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  1. Two of the big sporting events that happen in May; the Indy 500 & climbing Mt. Everest. This year has not been a very good one (on the mountain), again; In deadly climbing season at Everest, crowds add to high risks Crazy.
  2. As Americans take on more debt, some pockets of concern FTA:
  3. I was watching this, and was amazed he got out of the car like he did. At one point near then end of that "wild ride" as he called it, he landed on his lid. Literally. The funny of the day - was with a few laps left - when they turned the race into a demo derby. The one announcer, while watching replay's, said something like "that was a million dollar wreck that just went by." Ha! No doubt. The F1 dude might have been the fastest car today, but his engine puked.
  4. Next time hand him the "dumb" end. I was measuring something once and I had given the guy the "smart" end. He said it was 85 and 3 little lines. <shakes head> I have outlaws who happen to be attorney's; they don't even own a tape measure, and probably can't read one. We got a sectional from them. When they asked if we wanted it I asked them to measure it to make sure it would fit. No dice. They had no clue. These people are all star stupid, but somehow passed the bar.
  5. What's a pencil for $100 Alex? But yea, I did that too. Don't get me started on rulers - do you have any idea how many people can't read a tape measure?
  6. Follow up. The Boss tells me there are already law suits because kids swallowed one of the parts. Talking to some people in education, they were first used for ADHD kids. As explained to me, to help people who "fidget." Back in the day, if we "fidgeted" we got whacked up side the head. Maybe that explains things. :-) A guy I work with has a neighbor who does the e-bay thing: has made thousands on these trinkets. The bearing manufacturers are not keeping up according to him. The one I have was built with a plastic molded part (no doubt in China or some other third world **** hole ((glad to condone that by buying one)) (((and bearings - on backorder))). You can see the ejector marks and sinks (round sides - natural draft - impressed with the design). Cheap ****. But as it should be. Cha-ching. I've heard about people making them from 3-D printers, and one made a homemade mold. They used 3 stacks of pennies (for the triangular inertia mass), and a glue gun. Once dried, it worked. Better than playing a damn video game; good for them.
  7. I bought a "spinner" today. Not sure what the deal is, but seems to be a fad of some sort. Some joint downtown (that's what you say in Cornhole) sells them. The kids are buying them like crazy I guess. I had to find out. So I gave a guy 5 bucks the other day to get me one. Got it today. That is it. One of the local Toledo channels even had a segment about them the other day. From my source who got it for me; the place downtown sells them for 5 bucks (heard others are getting 7) can't keep up with the demand. They are paying $3.50. They just made a deal with some others to pool some money to buy a couple of hundred thousand of them. First thing I thought of was "BABA." toys fidget spinners ,BHT023 figet spinner hand finger toy Not sure the volume requirement for that cost, but it really doesn't matter. On the other hand, as expected, high entertainment watching people in a bar explain how this little device works. Magic. The cat was quite impressed as well. But wild to think part of this is made from easily purchased off the shelf bearings, a few plastic parts (after reading a little find out the plastic (composite of some sort)) was done with a 3D printer, and a really clever design/idea. Cha-ching. Why can't I ever think of **** like this?
  8. LOL! You made money'; good trade.
  9. I would like to have a beer (or 2) with you guys. Maybe for once I could understand what the **** you are talking about. But I'm old and deaf so it probably wouldn't matter. :-)
  10. I'm too lazy to look it up, but it was a $150+ dollar stock at one time. Today's close $10.50; not sure about splits. But still an example of "it works till it don't."
  11. Since this is the investing thread, and investing is about buying stock in companies who make money; which means it's all about the bottom line. Until you have sat in a room with 30 other people and play "Mouse Trap" (yea, the game), or dropping marbles on the floor, or launching ping pong balls with a catapult across the room, (and measure all this ****) - for hours on end - you ain't ****ing lived the good life in the **** hole known as corporate America. Work be damned. Corporate obedience training until you want to puke. Meetings on how to conduct meetings, meetings to remind us to go to all our meetings. I even remember a meeting about ordering "planners" so we could keep our meetings in order. Beautiful! To make up for all that torture; they rent a shelter in some park so everyone can go play cornhole in 95 degree heat with people we can't stand, while some corporate worm can give a speech and use it to advance his rise up the slobber filled corporate ladder. They never liked me. :-)
  12. Back in the day, when crude went to 147 bucks a barrel, "RIG" - Transocean - was a money making machine. Thank you. :-)
  13. They will give us a phone number which will be an endless loop to Nowheresville. Webster's does list that as a word.
  14. I spent 29 years working for large multi-national corps. I hated it. But you do what you have to do. That gig ended up where I knew it would eventually would; we were so good at eliminating jobs, we would eventually eliminate our own. Mine went to India; as expected. But I found a home in a small local place who fixes thing for many of the same companies I used to work for over the years - and they love us. We are the guys who fix things. We are the reciprocal of the corporate horse**** I so loathed, and I'm in the process of re-inventing myself to make them a ****load of money. For the first time in many years I have fun at work; and learning new things is the cherry on top. You are never too old. When one hasn't anything to keep them interested, they die. Work, hobbies, stocks, baseball; something. Don't get old.
  15. The custom machine business is booming. Most of which is to replace jobs with a machine. I was in a large plant a couple of weeks ago measuring some things up. Watched a girl sitting there who took a cardboard shipping "thing" and put one under the product every 15 seconds. Right around the corner on another line, a robot (very similar to the one I watched demoed last week) did the very same thing. I wanted to walk over and ask her if she had noticed what was going on around the corner, and to say - your next.