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  1. It doesn't seem to be allowed. Reyes can't hit and Avila is a dolt. đŸ˜‰
  2. Jake and Stewart both are around .740 OPS. Jake gives you value in the field, Stewart loses value there. To lump Candelario at .620OPS and Rogers at .500OPS with them is grouping pretty dissimilar hitters by performance at least so far. Of course Candelario has had much more time to prove himself than Rogers and it hasn't happened. As G2 continues to point out it seems the wrist injury really affected him.
  3. Sometimes the definitive pronouncements here amaze me. On one hand we should forget about 2 players in essentially their 1st year of MLB with OPS around .750, decent to good fielders and some speed as ever being starters. On the other hand we can count on either of 2 college players being able to contribute quickly which completely ignores the high failure rate even among top draft choices. I have more faith in Reyes than Stewart. I think his defense is going to wash him out.
  4. ..........thus my "hitting them where they ain't" line
  5. I think this is pretty much spot on - with the addition that Nick was a bit hurt by that evaluation (as we all might be) and that led to some resentment and attitude issues. While I wish that hadn't happened it's easy to understand given human nature why it did. I don't especially like or dislike him more over how it played out and hope he does well going forward unless he's competing against the Tigers.
  6. Yeah it was a shook as I seen him. The entire game was pretty bad, the last 2-3 minutes was horrible. I knew when they flagged the fumble recovery we were doomed....lol....
  7. Who knows? It would be great if he could keep it up for 2 more weeks and give us hope for a viable option at C next season. If so, we could have hope at CF with Jake - one of the corners with RuleVictor - somewhere with HCastro - Then pray the light comes on for one/some of Stewart/WCastro/CandyMan/Lugo/Demeritte along with Niko and Miggy you could have the beginnings of a passable lineup. lol, it's all too much to hope for but we have the whole winter ahead soon to speculate.
  8. He's been hitting them where they ain't....maybe Lloyd has taught him that dark art?
  9. Among the many mistakes by the Spartans, the refs acknowledge they blew the call too. Michigan State football should have had one more chance vs. ASU; Pac-12 says refs blew it
  10. Heads have rolled. Tigers fire six minor league coaches; future of Mud Hens’ Doug Mientkiewicz not determined Among those staffers who have been informed they will not be back in 2020: ►Basilio Cabrera, Triple A Toledo’s third-base coach. ►Brian Harper, hitting coach at Double A Erie. ►Bill Dancy, Tigers minor-league field coordinator. ►Eddie Dennis, a versatile coach who worked on manager Lance Parrish’s staff at Single A West Michigan. ►Luis Lopez, manager for the Gulf Coast League East rookie team. ►Jose Parra, pitching coach at GCL East.
  11. Could be true. We'll see next year. Will he take a step forward like Reyes or have we seen what he is?
  12. Seems like the media might focus on this as they push the latest book of smears.
  13. Which explains that .963OPS slugging in Erie this year after 18 months of the Tiger's tinkering.....they wrecked him. After all he had a .814OPS in HighA ball when the wizards at Houston were mentoring him.
  14. Of course something depending on the price tag isn't evil - I assume most of what you do in life depends at least partially on the price tag? Other than Miggy all of the retained salary mistakes are gone after 2020, I don't foresee them delaying investments longer than that but of course stranger things have happened.
  15. Lloyds hard work is paying off here and with the Cubbies, it's a Festivus Miracle!!
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