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  1. Maybe this will be rained out and all forgotten.
  2. I think they're planning to flip Carpy to the Orioles at the deadline.
  3. I don't know if that matters since according to some that person won't fit the timeline of this rebuild 😉
  4. The question is if it really matters what defensive alignment they're using against Bobby Wilson?
  5. The Avila Tank continues to be a roaring success.
  6. 5-0, and it doesn't seem like they're teeing off on Carpy........
  7. For a moment I thought that was Cas out in the RF stands, then I realized he wouldn't wear that jersey.
  8. I think he was clearly out at 2nd. No replay.
  9. Someone will get desperate and give OKC something for Paul, might be mid season but it will happen.
  10. Michigan State football’s ‘Meet the Spartans’ set for Aug. 19
  11. Let me be the 1st to say what many are thinking: We need to trade him at the deadline.
  12. A Trade Target Primer for a Fascinating MLB Trade Deadline Boyd, Stroman, and Ray share similarities: They’re all having much better seasons in 2019 than they did last year, they’re 28 or younger, and they’re under team control at least through next season. (Boyd is under team control through 2022.) All three would be an upgrade in any contender’s rotation. But if in five years we’re looking back and laughing at a team that got fleeced at the 2019 deadline, it will probably be a team that traded for one of these players.
  13. so he stopped in Montreal 1st to merit an invite?
  14. All true 'Mericans remember 1976 - our BiCentennial year was quite the big deal.
  15. I thought making batters move their feet was a good thing?
  16. We will only know in hindsight, when during a pause in future celebrations we take time for retrospection and reflection.
  17. His career looks like something from the WWII era - 10 years with MLB appearances around a 3 year gap.
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