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  1. So you're saying there's a chance for another celebration if we can scratch our way to #29 again?
  2. True enough though if the QO is really $18M I think we can do better.
  3. The only path is for enough of the young starting pitching to pan out. Combine that with just enough hitting. They're almost certainly not going to hit their way into contention.
  4. lol, that's finding the bright side. 😉 ....or the shetland pony.
  5. They need a hitting coach to teach them how to have a .400 BABIP.
  6. In some instances the replacements may prove to be better (Turnbull over Ross, Jones if you count him over Mahtook) but overall you're right. And I'm not offering a blanket excuse for the organization, just pointing out that what's happening is exactly as predicted. This season isn't even close to the disappointment that 2008 was - when we thought they were going to tear the league up and score 1,000 runs - and they stunk while winning 74 games.
  7. ...and to add to my answer above. Not only was this team projected as a 65-70 win team out of ST so pretty terrible then you subtract 80% of the projected starting pitching, the SS and 2B, and have the 1B moved to DH. Also at this point time the starting C is on the DL and the starting 3B is in AAA. So of their projected opening day lineup you have LF/RF and maybe CF and 1 starting pitching - this from a team already predicted to suck. And yet people seem pissed that they're bad...........
  8. He'd have no more value at the deadline next year and the attitude wouldn't improve either. I'm surprised that you think Avila could get a thing for him after stating earlier today that he botched the JD and Fulmer deals.
  9. I questioned the clubhouse last season - and thought it was possibly VMart poisoning the atmosphere. I know there are posts out there that I felt that team and now this team needs a Gibby. Someone to hold their teammates accountable. Miggy's never been one to do that, Castellanos isn't in position to do that and in fact both of them may be part of the problem not the solution. I don't know that they have that guy in the system but it's certainly the personality type I'd be looking for in any Greene/Boyd trade.
  10. It would be nice to see progress from more of the kids but it surprises me sometimes at the levels of disgust and disappointment in this team. They are what most everyone thought they would be - where's the surprise?
  11. Castro is trying to tie this game and the rest of them are screwing it up!!
  12. While allowing that Gardy probably knows more about running a team than I do..... I disagree with him here. They're big boys I don't think it hurts them to hear a little criticism.
  13. And if you thought MrI was impatient to win.....Buffett is 88 and Charlie Munger is 95 (though I think Munger would stay away from the Tigers as an investment).
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