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  1. I think it did a better job at selling Detroit than selling Chrysler, but so what. This commercial was awesome and very inspiring:)
  2. The cat pictures are the best thing about this website
  3. Bring them on:) Its the year we didnt get to play OSU and win outright:)
  4. Its doesnt make him irrational, it makes him disagreeable:)
  5. Absolutely he's of rational mind. You cant watch that and not admit he is a strong-willed, articulate speaker. Hes a smart guy. Maybe you dont agree with his theories, but that doesnt make him irrational. But thats really beside my point, which is that Maddow is seizing an opportunity to sensationalize a topic at the expense of the higher values of democracy and personally gain from it.
  6. Its ok to have opinions based on facts; not ok to have opinions based on bias. Maddow looks ridiculous for imposing the "whack job scientist" image on this man, who is clearly of rational mind. I think if she focused on the issues of the race, he would look like the inferior candidate. She doesnt care. She wants sensationalism, and sensationalism hinders the democratic process in this or any country. For that, Maddow is the greater evil.
  7. I agree. Journalism needs a serious renaissance in this country. Maddox is the greater evil in this dispute. A shameful display of disrespect toward the values of democracy.
  8. I think character has more to do with giving in to temptation than anything:)
  9. just b/c he can doesnt mean he should:) There will be no oversight to the next regime in Haiti. The next president will face enormous pressure to give in to corruption, scandal, incompetence, laziness, etc. Obviously, I dont know Wyclef personally or anything, but a man willing to give in to the temptation of tax evasion in the United States will be willing to give in to greater, greater crimes in Haiti, especially if he can get away with it. Its just not a good fit for him; there are many other Haitians more qualified for the job:)
  10. history tends to repeat; Wyclef is better off being Wyclef.
  11. It would be nice to see Bulger as the back up in Detroit:)
  12. I wish I had a furnace:) Its so cold!!
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