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  1. Since about 2/3 of Texans voted straight party in 2018, I can't imagine a scenario where it didn't help in the down races.
  2. Less likely since this election they have done away with straight party voting in Texas.
  3. I can. We went to see "They Shall Not Grow Old," in 3D in December 2018. Honestly, we most often go to the drive-in. We can take the dog with us, and fewer accessibility issues.
  4. @mtutiger In case you are interested: I didn't know if you usually went to this, but we discovered today that even though it was cancelled they went ahead and made up the souvenir pins for 2020. We're glad to be able to have a full set for my husband's hat. LOL https://trinity-river-vision.myshopify.com/collections/oktoberfest-fort-worth/products/oktoberfest-fort-worth-2020-pin
  5. Yup. Undoubtedly mental health issues as well. My guess is she ends up shipped back to Canada with some agreement that they prosecute and/or contain her some way.
  6. Huh. Ricin chick is reportedly a Canadian citizen who was detained and deported last year from Texas. If correct, explains why locations down here were targeted.
  7. The US attorney vehemently denies that conversation happened. I was discussing statements/threats Barr actually made on the record relative to the protests, not yet another unsubstantiated rumor from an anonymous source reported in the NYT.
  8. A suspect has been arrested in the Ricin mailings. Plural. Evidently other packages were mailed to federal addresses in Texas? Female caught at the border trying to enter NY from Canada. She had a gun when apprehended. Not reported if she is a Canadian or an American living in Canada. Nutcase. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/20/politics/poison-ricin-addressed-trump-arrest/index.html
  9. Do you really have to give HIM credit? I mean, in your heart. We all know, for example, that he wasn't the primary person who made these Middle East agreements happen. He just signed off on them. But the agreements themselves are a good thing. Seems to me like Kushner has been among the primary architects, not his father-in-law.
  10. Of course it does. Hence my choice not to vote for him in 2016 and again in 2020. But it is freaking irrational to disagree with POLICY that I find good because I dislike the individual advocating it.
  11. When the only argument I am being given is his character instead of the relative merits of the policy, what other conclusion can I draw?
  12. I would like to hear some rational evidence and discussion instead of insults. But frankly, I no longer expect it in here. From where I sit, my statement is on point. And I am saying this as an individual who plans to vote for Biden/Harris. Primarily because I generally respect (not agree with) Harris (election rhetoric aside). But continue to try to convince me that a D candidate is probably contrary to my, and my country's, interests.
  13. Got to give the DNC for nominating Hillary at least some credit.
  14. He is shady. But not all of his policies have been bad.
  15. More likely recognizing the truth that victims of this rioting and many moderates who are watching this and are not pleased with the response of Liberal politicians. Overplaying his hand? Yeah, probably. At the same time, the DNC seems to be noticing the peril since suddenly Pelosi is acknowledging and condemning rioting after all these months.
  16. I have been, but it hasn't been a popular stance to take. Because, "orange man bad."
  17. Beto ticking me off again spamming my text messages with his PxP PAC.
  18. Seems like law enforcement should be running those plates.
  19. A package containing Ricin mailed to the White House from Canada? Bizarre. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/package-containing-ricin-said-to-have-been-intercepted-in-white-house-mail/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=breaking&utm_campaign=newstrack&utm_term=21557465
  20. A second wrong rights a wrong? Okay. Whatever.
  21. I get it. But then, I also remember how much whining there was from the left over McConnell leaving Reid's rules in place when it no longer benefitted the Democrats. Sick of the machinations from all of them.
  22. Convenient that I have applied the same standard to both parties in similar circumstances? I call it principled. Sick of the BS game playing and flexible rules.
  23. I support whomever the sitting President nominates, absent a constitutional bar. I supported Garland at the time, and am on record doing so here and criticizing the Republicans. But Obama is no longer the President. It isn't agreeing with them, but about what is right.
  24. Neither of which have judicial experience. Ditto Cruz.
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