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  1. Probably partially nostalgia for other reasons too, that year was the last season for our long time camp. Members started getting married and peeling away, the entire group was never together again. By '94 it was sold and gone, I still get misty over that. The Twins soiling that whole memory makes it unforgivable.
  2. Could it have been they thought he was too close or similar to Tram?
  3. I'm sure many Tiger fans have similar stories but for me the "gut wrench" was to lose to an inferior team in a crap ballpark after riding the high that was the last few weeks of the regular season. Start with the Bergie AB, through the Gibby bear trap and then the wonders of Frank (GD) Tanana pulling that performance out of his hat on the final weekend. There were a dozen or so of us up at deer camp that weekend and it was pure joy and great times. Guess you had to be there kinda thing......then came the ALCS. Uggh.
  4. Like 1967, 1987 is a scar that will never fully heal.
  5. Pretty close - 1987, Game 163, the trash bag wall - too many things for MN to ever overcome.
  6. Shelton would have driven it into the can and right out the bottom.
  7. I will always hate the Twins, must win!
  8. JUp triggers Sherwin Williams controversy Sherwin Williams is trying to back out of a charitable contribution at Angel Stadium.
  9. lol, I usually talk MSU elsewhere. Sorry to have offended you by trying to judge if there was any interest here. It is amusing to see how much wrath gets provoked over making a statement your coach isn't worth 10/$100M. As I said I'll happily apologize when any team or school makes that offer. I've never argued that he isn't a successful coach, I did was state the indisputable fact that he's won no Championships. That reality seems hard to accept.
  10. I want a manager with grit - Lenny Dykstra