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  1. I think nationwide TDS is allowing a lot of irrational and bat**** crazy ideas like this to gain momentum. I dislike Trump and can empathize with those who have allowed hatred and the reinforcement of that in the media to dominate their lives. Everyone agrees that police brutality is bad, and society needs to treat all people equally. Defunding police and shutting down academia....c'mon people if you really want Trump out of office this is going to work against you.
  2. I've been making "one man band" vids with a variety of instruments using the Acapella app. Would much rather be making music with my peeps but these projects have been kinda fun.
  3. People narc-ing on others for face masks....George Carlin must be rolling in his grave.
  4. To elaborate.. Biden: "You ain't black" if still deciding between me or Trump
  5. This is likely headed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it will decide if a governor has the constitutional right to have unilateral power in perpetuity via a state of emergency without seeking extension approvals from the legislative branch.
  6. I wonder if there any polls that don't ask political affilation. Why must Rs versus Ds always be prominent in polling? I'd love to see polls where people are asked questions without pushing the red v. blue paradigm.
  7. I'll also add that everyone was required to be an expert on a subject in order to express opinions, this board would have about .00001% of the posts it currently has. Rand Paul is vastly more qualified to offer opinions on CV19 than any of us here....but the "R" after his name automaticly discredits him to half the country. Dr. Fauci is one of many voices to consider regarding CV19 actions.
  8. Vaccine acceptance isn't a certainty either. It will be rushed to market so to speak with limited testing, and people will be rightfully worried about side effects. The narrative will likely be to pressure these individuals by labeling them "anti-vaxxers", although there is nothing wrong or conspiratorial with questioning the possible side effects of any vaccine.
  9. I suspect a majority of those with smart phones will choose not to do software updates, install apps, and turn on bluetooth in public setting to allow for contact tracing. On top of the techincal requirements and efforts required, there are many people who are not comfortable with private health data being shared with anonymous people and more so the government. I don't blame anyone for feeling this way at all.
  10. I have seen the top of the mountain...and it is good.... "Underground" salons are going to become a thing if they aren't allowed to open pretty soon, along with a host of other "underground" businesses and activities.
  11. I recall Del taking sabbaticals from time to time.
  12. That's one of the main things I remember about OMF when he was active here, and he's carried it forward into his professional career. I'd be more willing to read his content if he wasn't so engrossed in the left vs. right paradigm.
  13. Absolutely nothing wrong with deep diving into CV19 and the actions / legislation that is derived from it. I encourage all to look outside their normal sources of news and information to seek out viewpoints and analysis that challenges assumptions and promotes critical thinking. Could be. Also could be that it's easier to communicate with people when you can see the mouth and all facial expressions. Body langauge is part of how we communicate, and wearing a mask does make it more difficult to communicate from that perspective. Food shortages are coming. Lots of pain known and unknown is coming over the months and years.
  14. I think it's easier to get massive amount of credit lines now than before the 2008 recession. There is no way a person like myself - in a household of 5 including 3 kids, a mortgage, and vehicle payments - should be given a $20,000 limit on ONE credit card. It's not responsible to the individual or the economy. The incentive is to spend spend spend and rack up tons of debt. There is WAY more messaging for that than to save. Sure you'll hear the "oh by the way make sure you have enough for 3-6 months of life expenditures" from time to time, but it's totally drowned by buy buy buy with debt.
  15. I have a Discover card that I got 4 years ago that initially had a $5,000 limit. Discover keeps increasing my limit arbitrariliy , and last I checked my limit was $20,000 - which is an absoutely ridiculous amount of high interest credit. They WANT you to hit the limit and make minimum payments for years, and these increases are a honey pot.
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