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  1. Just wondering what people think of Cole Nelson. I saw in Keith Laws article of sleeper prospects that he was the one picked for the tigers. Law states that he touched 96 and sits 90-94 with a good feel for the change up and a developing slider. Sounds like he could burst on the scene and I wanted to know what people that saw him think
  2. How the hell did Bobby Higginson get onto the ballot?
  3. Alright thats good because that would be a huge loss with the way he's playing now
  4. Hey I was wondering if anyone knows the status of Smith. I saw him leave the game in what looked like a lot of pain on that tackle near the goal line. Did he end up coming back in the game or did he finish on the bench. When I first saw it I was sure that he had incurred a serious enough injury to keep him out at least a few weeks but I haven't seen anything about his status
  5. well they gotta enjoy it while they can as likely none of them will likely do anything successful once they get outta college
  6. alright i'll admit i'm def a homer, but i just don't see rondo as the type of player that will ever take over a game, maybe you see it differently. I def see rondo as a future close to 20 ppg score with 6 or 7 assists but i just don't see him as a player that will dish take over a game with his playmaking ability which i def see in stuckey. Oh and the reason rondo's stats look a little better might have to do with the fact he's been starting all year while stuckey hasn't
  7. So your gonna name the players he missed in one draft, try naming other picks that have failed for dumars
  8. Oh and just out of curiousity who are these "guys" you speak of because the only one i would consider a miss is Rodney White
  9. Really, just out of curiosity can i ask what drugs your on and where i might be able to get some cuz i don't think anyone in their right mind would take rondo over stuckey. Don't get me wrong Rondo is a good player but i def don't see the star potential in him that stuckey has, Stuckey is an attacker and a pretty good one at that, plus he's shown that his jump shot everyone questioned is coming around
  10. I think millen finally stumbled onto someone who can lead the lions out of the basement. Marinelli is the man he epitimizes what the state of michigan is about, work hard stay disciplined and never quit. Anyone who can look at this team and not respect them should not respect themselves. I love watching this team play because they never quit. Jon Kitna is probably my team favorite player the guys just goes out and plays his heart out that is a guy i have the utmost respect.. I'm gonna go out on a limb here but i think that the worst we should expect is 10 wins
  11. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=paolantonio_sal&id=3055421 The point i think our buddy sal forgets to point out is that the only reason detroits def ranked as high as it did is because by sanders running so much detroit normally won the time of possesion category. He also makes a good point about the good recievers we had in the 90s but forgets to point out that the best qb we had throwing to them was scott mitchell...yeah doesn't make sense to me either. I for one believed sanders had the right to walk away from the game. As much as it hurts me to say cuz i still miss watching him play, he had a horrible o-line most of his time in detroit and detroit didn't exactly look like they were close to playing superbowl contenders. And lets face it, if his heart isn't in it no reason to put his body on the line or try and fake it for his teamates who would know he's not giving it his all, he has to much respect for the game to go out there and not give it 100%
  12. I don't care if you think this guy is a good qb, u can't not respect the guy. He showed today that he is a real warrior and has the heart of a champion. There is no one i would rather have leading this franchise outta of the hell hole they were in than this guy
  13. haha yeah now that you say that it really is... especially when he's making the minimum
  14. from what i read it is so that they didn't have to guarantee his contract. I believe that if you are on a teams roster opening day your contract is guaranteed otherwise its not
  15. wow gotta love the talk of how good grandy actually is.. especially when he was thought of as only a decent prospect a couple years ago. I remember reading something probably 3 or 4 years ago where they said he could be a very good platoon player at best and would probably never hit more than 10-15 homers. Just goes to show you how much the scouts know
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