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  1. White Sox won't let him clear waivers. They will claim any 2B now.
  2. Yahoo only lets you have 4 fantasy football teams. Does this count as one of those? Or can you have as many pick ems as you want?
  3. Thought I'd I would go over to the message boards and they say Freddy Garcia has been traded also.
  4. He's not going to accept a back up role.
  5. Sign and trades are only for teams over the cap. Chicago was under so they didn't have to do one.
  6. You have to take in mind that some guys might have declined. Can players not on the all-star team participate?
  7. Schilling isn't on the ballot.
  8. I will. He probably won't even get in the game and if he does it won't be for very long. It would be a good experience for him.
  9. Young over Guillen had was a glaring mistake and Verlander should have been an All- Star.
  10. It was explained somewhere in this topic that he wasn't the GM behind that trade.
  11. You have to factor in the contract situation of Abreu. Taking on all of his salary might allow the Phillies to accept those prospects.
  12. Hughes, Tabata, Duncan, Melky are their major trading chips but Cashman seems pretty set on building the farm system. It should be interesting if Hughes is still in the Yankees system after the deadline.
  13. Just move Thames to the DH spot. And he could rotate with Abreu and Ordonez when they need a rest.
  14. I don't think Granderson has a shot at MVP. Red Sox fans have already gave the MVP and Cy Young to Papelbon.
  15. Aubrey Huff went 3 for 4 today with 3 RBIs and a HR.
  16. Zito is a FA after this year, and if he doesn't get a extension he will most likely be traded. Depends on if Beane wants drafts picks though.
  17. Becuase the Rangers are tied for first.
  18. Shelton for Sean Casey and Craig Wilson + mid level catching/third base prospect
  19. If it cost that much I would count the Tigers in. Espicially if they don't have to add Sanchez into that trade.
  20. The Mavs lost to the refs not the Heat. I refuse to give them their due.
  21. Aubrey Huff went 4-for-5 against he Diamondbacks.
  22. Scotty D


    They aren't in the thick of the hunt.
  23. I like this move for the Royals. Its just the first step on a long road for their new GM.
  24. The Tigers are also looking for catching or 3b prospects so they wouldn't be able to answer those trade needs.
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