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  1. That's just a bunch of BS. I didn't say not to vote. Someone pulled that out of their ***. And spare me your sermon. Donald Trump is the "**** you" vote because enough of our fellow American people grew tired of the hucksters the system continues to force us to vote for and stuck up their middle finger at the ballot box. What ya gonna do when you get him for 4 more years? The democrats should love him; he destroyed the GOP as it was once known. Now their going to destroy themselves trying to beat a winning hand. Tells you all you need to know.
  2. Quit voting for these assholes.
  3. From the Couga's favorite writer; Let Me Know When It's Over I think he's got a great point.
  4. Agree completely. When I was at Inverness, I followed Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, and Nick Price for a few holes. They were taking extra shots, talking about the course, how to play the hole, etc. (you could hear them), but really having a good time. I was really neat to watch. When the tournament in going on, they are like zombies. Fuzzy is a hoot, but then he got in trouble.
  5. Those things should be outlawed. What a cluster ****.
  6. I would rather see a crypto like Bitcoin than something offered by Zuckerpig and Farcebook - and I'm not really a fan of crypto money. But I hate that Zucker****er.
  7. The people in DC, and those trying to get there, don't give one good **** about you or me. That should be obvious by now, but there are many who are apparently slow learners. Those people are nothing but BS artists and whores who only care about their money donors. We are the useful idiots who help get them there. Dumb ****s.
  8. I know some guys who went to Augusta. Those tickets are not easy to get. They were on a waiting list for years and finally got some. They say is is just incredible. One guy I know somehow got practice round tickets last year (I think he got some because someone couldn't make it) - he was in awe of the place. Suppose to be one of the finest manicured courses in the world.
  9. None in my lifetime, but I'll hand it to these pukes - they all suck.
  10. Billy "warmonger" Kristol doesn't like non-warmongers. News at 11. Nomad, do you have pictures of Vicky Nuland and Robert Kagan hanging in your house?
  11. If your mother is an injun, wouldn't that make you more than 1/1024th injun? I guess not, because she doesn't lie. LOL. Incredible.
  12. I wish she would make up her mind if she was a damn injun or not.
  13. Watching practice rounds are pretty cool IMO. Not the Ryder Cup, but I went to Inverness in Toledo back in 1993 to watch a practice round of the PGA championship. I enjoyed it as much if not more than the day I spent at Muirfield watching the Memorial Tournament.
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