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  1. screwball

    Political Pot-pourri

    For context; Who's winning?
  2. screwball

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    No they wouldn't. They would laugh at us. No bluff at all. Without Saudi oil the shining city on the hill (or whatever the **** it was) is Mad Max in a month.
  3. screwball

    Political Pot-pourri

    Nobody cares about the debt; if they did, and tried to fix it, they would blow up the entire ****house. They know it - won't be on their watch - they hope. Tick, tick, tick.
  4. screwball

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Tell SA we ain't buyin' no more oil. That'll fix'em.
  5. screwball


    It wasn't me. If it were; think Indiana Jones and the tomb type quantity of snakes. Many, big, poisonous, hungry, and pissed. Eat up fellas!
  6. People here are not preppers. Cornhole, at one time, was a thriving small town in NW Ohio. Industry got outsourced, the factories closed, people lost their jobs. The population has went down as people moved away due to lack of jobs. Of course we still have the farmers. That's why they call us Cornhole. You get anywhere close to this part of the map, let me know - I'll give you a tour to remember.
  7. That's Cornhole! We have some of the best dirt there is. Corn, tomatoes, pickles, soy beans etc. - probably even pot. The farmers (whatever one wants to call them) even parade their stuff (including all the animals we eat) at the yearly county fair. They joke about the guy who drove his $70,000 Mercedes in the ditch getting pulled out by a $200,000 dollar John Deere. IF, the smelly stuff hits the rotating device in a serious enough way I'm really really glad I live in Cornhole, and not some larger urban environment. If **** gets real, those people are ****ed.
  8. screwball


    Cash IS a position. Some (many) don't have the luxury to do so.
  9. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    That is a good thing. Down here in Cornhole manure is a huge cash generator. Can't do much about the smell though. Sure helps make things grow. 🙂
  10. screwball

    Political Pot-pourri

    America's new aristocracy lives in an accountability-free zone
  11. screwball

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    FB is like Hotel California; you can check out but you can never leave. It was a neat little app until they IPO'ed and had to financialize content to satisfy the criminal cartel of WS and their quarterly earnings expectations. Mark Zuckerberg Called People Who Handed Over Their Data "Dumb F****"
  12. screwball

    Tesla settles SEC suit for $40 million

    Which means the SEC isn't worth a ****. And the rest of the story is even worse. The little ***** should be in the slammer waiting his trail. But they slap him on the wrist and let him continue to BS investors. At the same time, given the shyster I think he is, if someone wants to buy his stock - by all means do so - but don't ***** when it turns out bad. Quick people, interrogate your 401k and see how much TSLA stock you own.
  13. screwball


    Interesting article. A couple of things, and some chart porn as well. FTA in the Times: I'm not so sure about this after looking at a chart; Might be hard to see in that chart, but the huge run up in the dollar started in May/June 2014 (red/green candles - white bubble LO) and went to Feb/March 2015 (from 78 to a little over 100). The purple line (/CL) is light sweet crude, which turned down about the same time the dollar bottomed and reversed upward. So the strengthening dollar was mostly benign (in 2015) comment seems to be a bit late, as the dollar bounced between 100 and 85 for all of 2015. The article then goes on to say: Again, the rising dollar has passed, BUT, there was some financial panic in late 2015; The S&P 500 (red/green candle - my lines for whatever reason) and purple is crude oil. We see a drop in the S&P around August of 2015, but after a larger drop in crude that started in May/June (normal IMHO - see the crash of 2008/2009 and when oil topped out). From this point forward crude oil and the S&P are pretty nicely correlated. So I'm not convinced this guys argument about the dollar swims across the creek, but the correlation between the price of oil and the S&P (paper wealth that can turn into CAPEX) does sound reasonable. All the discussion about emerging markets, the global banking criminals (central banks), and the G20 stuff doesn't do much for me either. There is a thing called the FOREX market where pricing of global currencies are on display 24/7. And, interesting about the "conspiracy theory" he called the "Shanghai Accord." I remember that to some extent, but didn't follow too close as I'm not into FOREX trading, but he did give a link so I picked one out. From a swine JP Morgan banker published at Bubblevision's website. Hate both sources, but I agree with the article; We've already got the 'Shanghai Accord' without the actual accord He gets into the mechanics of how the pegs/baskets work, but after the end of the day - everyone is a currency manipulator to some extent - even the US of A. Shocking that.
  14. screwball


    As you well know, I'm a perma-bear. I've been watching/trading/studying this **** for a long time. I also love the charts. Chart (porn) school was one of my favorite classes. 🙂 I look at that chart posted up thread and it scares the living **** out of me. It has a parabolic look. In chart porn school, parabolic curves usually turned out really bad.
  15. screwball


    Not so. Stories like that for the last 10 years I'll give you. History matters, so does math. How many times have we heard "it's different this time?" Some call it click bait, some call it reality. Listening to big-time investors is a fools game to begin with. Trading 101. The big-time investors don't give one good **** if the market goes up or down (or an individual stock, ETF, bond, or some other over the counter kind of bull**** security; they make money. Up or down. It's a big club and we ain't in it.