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  1. I've never heard it called anything but Cornhole around here. Thursday at 6 is the Cornhole tournament (for seniors I believe). That's at the fairgounds as well. :-)
  2. Venezuela accuses Rubio, CIA of plotting to topple Caracas government
  3. They scurried around to fix this, but true. Cornhole on full display. And it gets better. This was all over Facebook here (not mine, don't participate) and someone said; "what's wrong with the guy in the blue shirt?" <shakes head>
  4. When I read about a guy named Dimon (a banker we should never forget) I am reminded how things really work. I read about this when it happened (plenty of articles about this in the business pages as well), which made me want to puke. Of course his (Dimon's) boldness fits in today's narrative, but what is lost in the bluster is what isn't said (as usual). I was happy to find someone with a resume who did say something about it. Jamie Dimon: You Make Us Embarrassed to be Americans
  5. What if Edison had blew himself up? :-)
  6. Wow! Those are some big swing and misses. I expect that from the Krug. Why does anyone even read him anymore? He was past his expiration date long ago.
  7. Sears is going to sell Alexa-enabled appliances on Amazon; shares jump 19% - CNBC Not in my house! Funny, Kenmore is the brand they are talking about. Kenmore is made by Whirlpool. SHLD is up about %14 1/2 as we speak, while WHR (Whirlpool) is down %3 1/2.
  8. That's nice of them. Uber's financials are improving: It lost $708 million on $3.4 billion in revenue in Q1 - CNBC
  9. UBER (private company) is expected to IPO at some point. Buy the snot out of it. :-)
  10. I remember Wayne Newton when he was on black and white TV. <shakes head>
  11. Guessing, but I doubt he was doing for the money - it's all he knows - and seems to love what he was doing (always talking to his customers, most of which knew him by name).
  12. I used to make my own. 11 ingredients. Got some bottom rump cut thin, soaked it for a day, then into the dehydrator until done to your liking. It was great. When I made it, I lived in an apartment, and the little old lady above me bitched cause she thought it stunk, so I quit. I still have the recipe but the Boss isn't into jerky so I haven't made any for years.
  13. This was about as packed as I remember, and we've been there well over a dozen times. I never had a problem getting a seat at the bar to play video poker. Of course there was probably 3 or 4 machines that were not working. And some that were were dicked up (like the one I tried first) which kind of ticks me off. That doesn't look good and makes for an irritating experience. We didn't even get to the (the second time) until 10:30-11. It was hard to find a slot machine open. The only place that wasn't crowed was where you cashed in your winnings. Even the high roller area had more people than in the past.
  14. I should have said it is on Alexis Rd. That might help a bit. A Home Depot is behind it, an Arby's next door, and Lowe's across the street. Just a bit west of Telegraph. The lot itself is probably worth millions given the location. I've been to Rudy's many times. I worked at the Spicer plant on Bennett & Sylvania right around the corner from Rudy's. It was probably more than a decade. I stopped a couple of times on my way to Detroit but he was on vacation. He wasn't there the last couple of times I stopped, but he's getting pretty old. Not sure what the deal is now; I should have asked. He was in his 70s the last time I talked to him. He was still there 7 days a week with his white apron on, talking to his customers, and doing whatever needed to be done - including sweeping the floor. Both places serve breakfast all day, and then there is their chili sauce. Chili dogs, chili fries, or their famous "Chili Mac" which is spaghetti, cheddar cheese, kidney beans, (onions, which I don't get) covered with the chili sauce. Yummy, and double yummy.
  15. Ideal Hot Dog. Right across from Lowe's, a bit east of the GM powertrain plant. I used to eat there all the time back in the 90's when I worked on Bennett Rd. The guy who owned the place was named George. Greek guy. When you walked in he would say "McDonald's closed today" and laugh. After Bennett road closed I didn't go there since I lived clear down here in Cornhole. On the way to a ballgame one time - probably 10 years later (maybe more) - I stopped to eat. George was there; he remembered me. Came over and sat down with us. Have a picture of us from that day. Neat stuff. Memories. There is one on Heatherdowns as well. A couple main streets east of Reynolds (Rt. 20 for those not familiar with Toledo).