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  1. This is becoming the norm within the right. It's going to be a serious problem for years to come.
  2. Whatever happened to the House Freedom Caucus being a starch advocate of anything that raises the amount of money taxpayers have to give to the government?
  3. I'm surprised the market is dropping at all at this point. Come Monday most of today's losses will be wiped out anyways. Tariffs are clearly the most prominent issue concerning the economy. I think Trump will back off some time in 2020 so he can declare some kind of victory in time for the elections.
  4. Those tweets are pretty funny if you read them from a grumpy old man losing his mind persepctive. Business executives will laugh off Trump's "order" to stop doing business with China. Are shipping companies supposed to open all packages from China to search for Fentanyl now?
  5. If anything I expect Charles to be more aggressive with spending money to push his political agenda.
  6. David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79
  7. Hewitt is one sardine in an ocean of conservative commentators. They all need various hot takes from time to time to stand out. Oh, and if that author thinks having an anti-Trump Latino moderate the Dem debate, I wonder what he thinks about this previous event.
  8. Butina was sent here to get dudes to spill the beans and act in Russian interests by using with their one-eyed monster instead of their brains. It worked.
  9. I recall conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt - who openly does not like Democrats - moderating a 2016 GOP debate. It's selective outrage by the author.
  10. I suspect Trump’s base as a group draws more from Social Security than the rest of the country. That base would fracture if Trump told them he’s going to take away a big part of their livelihood, and the GOP would get destroyed in future elections at all levels. They like to talk about getting rid of Social Security and Medicare, but it’s never going to happen.
  11. If they were smart they would. Tribalism starts to fall apart when politicians threaten to take away income that has been paid into by people their entire lives. Those non-educated white men Trump needs for re-election are significant users of Social Security benefits in addition to retirees who tend to vote more for Republicans.
  12. This is always a losing issue for Republicans, and Trump knows it. I doubt they are outward about any desire to cut the financial lifeline of a major chunk of their base.
  13. I suggest Cotton focuses on the issues in Puerto Rico and our other territories before wanting to borrow more money to buy a piece of land the U.S. doesn't need in the slightest.
  14. The last time North Dakota voted for a Dem POTUS was 1964. Trump can pretty much do whatever he wants to farmers there without consequence.
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