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  1. The "price" of doing business. Go add up all the gazillions the banks have paid over the last 10 years to make things go away. How's it feel?
  2. Wells Fargo Closed Their Accounts, but the Fees Continued to Mount I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. Wankin' ****in' banksters.
  3. Who Protected Epstein for Decades, and Why? - Charles Hugh Smith Good question.
  4. I love being a cantankerous old fart. 🙂 You do have the coolest "handle" on this site - If I read it right - which makes me want to sit down and have a "Hongbit spelled backward" with you. 🙂 Obviously that ain't gonna happen. Cheers dude.
  5. Thank you, and I approve this message.
  6. MGMT screwing up the company? NO! Tell me it ain't so.
  7. I thought I was polite when I gave you the explanation about our "agreement." I don't recall you posting in here in the past, so I passed that along. Apparently you didn't think so. This thread has been going on for a long time, and was a very good one IMO; even though we have lost some really good people that used to post here regularly. It was very informative, with lots of good conversation. Some of the guys were in the industry who brought valuable insight. And politics were kept to a bare minimum. IOW, it worked well. We always welcomed others, and we all tried to help each other on this very complex (investing/trading) topic. That's what we hoped it was for when D started it (along with keeping it out of the others). Everyone was excellent about making new people feel welcome, and not afraid of asking questions, even if they seemed dumb (no such thing). At least I hope it was that way, and I think it was. We, as I remember, people never got bent out of shape at each other. Maybe a little testy at times, but nothing bad. Although I have went on some epic rants about the swine ****ing banksters, but that's not directed at people here. It's also a "safe space" so to speak. I room where you can go without the political bull**** that some of us detest (although I think most who detest that crap have left at this point). Your point is taken; I get it. I also explained what has worked in the past and asked you to observe that, or not. Your choice. To address this; if you don't like cuss words, this is the wrong place. Ornery - you bet. Fall in line; well, I guess I don't know where that came from, but whatever. Again, that's why I explained the agreement. Again, your choice. I honestly don't remember ever having a conversation with you before, so maybe that comes from "out there." I get it, we don't agree on politics. Probably not - I despise all of them. I'm unbent now. I hope you are too.
  8. It's not a secret anymore smart ***. But go ahead, **** this one up too.
  9. Looks like their stock price correlates with the price of oil, which is to be expected. I don't follow either one, nor the deal, so I don't know if this was good or not. I do use BHGE for weekly rig counts. Baker Hughes Rig counts - neat site IMO.
  10. Yes, it should. There is also this; GE CEO Larry Culp bought nearly $2 million worth of the company’s stock after fraud accusation The price is recovering; White arrow - the gap - will fill at some point. I remember watching Harry Markopolos when he was outing Madoff. I liked him, and yes, he gave Madoff to the SEC on a silver platter. He was also right. We'll see this time. He can't be short legally, but he gave a third party the info and they are short, as I understand it. He would get a percentage. If Culp is right, he will make some nice change (if he knows their accounting is sound) if the price recovers. Stay tuned. Disclosure: I wouldn't touch the stock with a 10 foot pole.
  11. All of the dip****s in DC can frontrun stuff to make money on trades. Its suppose to be illegal, but this is DC that we're talking about. Happens all the time I'm sure.
  12. Options would be a better way to play it. I'm not into trading around earnings reports, or divvy plays.
  13. You seem to be new here, so let me fill you in on something; there has been a gentlemen's agreement about 500 pages ago we would keep politics out of this thread. It was started with the very intent to keep investing stuff out of the way of other political threads. We didn't want to clog up those conversations, and we didn't want that stuff here (because of how it can get). Make sense? At this time, given the political/tribal environment of the time, I understand it is difficult for some to put aside their feelings and inject their disgust at every opportunity. Per agreement, this is NOT the place. It does get violated from time to time, and we are ALL guilty of the crime. We catch ourselves, and move on. That said, there appears to be quite an extensive amount of choices (threads) already in the forum to comment on the Golden Golem of Greatness, or the other political battles of the day. We have the choice to do it in those places, or bring it here; which in my opinion will turn this thread into a cesspool of BS like the others. I'm not a moderator; just a guy who likes the markets, investing, and (hopefully) discussions about them. I can't control what is said, only suggest, and reiterate the agreement. The choice is up to the rest, not me. Keep it clean, or **** it up, what's it gonna be?
  14. They do move the market, and instantly as well. But so do many other things - BFD - happens each and everyday. And guess what? You can't do **** about it - even if you are sitting in front of a live feed trade station (which I am). It happens too fast, you can catch it. The algos connected to the exchanges are much faster. By the time you push your button - too late. But you can ***** about Trump. Congrats.
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