been there. We find out around X-mas number 2 puppy, and family, are going out in March. They got tickets from DET to Portland for 258 bucks round trip, or 129 bucks one way. I had been watching them and could get the same price but didn't know when I wanted to go. Once I knew puppy 2 was going, I need to get the same flight - logistics and all. Next day the price goes from 129 to 206. I'll wait (this is now a trading thing). I'm not up on how this stuff works as I haven't flown in years, and really don't want too. Sardine syndrome. So I wait, and watch, try all the BS stuff people tell me (clear cookies, use private browsing, and all that stuff). It didn't matter. Couple days ago it goes from 206 to 360. WTF! Now it's going to cost the Boss and I over 1400 bucks without the taxes, fees, and whatever they can charge us for. Grinds my ***; cheap ******* that I am. Now thinking plan B, different flight, different day, save money, get rental to eliminate another trip to the airport for puppy 1. Boss not happy with my "mizerness" (new word?). Thought about it all the way to work today. The kids call me a cheap *******. :-) Everybody's pissed. I get to work, checked the site (cookies enabled cause I didn't care. I figgered it would 9 million dollars today. The money gods are getting even. $127. Huh? I literally ran to my truck to get my credit card. I got the same flight as puppy 2, picked my seats (turns out to be 2 rows behind them, and got out the door for $528 bucks and change. Cha-ching!