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  1. So now this is significantly worse than people were forecasting when the market hit bottom a week and a half ago. Morgan Stanley forecasts 38% drop in second-quarter U.S. GDP Will stocks continue to go up again, as if nothing is wrong? I don't think the printing press can run that hot.
  2. Maybe. He also seems like he could be totally full of himself. He's a good businessman, though, even if he doesn't act like it.
  3. Dammit. I was hoping to get in on Tesla, but I wanted it to get a bit cheaper. I do think they're one of the few companies out there that has tremendous upside potential. Despite the antics of Musk.
  4. People this stupid used to frustrate me. Now I just throw up my hands and acknowledge that natural selection will take care of this without me being required to do anything.
  5. The inverted abyss? Usually, when people talk about the abyss, they talk about looking "down" into it. The real abyss in this country is an upside down vortex--sucking all value upward out of the economy and into assets that are mostly a financialized fiction of nothingness, but are also mostly owned by the top 1% or so, with maybe the top 10% or so allowed to dip their toe in here and there and get temporarily mesmerized. Once you enter the inverted abyss, the rules of finance no longer matter. You don't have to balance your checkbook, reckless lending is encouraged since all the downside risk is socialized, you don't really have to pay your taxes, the central bank just marks up your account in the computer when you need more money, and if you're bad at your job, you get enough money to retire lavishly on just for going away. And the bottom 90-99% are either fooled into converting any equity they have in anything into debt (HELOCs, poorly-managed pensions, risky stock bets, and even future potential equity through insane student debt loads for any higher-earning but not-yet-ownership class professions such as medicine, law, business management, etc.). Or you are forced into it through layoffs, etc.
  6. I think the markets priced in around a 2-3 month shutdown. It's looking like this may have to last a lot longer than that at this point. If the restrictions are lifted by June 1, I'd be surprised.
  7. Yeah, we'll be retesting that old bottom sooner rather than later at this point.
  8. This coronavirus is a really a convenient distraction from the fact that our economy was propped up by yet another debt bubble to begin with. "It wasn't end-stage capitalism's fault this time, it was an unpredictable global event" they will say. And the cycle will start over.
  9. Also, I'd wager the spread of this virus is going to continue, as we have about a dozen states refusing to issue full "shelter in place" orders. Once NY has flattened the curve, we're going to have to wait it out while places like Florida and Texas get their act together.
  10. All I know is that from tomorrow on, we will have quarterly reports trickling out, and in a lot of sectors, it's going to be horrendous. Commercial real estate, consumer discretionary, industrials, materials, etc. will get hammered. Even healthcare profitability will be down significantly, as this virus probably isn't as lucrative as elective surgeries. Probably half of these patients are uninsured and the hospitals will have to write off the bills.
  11. I won't, obviously. But I'm spreading my investments out enough that I will be close with one of them. We'll also be able to tell after the fact when the bigger investors start to jump in for good, and get some deals done. That should be signified by a higher volume rally--and this one ain't it.
  12. And yet the markets continue to rise. I've made 2 investments on the way down on this one. My first one was at -25% on the S&P. My second was at -32%. I sold my -25% one today for a profit. I just think that's going to be an unprofitable long-term position. I will re-invest and get a better deal when this actually bottoms out.
  13. And that's actually an understatement. I'd actually quit my job, give up my professional license, and give up everything I own and vow to start from scratch. This man is actively dismantling our economy and our constitutional democracy. The damage he is doing to this country will last decades.
  14. I'd take a 50% salary cut right now for the sake of this country if it meant getting rid of the scourge of Trump.
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