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  1. They believe that God has given Christian men dominion over the earth. They believe that their responsibility is to prepare a kingdom by subduing the earth and setting up a theocracy which subjects the entire world, believer and unbeliever alike, to portions of the old testament law. When that has been accomplished, Christ will return to earth and rule over this kingdom. It's a bit more complex than that, and there are shades and flavors of the teaching, but that's the jist of it. http://www.apologeticsindex.org/r10.html is a fairly accurate summary of the more hardcore leaders, Rushdoony and North. Here's the website of Chalcedon http://www.chalcedon.edu/ which is Rushdoony's outfit. Now, I'm a fairly fundamentalist believer. But this teaching is heretical, and portions of it are infecting mainstream churches.
  2. Can't resist one more post because I'm honestly interested. Presuming new technology with the highest level of secrecy about its capabilities and scope, do you believe that it is possible to tailor a new law according to constitutional guidelines for making law without revealing information that might damage the effectiveness and secrecy of the program? Again, it has not been established that a law was broken. Bush's legal counsel says, "no." Last I heard, even Rockafeller wasn't willing to categorically state anything firmer than that he had "concerns." But I haven't kept up closely with his rhetoric in the past month or so. Nah. I remember the Carter administration.
  3. You're not considering the technology involved here. FISA predated cell phones, the internet, and frankly most of the technology in use today. Obviously, you're determined to presume that Bush is the antichrist, so nothing I say will convince you otherwise. Thanks for a civilized discussion, though. *S*
  4. So what you do is call the press? As noted, I grew up in the NSA community. I also spent some years with a Top Secret clearance doing work for a DoD contractor. (I don't think I knew any secrets, though LOL My work was related to recruitment, and I was the affirmative action/equal opportunity administrator.) I know that there are ways to blow the whistle on perceived irregularies that do NOT involve notifying the press. I sure hope we don't know the details, because if we do our enemy does as well and a viable program, not yet established to be illegal, would be useless. It's a darned shame when we have to turn to allies to get needed information on what the enemy is doing inside our own borders. If we have the capability to listen to satellite communications (cell phones and the like), it's a sure bet that the Aussies, Brits, etc. do and most likely the Russians, Chinese, etc. as well.
  5. I'm not going to do your homework for you, Bill. If you are legitimately interested in seeking truth, you'll look for it. If you aren't, I don't want to waste my time. Re FISA: Do you really think that, if Bush was trying to pull a fast one or establish a kingdom with himself as ruler, or any of those foolish accusations against him, that he would have been making regular, detailed reports to the Senate Intelligence Committee? And why didn't any of them raise a legitimate objection through the channels available to them? I think that Rockafeller pulled a Leahy. And why is it that a slimeball like Wilson (even the most leftist democrats openly acknowledge this) is a hero and whistleblower when he misrepresents the intelligence data, yet the White House releases information to refute it and they are manipulative? Who CARES that some of this was released in advance to give a friendly reporter the "scoop"n and get people talking about the most relevant parts in advance of the official release. I believe that people have their minds made up about Bush, the war, etc. and just don't want facts interfering with their fantasies. People are still citing Wilson's report, in spite of the fact that documentation has been declassified and released. They are blinded by Bush hatred. I could smack him upside the head myself on many issues, but he's not the stinking antichrist. And let me say it again: NONE of the investigators, etc. are asserting that Bush (or even Libby for that matter) leaked Valerie Plame's name and identity. Having been raised in the mililtary community during wartime (including most of the cold war), and a dad who served 22 years in military intelligence (ASA/NSA) the cluelessness of the American people and even our elected officials about the necessity of confidentiality during wartime is absolutely beyond my comprehension. You don't tell the enemy what your plans are. Duh! You don't tell them what your capabilities are, and you don't tell them how to legally evade detection.
  6. Have you read Blinded by Might by Cal Thomas? Excellent book that reflects my views of the Christian Coalition very well. What's scary to me about these guys is that so many of them are reconstructionists/dominion theologians.
  7. Unprecedented secrecy? Actually, the amount of congressional oversight during wartime is unprecedented, mainly due to changes in the law during the Nixon administration. And, sadly, so are the number of serious leaks of information which could damage the safety of the American people. I could list the most serious breaches, but I figure it would be good for you to do your own research. And it's not just Democrats; Richard Shelby of Alabama comes to mind right off the bat. Others, such as Rockafeller were more calculating. I don't think any of them take this matter seriously enough. It's gotten so bad that it's reported that our allies are hesitant to share information which could affect their own programs and security. As far as I know, though, I don't think we've caught any Bush White House officials smuggling "code word" level documents in their underwear and "losing" them.
  8. Nonsense. Congress has been leaking like 98 year old man with a bad prostate for as far back as I can remember. What's bad is that the press gives more credence to something unsubstantiated that they think they got illicitly than to released documents. THAT is a darned shame. If they'd known initially that the information had come from the White House, it's a sure bet that it would have been immediately disregarded. The press lets them get AWAY with this? It's the press's bread and butter.
