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  1. I understand all the ****ary, thought you would like the add.
  2. FTA: How can the guy admire Larry Kudlow and have two working brain cells? Also FTA: I don't care what they do to Trump, but guys like this ****head, in the position he is in, is what's wrong with the cesspool known as DC. Kudlow is a bigger BS artist than Trump. What's that say about this dip****?
  3. Netflix documentary (6 part) called "Murder Mountain." About the illegal, and now legal, pot growers in Humboldt County California. Very interesting.
  4. Up thread there was talk about F1 at Indy. F1 is the earth leader in racing technology. Indy is probably second. Not my point here, just context. Spin this one up. Let's have a race at the Brickyard - no rules - run what ya brung. 🙂 Can you imagine? What kind of speed could they get, and how many fly out of the place?
  5. All I know (having walked Muirfield in Columbus and Inverness in Toledo); these guys are really really good. In 1993 (I think it was) John Daly complained he couldn't use his driver at the famous Toledo track in the PGA Championship. Probably played under 7000 yards. Chump change now. I don't care who wins, they are fun to watch. Too bad the weekend warriors think they are on the Tee Vee. 🙂
  6. As it turns out, you nailed it. One of the hot topics today. The hearing started at 9, went to around 10: 30 - 11 maybe, went on recess for a couple of hours, then started again and went til 4 ish. They only threw a couple people out, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. I couldn't hear what went on, but they were part of the citizenship who got in. There were half a dozen or so people in the back wearing yellow T-shirts. Couldn't figure out what that was about, nor if they were some of the ones thrown out. There wasn't really any fireworks (like yesterday with the Munchkin). It was called "Holding Megabanks Accountable: A Review of Global Systemically Important Banks 10 years after the Financial Crisis." This was the House Financial Services Committee. There was really little dialog about that question, and like so many other hearings I have watched in the past; theatrics trump (no pun intended) substance. They really went after Jamie Dimon (they should at least do their homework so they know how to pronounce his name (being, arguably, the most powerful bankster in the world)). 🙂 I was hopeful for some yuks to make my day go by a little quicker, but all I got was an urge to puke. What a pathetic bunch we elect. The tweet of the day;
  7. The weigh in on the night before the big bout. ‘You Are Ordering Me to Stay’: Mnuchin and Waters Clash at Hearing - Bloomberg. Granted, today was Munchkin, and tomorrow is with the banksters. To different things, but sharks looking for blood nonetheless. Good. But this seemed to be more about clashes and soundbites than getting anything done. Imagine that. Go get some bankster *** tomorrow. Where's Don King when we need him?
  8. Speaking of the banksters; this is a beauty. Modern Monetary Theory Finds an Embrace in an Unexpected Place: Wall Street - from the NYT To put the political spin in place; This theory of money has been going around for a long time. It is now hitting the larger audience. It will get more traction, especially if the banksters are on board (funding/narrative). A banksters wet dream.
  9. This should be some great theater; AOC and Wall St. CEOs to face off in what will be the stuff of high drama - from Yahoo Finance. Cliff Notes version (FTA): If anyone has ever watched the banksters go up against the CONgress clowns, it is many times really really entertaining. I wish I could take the day off to watch this. This is like a Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston match-up. The sharks will be out for blood, but they are no match for the smartest guys in the room. I do apologize for the horrendous article I linked. I'm confident it is reported elsewhere. Wonder why they didn't call a Wells criminal?
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