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  1. "Stan" comparisons are weak, unwarranted, and demonstrate you are making good points that challenge the groupthink mentality of "all Ds good, all Rs bad" this forum has unfortunately turned in to. Whitmer is glorified here as much as Trump is demonized, and there is little tolerance for valid criticism of the way she has unilerataly acted during the pandemic. Keep up the good work!
  2. McConnell has the discipline to allow the left to fight amongst its progressive and pragmatic elements. The Trumpian elements of the GOP will undoubtedly attract undue attention to itself -- and the MSM will happily promote that over the left's issues. This is where transitioning to the likes of a Nikki Haley ASAP would help the GOP in 2022. Bernie's politics do not play well nationally -- if the GOP can offer a non-Trumpian populist alternative, they stand to gain seats across the land.
  3. I just looked that up - indeed Meacham spoke at the DNC and endorsed Biden. That's fine and all, but he cannot claim to be an impartial historian and presidential biographer if he had done so in the past. With Trump soon out of the picture from a POTUS perspective, I am very interested in seeing how coverage and bias plays out among various networks and pundits. I suspect the temptation to cover the Biden administration as a happy-go-lucky bed of roses will be the prevailing theme.
  4. Also interesting because Meacham has been presenting himself as a non-partisan individuaal. Writing a speech for Biden kinda goes against that.
  5. I'm not so sure about this....4 years is an eternity in politics.
  6. The liberal desire is for Trumpism to end once Biden is officially POTUS Elect. Trump will be just as boistorous in private life as he was as POTUS, and the Republican Party is his party until a new leader emerges...and that could take a long time. Obama is an analogous figure for Democrats (charismatic and popular with his supporters), and he's still the de factor leader of his party 4 years after leaving office.
  7. What's wrong with black men voting for Biden and James?
  8. Trump will still be a larger than life figure when he's a private citizen. He won't be in office but he'll still command a presence the media will happily cover and profit from.
  9. Some items of note... 1) Gary Johnson voters from 2016 would likely be voting more so for Trump than Biden. 2) Trump is not as unpopular nationally as the media and pollsters would lead you to believe. 3) Dems nationally have not done a good job connecting with conservatives who don't like Trump. Biden is likely to become POTUS-elect, but among these individuals he is not viewed as the leader of the D party -- the BLM / "woke" / "shutdown the economy" elements are viewed as such.
  10. This is reflective of the "tired of Trump but not keen on having Ds run everything" split ticket voter that is more prevalent than what was reported.
  11. 'You are no longer my mother': How the election is dividing American families This is a sad article and is part of the reason why I don't evelop myself in political bubbles anymore. Hating/disowing friends and family members because they don't support the same politician you do is just plain wrong.
  12. Donald Trump Jr., Ted Nugent make campaign stop in Davison this weekend They will be 2 miles from my house tomorrow. Traffic in my area will be interesting...
  13. I live in Davison. McDonald's is the only fast food restaurant to not have inside dining. The Big Boy in town has been closed since the lockdown begain. All other eating establishments are open, with social distance seating.
  14. There's been some interesting pretzel logic on social media regarding the upcoming CV19 vax. Originally if one refused to be injected with a fast tracked CV19, that individual was more or less put into the "anti-vax" category. Now that Trump has put his weight behind the fast tracked CV19 vax and having it released before Election Day, those would categorize people with legitimate concerns as "anti-vaxxers" are now saying they won't get vax'd because of Trump. To me it's yet another example of how the national obsession with Trump is keeping people from thinking and analyzing with an independent and rational mindset. It's both a fascinating and disappointing observation.
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