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  1. Nah, not dirty at all! /sarcasm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-kvNuMcKLw
  2. I feel the same way...nice analogy!
  3. Haha, wow, thanks guys! I was just googling my username for giggles, this was like the 3'rd hit. I had no idea you'd done this! Better late than never!
  4. Still no 2008 clips on here....That, along with what you said, makes me think they're not doing this any more! Very annoying since this is how I catch all the plays I miss during day games when I'm at work. (I'm TiVo deprived.)
  5. This page is usually good for this sort of thing, but it appears MLB hasn't been doing it for 2008...yet at least. http://mlb.mlb.com/multimedia/tp_archive.jsp?c_id=det
  6. My reception on ABC (Comcast out of Lansing) is absolutely horrid right now. Had to bust out the rabbit ears...ugg.
  7. 3:16, because Baron von Blownsave said so!
  8. I gave him a particularly vicious booing at the last game I went to. I guess I should be watching my back now!
  9. My fantasy team is doomed now. I'll have to pull a trade for Jose Macias...
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