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  1. The people who wrote the code don't know what a toilet is.
  2. I was shocked none of them knew Morticia Addams. Question about cutting heads off of dolls. I'm surprised that got by the filters.
  3. Maria has a future at Goldman Sachs.
  4. Maybe Mittens is ******* deep to a tall Indian in the money laundering extravaganza known as Ukraine?
  5. Who says you don't already have a derivative of that? 🙂
  6. Oregon grew too much. Their prices went to the floor. An OZ was 85 bucks when I was out there a couple of years ago. Compared to 300 around here (black market) and over 400 (for legal medical in Ohio) last I checked. I expect Michigan will do like Oregon. Then watch the lines of cars going from Ohio to Michigan. Don't get caught kiddies.
  7. Good to know, thanks. The night thing is a one shot deal, so I'm good to go after that.
  8. Remind them to quit electing these worthless ****s.
  9. Another MarketWatch funny. They are running an article about a guy named Byron Wien. I remember watching this guy back on Bubblevision before the banksters blew up the world in 08/09. Legendary Wall Street investor warns of ‘several’ 5% market corrections in 2020 The author seems clueless at best, but does sport a social-media editor (his spelling) resume so there is that. Wien says this: Pain? 5%? Really? Ok, several. What is several? 3? Math says 15. WTFever. Then you have this at the end: Ok Byron, let us do the hypothetical: the straight gets closed. What happens to the price of crude? There is a good argument to be made one of the significant factors of the 08/09 crash was because the price of crude went crazy a year (July, IIRC) before. Not the main factor, but a contributor. Byron is just another example of the BS artists who get paraded across our propaganda screens. This article, rather it reflects his interview on BubbleVision or not (due to the author who sucks) makes no sense. No matter. Both the author and the subject are FOS. Our media sucks. This is a good example.
  10. No biggy, neither does anyone else.
  11. I wanted to watch that, and there is a basketball game I want to watch at the same time. No worries; I have to work. 😞
  12. I was curious about the price of oil when the market opened at 6 tonight. I checked MW because it was easy. I saw this headline; I won't link it because I didn't read it, and I won't link anything I don't read. Besides, the correct answer is to watch the tape. Duh! So much of our media (financial and otherwise) suck so unbelievably bad. Crude's up a tad over 1
  13. Excellent. I love these kind of things. Maybe I played too much Mouse Trap when I was a kid.
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