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  1. I guess you are smarter than you often sound.
  2. Not as ironic as the equal but separate policies of Jim Crow which were legally enforceable for over a hundred years. The double-standard isn't legally binding and an African-American can be brought up on harassment charges for use of the word according to human rights laws and EEOC laws, just as much as a white person can. However, I said that in my earlier post already.
  3. The problem with your ascertain is that intent or in this case context, isn't what makes the word offensive or not. The word in and of itself is offensive and its' very use is insensitive, particularly so (but hardly limited to) when used by a white person in reference to an African-American, period. She not only should have apologized, but she should also lose her show and sponsors. As a public figure (however minor), she has to be an example and in this case she chose poorly and must pay for that. Just as countless other idiots such Imus et al, have and will. Lastly (and this is a general comment not directed towards you), the First Amendment was not written to protect hate speech or even insensitive comments. It is intended to protect people who wish to speak out about and/or against, mainly the government. Private entities such as employers, internet providers, radio shows etc. (just as MWG can on his message board) can and do restrict the right to free speech each and every day and have the Supreme Court on their side in doing so.
  4. Regardless of whether she has a point or not, there is one HUGE difference between the two individuals using the N-word (no matter if it has an a or an r), "Dr." Laura is a white woman and Tupac obviously was not. Is there a double standard? Of course there is. However, you cannot argue the fact that for hundreds of years the N-word was used by white people to refer in a derogatory manner towards African-Americans. Just because young people, particularly those into hip-hop and rap, have chosen to utilize the word as a form of slang to address one another, does not make it appropriate or acceptable for white America to attempt to do the same. By the way, the use of the N-word by other African-Americans towards one another can constitute racial harassment, if the receiving party takes offense to it and decides to press the issue.
  5. It isn't the fact that she wants to be president that scares the living hell out of me, it is the fact that there are a ton of idiots that would vote for her to be president that truly scares me.
  6. Had to vote for Sterling as well. He is one of THE worst announcers I've ever heard, right up there with Harrelson.
  7. Congrats Bud! It is true that others had it much worse than we have/had it, but having said that doesn't make it any easier at the time. The most important thing in all this is to not lose sight of what matters most to us and what is and isn't truly important. On another note, my first day is tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, but with some trepidation. I did enjoy being able to focus much more of my energies on my wife and family. However, living in one the most expensive urban areas of the country does not allow us to survive on one income for long. So I will return to work and do the absolute best job I know how to do, for as long as I am able. I do relish the new opportunity this job brings and I also look forward to finally completing my degree, which hopefully will allow me to move up even further in the organization! Rick
  8. When I wants my McNuggets, I WANTS my McNuggets! If I wanted a damn egg mcmuffin, I'da axed for a mcmuffin fool!
  9. Congrats to the boys! Wife and I went to Dodd Stadium weekend before last and to MCU Park twice this past weekend to catch CTigers games. Gotta say Julio looked real good yesterday, he hit a long HR to left and went 3-5 w/2 RBI's. Also, former ML player Greg Vaughn (and his wife on Sat.) sat 2 rows in front of us this weekend, during both games we attended. His son Cory was drafted by the Mets this year and plays for the Cyclones. The senior Mr. Vaughn looked like he was still in playing shape and sure did not look his age. Also, Cory looked pretty good out there as well. I think he'll have a pretty good career with plenty of pop, if he stays healthy that is!
  10. Of course I remember Mickey Tettleton! In fact, back in the early '90's (probably early '91) I was living in Oklahoma City (for the second time) and I was at the mall one day, wearing my Tigers jacket. A man came up to me and asked me if I was affiliated with the team, since I had my name embroidered on the jacket? I said no actually I was just a displaced fan and he said, well my son was traded to the Tigers, that's why I was wondering. Turned out it was Mickey's dad or at least claiming to be? Another bit of useless trivia, the Texas Rangers still owe Mickey 1.4 million dollars in deferred compensation and he hasn't played since 1997! Is it any wonder why the Rangers went into bankruptcy?
  11. Sure it would have been technically feasible, however the cost would have been astronomical and politically it would have been suicide, as you would have had to cut large swatches out of existing neighborhoods to do so. The best option would have been to widen Ford Road (in this area Ford has a median strip), but that wouldn't have netted you enough, as the feeder streets such as Greenfield and Evergreen et al don't really have room to be widen. The second best option would have been to widen and modernize the Southfield, but they've been talking about doing that since at least the early '70's (since it is antiquated and not designed for the amount of traffic it handles already) and its' gone nowhere. Besides the Tigers should play in Detroit in my opinion, so I'm glad a suburban ballpark was nixed.
  12. There was still talk of this location, before the current location was settled on. The biggest drawback would have been access before and after games. There was/is plenty of room behind the shopping area (which would be to the north I believe) for a stadium. However, with the Southfield Freeway being the only major access road in the immediate vicinity, it would have been a nightmare traffic wise.
  13. You could always check out a local Community College or other Institute of higher learning, they'll probably have some sort of classes available in (at least some of) those software programs. If you are collecting unemployment insurance perhaps they'll even pay for you to attend those classes, it sure can't hurt to ask. Although I'm hoping that NJ isn't like NY, because you can't get a real human on the phone here, unless you wait for literally hours at a time. And the offices aren't convenient either, as they are usually packed and even a simple question can require a few hours of your time. Either way best of luck! Rick
  14. Someone should tell the Illini that Michigan already whupped Ohio's butt in a "war", so they don't wanna get us goin' again!
  15. Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that by using a popular diminutive for John, this guy's name becomes Jack Kass?
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