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  1. I live in Davison. McDonald's is the only fast food restaurant to not have inside dining. The Big Boy in town has been closed since the lockdown begain. All other eating establishments are open, with social distance seating.
  2. There's been some interesting pretzel logic on social media regarding the upcoming CV19 vax. Originally if one refused to be injected with a fast tracked CV19, that individual was more or less put into the "anti-vax" category. Now that Trump has put his weight behind the fast tracked CV19 vax and having it released before Election Day, those would categorize people with legitimate concerns as "anti-vaxxers" are now saying they won't get vax'd because of Trump. To me it's yet another example of how the national obsession with Trump is keeping people from thinking and analyzing with an independent and rational mindset. It's both a fascinating and disappointing observation.
  3. Especially when you're dealing with a suspect who has resisted arrest, been tazed twice, and has entered his vehicle to allegedly obtain a weapon (knife). If this was a white-on-white or black-on-black incident, we probably wouldn't be talking about this.
  4. I think they are relevent, but not necessarily equally relevent. Violent convicted criminal behavior isn't the same as on-the-job disciplinary action that does not break laws.
  5. We will find out, assuming investgations and any resulting trials are fair and unbiased. Firing seven shots seems excessive on the surface, but the shooting itself appears to be within the laws and purvues given to law enforcement. Again...we will see where the evidence and resulting investigations lead.
  6. The only sign I've had in my yard was a "Vote Yes for Prop 2" sign in 2018 to address gerrymandered districts.
  7. This is my fav sign in my subdivision.
  8. My guess is Trump is saving it for the convention, where it will be throughly and predictibly ripped regardless of content.
  9. Body camera footage is irrelevent in the court of public option once a narrative is set...even if all the evidence has come to the forefront. People are looking to protest and riot based on any smidgen of suspicision of police misconduct against African Americans. Every city in America, every business and every homeowner should be prepared for the possibility of protests and riots in their neighborhoods in this climate.
  10. In other words, it's a "peaceful protest"....🤦‍♂️
  11. It will be suprising if Biden/Harris don't win come November. What will be interesting to observe is how the media cover Biden/Harris, and the tone/narrative it will attempt to set. You can already see hints of "Biden/Harris are going to save the US", which isn't what I'd called unbiased, fact based reporting.
  12. Agreed. Mackinaw is a bit too touristy for my tastes. St. Ignace is scaled down.
  13. Correct. Most Trump voters are not drooling idiotic white morons that is stereotyped.
  14. LaPierre is a a slimy dude and I wouldn't be surprised if he's been guzzling NRA funds for his own personal benefit. Seeking to dissolve the NRA is gonna rile up the 2A folks, which won't do Ds any favors.
  15. I think Biden's team has strategized having him sit in his basement and let Trump self-destruct is the safest path to EC victory. Biden's candidacy has been among the lowest profile I can recall in any POTUS election in my lifetime.
  16. It's a "gaffe" because that's how media portray's Biden's misstatements - he's given the benefit of the doubt. When Trump says something that's similarly stupid the media portrays him as a hateful, crappy person. Trump is a crappy president and I'm not voting for him but I can see his point when he complains about "fake news".
  17. Indeed - Biden is a gaffe machine and his comms team will want to keep that out of the public eye as much as possible. To Biden's benefit -- his "are you a junkie" comment yesterday to a black reporter didn't get much coverage from MSM.
  18. Home educated is not the same as virtual learning with parents who are working and not able to provide side-by-side instruction throughout the day. Most parents are not prepared to home school.
  19. Plus talking fall off will turn into taking winter off, then spring, etc. It's all totally ****** up.
  20. Leaked police bodycam video of George Floyd's arrest, final moments published for first time
  21. So school districts can say "see we tried" before going all virtual learning for the school year.
  22. Questioning politicians doesn't mean blatanly misrepresenting them or their policies for politically adventageous or vengeful purposes. Just because Whitmer has a D after her name doesn't mean her policies are beyond reproach....just like any politician with an R after their name shouldn't be assumed to be evil and stupid.
  23. It is our duty as citizens to question ALL politicians on all policies, executive orders, messages, agendas, so on and so forth. It doesn't matter if it's a D, R or independent. Too many people let their political team affiliation get in the way of objectively viewing the actions of politicians, and is a serious problem our nation is dealing with.
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