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  1. Lemieux i can understand, hell ill throw in Roy, and Foote.. but Sakic is an amazing player, he would be their Yzerman, the one man who could change a game, and does it when they need him, he still has one of the best shots in the nhl, I dont hate forsberg either, he is definitely top 10 to ever play in the nhl. and i would love to see him playing in the winged wheel.
  2. whammy, btw thanks for clearing it up, im suprised they do give them out though
  3. you guys all know alot about baseball, and my cousin is going to a community college and is playing baseball, his mom is trying to tell us he got a full-ride, can community colleges give full-rides or is this complete bull
  4. He deserves it, as much as i can say alot of people could have earned it, Granderson, Monroe. Polanco was amazing, when he got up to bat you knew it was almost automatic. He is MY Tiger.
  5. i got into the tigers two years ago, i cant say i deserve to be part of this, i didnt go through the 119 loss season, but i must say, ive been in love for 2 years, and i almost cried seeing that magglio homerun over the fence, so i said, MAGGLIOOOOOOOOOO, and he hit a walk off series ending, world series sending HOME RUN, God I Love The Tigers.
  6. you know if he played for detroit youd all think he was the best player, you cant argue that he is a great baseball player who plays the game right. regardless hes going down in history as one of the best yankees and hes on his way to cooperstown, how many tigers are headed.. i love the tigers dont get me wrong, but you cant argue with the fact that jeter is a great baseball player.
  7. look, im not a dick to them, but i just say sorry, and i just hate being hounded every 30 feet for money, i understand that they might be mentally challenged or have something wrong, but that doesnt give them the right to hound good honest people trying to get from their car to a game. me and my cousin were leaving the game like 2-3 weeks ago against texas, and while we were trying to get out in the line, a guy walked up to my passenger side and started acting like an ***, he was holding a beer and was asking us for money, my cousin, whos 6'5'' 230 pound 17 yr old said, sir please get away and he just goes man im just trying to make a living... if hes holding a beer and asking us for money, then when he gets that money from people who do just give out the change, he buys booze... if he can do that he can always say,"want fries with that.."
  8. i dont think they should clear them all out but, i have a problem with them, i park at the corner of brush and gratiot, theres a great parking lot at the hilton thats only 2 blocks away, u get out of my truck with my cousin, a lady comes up on a bike and says let me ask you a question, im pregnant with a kid and i have no money can you spare me some, i say im sorry and she laid down a few curses as she pedalled away. it just seems that they expect us to just give them money, i hate being hounded 5 times from a two block walk to the game, and then 5 more times on the way out of the game. When after hearing this story about the man getting stabbed, its almost like when people do give them money, they use it to by knifes or booze. which if they by knifes only helps them out in stealing more money from people... i dont know, i dont think they should be allowed to solicite in front of the game like that, i dont think we should clear them out but they have to stop harrassing people, its not our fault they dont have jobs, and we dont owe them anything. i dont want to rant but i hate when they try to guilt me with her baby, she should get a job, i just want to go to comerica park and watch the tigers and not get harrassed.
  9. im not gonna lie, i left soaked, and with no voice, but you should have been there, it was soo awesome. also, to a reply to a post thats up a few, rogers really did do great, he gave up a lot of hits, but he made some great defensive plays.
  10. Zetterberg also looks like a leader, it always looks like the other guys see him as the best go to guy for them, i think he's a lock for an A this year and the C when lindstroms gone
  11. no the one that looked safe was the throw to second. it didnt look like he tagged him
  12. i just got home from the game, that was amazing, monroes three assists saved us, one really looked like he was safe though, im soaked, my voice is gone, but that was an awesome game..
  13. i know what you mean, im the same way with granderson, everytime he comes up to bat, i can just picture the 3 or 4 pitch strikeout, i cant like him, i hate the fact he stikes out nonstop, i still think hes good, but i can never trust when hes up to bat for a quality at bat...
  14. hey me and my brother were watching the game tonight and they showed dave dombrowski, and we got to talking, how much do you think dave and leyland make, they are such a great part of this season and we were guessing, and we couldnt find a good answer, do they make alot, like magglio, or is it fair from that and close to like 1 mil, we were just wondering if they are as good paid.. thanks
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