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  1. There is really no question McConnell will manipulate the Senate trial in ways that will increase his power and re-election chances. All that remains to be seen is how he does it.
  2. Ingraham is pure toxicity for profit. Her and others of her ilk are to be avoided at all costs.
  3. I enjoying listening to The Bulwark podcast, which is run by Republicans who have no place in the Trumpian GOP. Their brand of conservatism isn’t going to be a part of the GOP for years / decades, and it will be interesting to see where those types end up politically.
  4. I'm having flashbacks of Gary Moeller getting drunk at restaurant and peeing in public.
  5. He flushed them down the toilet. It took him 10-15 flushes to get them down.
  6. I can't recall any one script being flipped since we were guaranteed it was inevitable.
  7. Which tells you everything you need to know about Republicanism nowadays. It's a giant **** sandwich and has been for far too long.
  8. You're only a Republican until the conservative media juggernat says otherwise.
  9. This isn't the GOP we grew up with Romad. It's sad to see what the party has devolved to.
  10. Michigan draws Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. It’s a bad matchup for UM, which is likely to get trounced in the same mold as Ohio State.
  11. A good cop / bad cop system might be one the Rs employ in a Senate trial. The bad cop group of Senators would take the Alex Jones route for the Red Hats, while the good cop group would attempt to be thoughtful for suburbanites.
  12. It will be a significant challenge. Rs have thrived on upheaval and conspiracy theories during the Trump era, and it's been their most effective toolset for power. Balancing between conspiracy and evidence-based thoughtfulness is not going to be an easy task.
  13. Kid Rock turning into a whiner has made me lose respect for his music. He sounds like a big ***** nowadays.
  14. Correct. It's bubble speak and it does not reflect reality.
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