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  1. For the second year in a row, I'll adopt Brandon Douglas. In 2011, Douglas picked a bad year to start slowly -- his .212 average in April kept him out of a very winnable who-shall-replace-Carlos-Guillen sweepstakes. But he got back on his horse for the rest of the year, posting career highs in pretty much every category. There is an excellent chance BD can make an impact at the big league level in 2012.
  2. / An accomplished screen actresss: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204706.
  3. Brandon Douglas starting to heat up: five multi-hit games in the last seven. Certainly ready for Toledo when Rhymes goes back to relieve us all of RR (which has GOT to happen, right?)
  4. Who's the new 8th inning guy? If there were to be a poll, I'd vote Al Al gets a first dibs, Oliveros next, and Perry only after that.
  5. "Jose"? It's like the guy has an identity crisis: Miguel is the guy who plays first base at a Hall of Fame level; Jose is the guy who drinks cheap scotch out of the bottle while being arrested for DUI.
  6. How can I vote for my AAT if he's left off the list? (In truth, even I don't expect him to be the opening day second baseman, but I still believe a roster spot is a (slight) possibility, and that call-up within the first third of the season a bigger possibility.)
  7. No and no. If austin Jackson had done that to Robinson cano, the NY press would have made AJax public enemy number one, and the NY Post would be calling for his head (via a Sabathia fastball) on opening day. The slide may have legal, but it was dangerous, and therefore dirty. It was dangerous because what could have happened is exactly what happened. A late slide like that could end a guy's career. And I'm scared it might have.
  8. And Brandon Douglas is better than either of them. (The terms of my AAT contract mandate that I say that.)
  9. Thinking about Guillen, and about opening day vs. the Yankees -- will the Tigers having anything special for Brett Gardner, who's dirty slide put Carlos in his current predicament?
  10. And there is absolutely nothing gained by signing him for $3.2 million first, right, thgat is unless there was a trade in the works? (Or does it make it less likely that another team would pick him up, at that salary?)
  11. Just to add my thanks, too. For the pics of my AAT (Douglas) and for all the rest as well.
  12. With the #37 pick of the 2011 AAT draft, Leflorist picks . . . . . . Brandon Douglas, 2B. Birthdate: 8/27/1985 Bats/Throws: R/R Height/Weight: 6-0/171 Position: 2B/SS Tigers' 11th round pick in the 2008 amateur entry draft. Brandon sports an aggregated slash line of .331/.383/.425 across 7 stops and 5 teams in 3 minor league seasons, including .345/.400/.466 last year at Lakeland and Erie. I've been trying to promote him as the dark horse candidate in the "Who Will Be the Tigers' Second Baseman Sweepstakes" all winter, so I feel like I've got a head start in my adoption duties. All available pics seem to be of the motownsports domain, so I'll invite the usual crowd to share them, if they would be so kind . . .
  13. I still say keep an eye on Douglas. He'll get a chance at ST to make some waves.
  14. I'm guessing both Penny and his wife will be drafted soon over at the 2011 AAT Extravaganza thread.
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