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  1. How 'bout that; Cornhole makes national news!!! Better headlines than our daily heroin OD's I guess. Couple of links from the locals; Fremont protesters demand Portman hold town hall meeting Activists barred from Sen. Portman’s speech Portman is a John Kasich stooge; both slime way before our current display of awfulness. Nobody should be surprised.
  2. Thinking about it a bit more; penny stocks. Talk about gambling...
  3. You made 28 percent; **** of a trade!
  4. "They have been here." We looked like gas pumps. They looked us over and went somewhere else.
  5. Some woman comedian said something like "a man has two heads and only enough blood to run one at a time." So true; men are pigs.
  6. We're going to need DOW 21,000 hats pretty soon.
  7. How Colleges Lost Billions to Hedge Funds in 2016 Biggest Gasoline Glut In 27 Years Could Crash Oil Markets
  8. A bot; junk in, junk out. Same with the Quants on WS.
  9. This is no doubt hawking their book, but a good read just the same. She worked for the Fed under Richard Fisher of the Dallas office for 9 years. How the Fed went from lender of last resort to destroyer of American wealth One of the lines that caught my eye;
  10. Agree. Besides, more and more, we can't read stuff due to paywalls (understand and no issue with that), blocked unless join deals, endless popups, and auto playing **** we don't want to see to begin with. Many of those ain't worth a flying **** anyway. Like anything else in the world of investing, DD still matters; we just need a bigger shovel to dig for the facts. A research department would be nice. :-) The data is available if one has the time and/or resources to analyze it. Or just see what J-Yell and the merry money printers of the FOMC do. :-)
  11. You sound like a "technician." Bravo! :-)
  12. Aetna CEO says ObamaCare in 'death spiral
  13. Knoxville, Iowa (home of the Sprint Car Nationals (the Indy 500 of that type of racing)) - brings back old memories. Thanks Mick, and thanks for the TR.
  14. From time to time some pundit will revise the Jim Cramer how not to play the stock market record; and it ain't pretty. I admit (again) I have read a couple of his books; he's a smart guy - a trader (gotta love them guys ;-). But he's also a shill for the sell side people who want to unload ****. If someone is telling you to buy; someone else is selling. **** Let's make this official right here and now. From this point forward I will refer to our new Treasury Secretary as the "Munchkin." Kinda like the dudes from the Wizard of Oz; which has hidden meanings to some who wear tin foil hats. Or maybe not. ;-) Best I can tell he's in the same arena as "Weasel Dick" Turbo Timmy Geither or as our good buddy Rhino (and myself) call the Nobel prize winner from the NYT; a *****. Giddy up!
  15. Please share, but as we know, some things are left to imagination (cause you never know what you may find in America's Heartland. :-) Example; Not too far from Cornhole, they have an annual "festival " called the "Testicle (deep fried cow nuts) Festival." Draws a bunch of people...considering. I have a tee shirt (prolly don't fit anymore). It says; X annual "Testicle Festival" - come have a ball. Bouncing around in a truck is painful.