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  1. If going into the luxury tax projects into higher revenue that goes beyond the cost of the tax, I think Gores definitely signs off.
  2. Yes, and barring something out of left field he will succeed.
  3. If anyone illustrates the power of right wing media to elevate and demonize, it's George Soros. Rupert Murdoch has had infinitely more influence over American politics than Soros, but since the left doesn't have anything remotely close to what the right has in terms of coordinated media messaging, he's relatively unscathed.
  4. The tech services industry has similar challenges. Customers want people who are highly skilled in development and also knowledgeable about the proprietary systems they want contractors to support, yet there is a strong push from the services industry to replace experienced workers with college graduates (or to outsource overseas) due primarily to cheaper labor. Experience and a strong track record of success and customer satisfaction are not given the same level of credence it once had.
  5. We're at the point where most everything Trump does is to attract a few thousand swing voters in states where he needs to win its electoral votes. His base is hardened and he stands no risk of losing them no matter what.
  6. In fairness to GM, every corporation gravitates to work force reductions and anti-worker strategies when a desire to cut costs has been realized. Artificial intelligence can't arrive soon enough for the likes of GM.
  7. He tied his lowest poll numbers at 39% yesterday. It's damage control.
  8. There will be some hangover for the Bucks to deal with after playing four games against a team that had no business being in the playoffs.
  9. I disagree. It seems natural to me that corporations would favor a political party that inherently wants to reduce or eliminate taxes and regulations. Dems have a few industries that appear to lean in their direction, but on balance Corporate America wants a GOP majority everywhere it can get it.
  10. Corporations are in the back pockets of all DC politicians, but they have extra affinity for GOP politicians. They got Trump's back, and Murdoch's and Sinclair's media network will keep the public in check.
  11. Drummond doesn't have the mental and competitive edge to be a stronger force in high profile games. Part of that is personality, another part of that is playing for a dysfunctional franchise his entire professional career. He has time to evolve, but it's highly uncertain if he has the mental and physical tools.
  12. Gores is by trade an asset flipper, and Del correctly pointed out the Pistons continue to increase in value despite the horrible product they put out for public consumption. There is little incentive financially at the moment for Gores to properly rebuild the Pistons.
  13. Not terribly sure Gores can credibly say this team is competitive after this playoffs series. They should had been in the draft lottery.
  14. The world wide inter facebook web nets.
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