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  1. The red hat base has been mobilized and energized at near peak capacity for 4 years. Impeachment or not, it's going to remain at near peak capacity going into 2020. Much was rightfully said about how the red hat base was not sufficently accounted for pre-2016. Now that's been over-corrected, and the red hat base is given more power and influence than it likely warrants.
  2. Hannity is pandering to an audience that will watch his show and buy his products if he gives credence to their fantasies.
  3. It's an interesting theory that has logical legs underneath it. Personally I'd like to see all D.C. politcians who have been involved in illegal activities over the past 4 years exposed and brought to justice. The current iteration of the swamp is overflowing with undesirable creatures.
  4. I thought red hats wanted impeachment hearings to last well into 2020 for political advantage. Has that script changed over the past couple days and I missed it?
  5. I am a fan of Pete’s Klobuchar is doing well too.
  6. Unlike Shepard Smith, Cavuto would have difficulty finding high profile work outside of Fox.
  7. Yup. Facebook will continue to be a part of the polarization problem as long as its lucrative to them.
  8. Gores is a private equity guy. His return on investment in the Pistons has been tremendous despite it being a terrible product. The move to LCA and the new practice facility are all intended to increase the value of the franchise. Gores creates the illusion of wanting to win in order to generate fan interest, which in turn generates revenue. In short - Gores isn't here to win - he's here to cash out at some point in the future, per his private equity business model.
  9. It's a fascinating development. I've been wondering if there would be unintended fallout from the Executive Branch ignoring or violating oversight rules openly. Now we are seeing individuals ignoring directives from the Executive Branch to satisfy the legal requirements of oversight from the Legislative Branch. It tells me where the momentum of this impeachment inquiry is headed in short and likely long term.
  10. I suspect that's a card Biden and other Dems plan on using in the future. Dems have been struggling with narratives and smart strategy for several years though.
  11. You've made this point previously....the fact that Ivanka and Jared are in the White House despite having no qualifications for their positions puts a wet blanket over Hunter Biden getting a job in the private sector despite having no qualifications. The angle red hats will shoot for is Joe arranging with Ukraine to get Hunter that position, of which there is no evidence to support (although that won't stop red hats from pushing it).
  12. Within conservative circles, the NeverTrumper crowd has been extremely concerned about Trump's unusually close ties to MBS and sending our military to Saudi Arabia. Red hats care about winning elections in a zero-sum fashion, thus any concerns they previously expressed about containing ISIS and other issues in the middle east are paper thin.
  13. She won’t do anything. She’s as incompetent an owner as her late husband was.
  14. The NFL definitely picked which team it wanted to win tonight.
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