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  1. I was thinking they'd just dh for the first inning. Then every subsequent inning that player has to replace each fielder. Pitcher is not involved. It's a wacky idea overall, but could really play into the hands of sharp managers who utilize their flyball and groundball pitchers around which inning they sub out the regular at each position. For example, if your dh is an outfielder normally, you wouldnt want to have him subbing for the infielders early in the game if a ground ball pitcher was your starter. Then bring in a fly ball reliever later when the DH has to sub out the infielders. An all around type like a Ben Zobrist becomes crucial to a roster to minimize the defensive liabilities while still providing adequate offense. It keeps the DH and eliminates pitchers and their poor hitting, whole also eliminating the DH being h.o.f. worthy. You'd basically replace the DH with a new "position." A David Ortiz type is now not a solely beneficial player as his incompetence in the field is now a requirement, which promotes players being adept in all facets of the game.
  2. Keep the DH, but each of the 9 hitters has to be the DH in one inning per game. The player that would typically be the DH now has to be a super sub type player that needs to play each of the 8 fielding positions one inning per game. It'd be hard for the typical fan to follow along with, but could make for some interesting strategies about when to use the super sub at each position throughout the game. All of a sudden, Don Kelly is a hot commodity on the free agent market!
  3. VerHagen is another BP option worth looking at
  4. RIP Always enjoyed his posts and photos. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.
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