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  1. I doubt it based on watching the guys work the HTML over the years. There are more than a few pros and knowledgeable amateurs here. Oh.. and the analogy still kind of works as Austin Jackson seems to be a dynamic and interactive player (I know all players are interactive, but because of his position, spot in the batting order and tools he seems like he will be involved in a lot). Lastly I cannot resist an opportunity to acknowledge "Jesse James" Garrett, the guy who coined AJAX. That is one cool sounding first and middle name combo.
  2. The thread starter is being a jerk for assuming an apology or feeling one is in order? What am I missing here? He was very much ganged up on in the previous thread. First folks called him a liar. Now they say this stuff is common place. It seems to me that he is not lying and whether or not the behavior described is common place it should cause concern.
  3. I am stoked. Even the picture of the 4 Tigers walking together looked sweet. I cannot wait for this season to start.
  4. That was a helluva contribution and a very interesting read. Even though I don't find stats that appealing for the down time I spend with sports, the combination of graphs and tables used by you and Fast help make the pitch f/x data appealing. Given the organization's focus on arms, time spent with your article's references seems appropriate, so thanks for them too. I'm constantly wondering why Dontrelle's last two years have been trending as they have and really enjoyed Henning's article and yours. Dontrelle's comments on his blog about playing through pain/injury caused me to hope that was the explanation for '07, but additional info supporting that line of thought appears hard to obtain. Naturally I'm also wondering what the Tiger's see and plan. Apparently they aren't saying, so we'll just have to keep our eyes and ears open.
  5. I wanted mi homeboy Tomey even though (gag) he went to Detroit errrr Redford I mean Novi CC, but the Freep decides to do several stories on him right at the tail end of the draft. I suspect this obvious effort to thwart my plans was successful. No problema, I locked in on Max Leon but he was picked while I literally slept during the beginning of the free for all. So having gone from home town ties to cool sounding names, I'm staying with the name theme and picking Luis Misson Arlet Thanks Huey The first thing I noticed about Luis is that he stole 20 bases getting caught only once during the 2006 GCL season. He repeated GCL in 2007 and only swiped 2 bases while getting nabbed 3 times. Searching the site I noticed that be broke his ankle at some point, so perhaps this had something to do with both his repeating GCL and not stealing as much last year. He strikes out a lot but does hit for average. I'll post his stats later. Adios
  6. Roy catches a lot of flak (not necessarily here) and I've always felt it was undeserved. He gave some great answers and overall I found the interview a good read. The last reply (to the question about Marinelli) seemed different and less positive than the previous ones. It was quite surprising.
  7. 'Sup with the smart azz routine? We are discussing the Darko pick and I'm bringing up something I don't see discussed much. It's also in direct response to a previous post. ------------ At the time there were concerns about relatively under evaluated Europeans being high draft picks, but for whatever reason in the case of the Darko pick potential won out over the safer bet. This was at a time when European players were being selected and having success, so there were really good discussions about whether NCAA players or Euro league players made better NBAers and why. Given that the Pistons were as others have said "playing with free money", I can understand Joe D. "swinging for the fences". My point is that I believe the Pistons knew they were betting on the higher payoff and I won't criticize the strategy, even in hindsight. It also turned out ok (with Stuckey). I do believe however, that they considered Bosh as the lower risk, lower return type of selection, but decided to make the larger bet with the "free money".
  8. Bosh was drafted number 4 instead of number 2. When I say evaluation, I mean in games against competition, i.e., his year in college. What others say is nice, but at the end of day, we have to make our own decisions. The Pistons considered Bosh and should have drafted him in spite of what other would have done. Again we are talking about the guy who went 4th anyway and plays positions at which the Pistons are older. Oh and we don't know what kind of "discussions" the Pistons brain trust had. What we do know is that Bosh was brought in, leading me to believe he was (correctly IMHO) more strongly considered than the so called leading candidates.
  9. I have to disagree with the sentence in bold, especially on Bosh. I'm not going to criticize Joe D. too much about the Darko pick, because overall Mr. D's been great for the Pistons. If they wanted a front court player (and they did), Bosh should have been strongly considered. He was young (1 year of college), polished and available for significant evaluation, unlike Darko. These stats in one year of college begged serious consideration: Season College | G MP STL BLK TO| FG%|FT%| MP TRB AST PTS +------------------+---+----+----+----+---+---+----+----+----+----+- 2002-03 gatech | 31 960 168 300 22| 48 | 73 | 31 9.0 1.2 15.6
  10. How does one get closure and truly move forward without honest dialog about past events? Can't we easily point to examples involving individuals that show meaningful exploration of past wrongs is a big part of repairing relationships? Is the process so different when groups of people, institutions and business entities are involved? Without question ending racist hiring practices and statements is a good thing and reaching out to previously ostracized parts of the community is awesome too. IMHO Foster's inclusion of the Tiger's past simply points to a lack of closure. More like commentary on the nature of community service, which can be viewed as a continuum, with living in the community on one end and annual events staged miles away which ultimately provide funds for and benefit the community on the other end. I'm pretty sure Mr. Horton was simply providing an example, one by the way, which is still applicable.
  11. - Way off topic - How is your namesake not in the NBA? I saw him play when he was (briefly) with the Pistons and he was huge with good coordination and decent skills. Is he slow afoot?As for Inge, I don't get all the "he's such a good teammate and guy" type comments. In addition to his reaction when the Tigers signed Pudge and his unwillingness to be valuable to the team as a catcher there is the misdirected arrogance evidenced by his Ted Williams comment. I also suspect his (apparent) unwillingness to work with the hitting coach and/or adjust on his own does not sit with Leyland who has said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he expects struggling players to be coachable. If he stays, I don't think they will find a starting job for him unless something drastic happens.
  12. I understand what you are saying, but it's still a bit off base. Magglio appears very, very native (South) american. Other than that I agree, Rodney is pretty clearly of relatively recent African ancestry, regardless of what language he speaks.
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