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  1. So your prediction for our Beckham haul is rather light?
  2. Another good reason not to trade proven MLB pitchers - Boyd and if they pick it up a bit Norris and Turnbull.
  3. And Stewart will need to kick it in soon......
  4. Yup, so let's hope the other 2 make up for it......otherwise the pill be even more bitter.
  5. It was tied at the end of the last inning - so the Tigers have to get their chance to tie or go back ahead.
  6. Anything from him will be a bonus. Let's hope Jake and Daz pan out.
  7. Not that it was 100% of the difference but the Nick botch out in RF certainly didn't help things. Keep giving good teams 4-5 outs and you'll lose every time.
  8. 3-3, end 6 - pretty quiet inning except for RR's foul ball.
  9. RR misses a line shot dinger by about 8' foul.....
  10. IT would certainly be helpful if he got straightened out.
  11. 3-3 after 5, now pouring again in Mio too.....not that it affects the game.
  12. Yeah, I like Jake and love him in the field but have given up on him ever hitting.
  13. That belongs right up there with "Pain don't hurt" 3-3 after 4.5
  14. After making Fiers work in the 1st the Tigers see 6 pitches in the 2nd. 2-0 Tigers after 2.
  15. 2-0 Tigers after 1.5, Soto at 27 pitches and looking pretty good today so far.
  16. Tigers 2-0 after 1. Harrison hit it hard....but not hard enough.
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