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  1. Henning likes his flimsy arguments.
  2. By midseason people won't even remember his name.
  3. Global Warming - The "settled" science unwinds.

    Nice to a get a little cold weather to break up the suffering from all the warming. Across the South, it’s snow, ice and record-breaking cold
  4. Global Warming - The "settled" science unwinds.

    There were numerous, numerous articles on Global Warming evaporating the Great Lakes - of course that was back when the levels were sinking. If you missed those articles/news reports your were hibernating.
  5. Kinsler is washed up. I'd wager a beverage that our 2B out produces Kinsler in 2018.
  6. Maybe he gets cheap and we could bring JD back and have an OF of JD, Reyes & Casty - that group could rival McCovey, Mays and Alou for the greatest ever.
  7. Cutch to the Giants sounds like a thing.
  8. Global Warming - The "settled" science unwinds.

    I'm old enough to remember when Global Warming was shrinking the Great Lakes to nothing. Rising Great Lakes water levels keep Michigan companies busy
  9. By the All Star break you'll be adding (except Victor Reyes) to that sentence.
  10. The Earth shook in Lakeland...
  11. Trammell and Morris made the HOF!

    I'm still shocked @ Vlad carrying 95%
  12. Maybe Houston will fix him for us?
  13. According to our pessimists. I'm fully on the side of the Optimists so think May 15th.
  14. It ALL matters until we're 10 games out. Then they all become trade assets.