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  1. Lots of "I"m not a racist but" stuff in there that's mostly pointed towards Muslims.
  2. Out of curiosity, I visited the tea party website that was linked in one of those tweet. I saw exactly what I expected.
  3. I saw it and thought I had gone to Fox’s website by mistake.
  4. Perhaps the Pence family should read this oped in today's NY Times. How Should Christians Have Sex?
  5. Precisely - it doesn't pass the smell test. Whatever Fox did to produce these poll results was done in a way to increase rating and generate more revenue for Murdoch. Occam's razor.
  6. I look forward to CBS giving the upcoming Dem POTUS nominee equal time when it comes to interview specials....
  7. I don't buy it. Fox is cooking numbers to rile its viewership and increase ratings.
  8. There would be no blowback. Pence was the olive branch to Evangelicals for 2016, and they are now fully behind Trump. Pence would get destroyed in a POTUS election - especially in a 2024 election after 8 years of Trump.
  9. Agreed. He was trying to ruin the take hoping Trump would move on.
  10. HuckaSandersBee leaves as she enters - as a massive troll.
  11. A second Trump term would be a disaster on multiple fronts, and likely pave the way to new Dem majorities in local, state, and Federal elections.
  12. My unwavering position is Trump will win 2020 but with less Electoral votes and popular votes than in 2016.
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