  9. AMEN! Money for the schools won't fix the problem of single-parent households or elderly grandparents having to raise children whose parents are alcoholic, drug addicted, or just plain selfish. It won't solve the problem of undisciplined and disrepectful children whose #1 goal in life is to be a gangster, who come to school unprepared with homework or even clean. It won't solve the of men who sow their seed indiscriminately and don't involve themselves in the care and rearing of the children they helped to create. This is a community illness that has to be solved by the community. Instead of enabling irresponsibility, how about making it shameful again for parents not to raise their children. The problems in the minority community are something that the community itself needs to work on instead of having the mentality of waiting around for some outsiders to come in and fix it for them. One hero from my public school PTA days was a single welfare mother who walked her children every day to school, then spent the day there with an infant clinging to her skirts while she volunteered at the school. Needless to say, her children did very well in school. It wasn't because of wealth. It was because of having a parent who gave a rats backside about their children. Her children, mine, and the children who were failing were all receiving the exact same classroom instruction. The children who did well had parents who got their kids to bed at a decent hour, who ensured that they were in school every day prepared with their homework done, and who showed an interest in what was going on in the school. That doesn't cost money. It takes character.
  10. I find it rather sad that our political climate is such that unattributed leaks are given more credibility than released documents, even to the point where info that would be publicly released is given the appearance of having been "leaked" so that it would be heard. Mark Twain said, "“falsehood goes twice around the world before truth gets its shoes on.” I guess that these days it has to sound like a lie to get the word out.
  11. Oh, for Pete's sake. What did you expect Gonzales to answer in response to such an ignorant question from the press, "No. There is NO WAY that your private communications to plot evil against the United States will be monitored" I'm not inclined to check history on my kids' computer without just cause and without their knowledge, but there is NO WAY I'd tell them uncatagorically that I didn't have the right to do so. It's a good deterrent for them to worry and wonder. Re the "wiretapping" that's not precisely what's going on. If you have visions of some dude with a reel to reel in a van outside your apartment eating cold pizza and listening to your 900 line calls, you're living in the last century. Heck Google shows less respect for our right to privacy than the NSA does. I suspect they're using similar technology as well. Where is the outrage? Sadly, quite a bit of our intelligence between overseas terrorists and those here in the states has had to be obtained through other countries who ARE listening. With current satellite technology, I don't doubt that they're listening to communications between Americans here on the continent as well. I guess it's less offensive to have the Italians or Russians or whoever monitor communications of American citizens with terrorists abroad.
  12. All of this so-called "leaked" information was released to the public years ago, for Pete's sake, and it didn't include Plame's name. I can't figure out all the hoopla over Libby's affidavit; it's old news. By the way, it should be noted that Libby has NOT been charged with releasing Plame's name either.
  13. Here's another from today's headlines: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/topstories/tm_objectid=16900197%26method=full%26siteid=94762-name_page.html Do you really think his wife bought that excuse? "I was conducting polls..." LOL
  14. http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/dekalb/stories/0406natmckinney.html Now she's hired a personal thug. Good grief. I'd be interested to learn whether taxpayer dollars were being used to pay him. And, for the record, that "apology" was NO apology. A proper apology says, "I did wrong. I am sorry" without qualification. She never acknowledged any wrongdoing.
  15. Jim Maddox is only one example. (Jim was actually considered more toward the moderate/conservative spectrum of Dems here.) Earle did this as support for Ann Richards, his ally. He later expected a midterm senate appointment, which Ann gave to someone else who subsequently got whupped by Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the next election. In retaliation, he started investigating Hutchinson. During that period of time, he also had Ann investigated but decided not to indict on the evidence he found. There was quite a stink over that at the time as he actually had a more solid case against Ann Richards. Now, why he decided to investigate Ann, I can only speculate. It could be that he had a complaint so was forced to do so. But given his reputation, I kind of think he collects info on friend and foe alike in case he can use it later to further his own ambitions. Or she may have ticked him off. Ann Richards was a popular governor, though, and I think he understood that pursuing her could end his career in Travis County. Those are the examples I can think of, but there have been many relating to smaller players whose "crimes" weren't in the political arena, but whose indictments were politically motivated. Keep in mind, all of this is over a 30 year period. I mostly remember generalities, but know what his reputation is inside Texas. Unfortunately, although he has broad powers across the state, he's elected locally in Travis County. You can find it by looking at one of those red/blue maps that were circulated after the last election. Travis County is that lone blue spot in the middle of the state. And we're not talking about just Democrats; we're talking uber-liberal democrats. Austin is the Berkley of Texas.
  16. Have you guys been following the tiff between NBC and NASCAR? Seems word got out that NBC had been recruiting Arab lookalikes to troll NASCAR events in the hope of capturing fans behaving in a bigoted way toward them. Linking to Michelle Malkin's summary, mostly because the comments are so amusing. http://michellemalkin.com/archives/004934.htm
  17. ummmm, Bill, you were the only one to use the expression "partisan hack." Websters defines "partisan" thus: : a firm adherent to a party , faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance
  18. Exactly. Not all of them, though, and I never said that ALL of his prosections were politically motivated. He's hit a liberal or two as well, and at least one of those was well known in our state to have been a political opponent. I just can't remember the guy's name. I'll see if my husband remembers more details.
  19. Creepy guy. I'm glad they busted him. But what has this to do with the president?
  20. Not that my expectations of network news are very high, but I would have at least expected that they hire a legitimate journalist with credibility. What they hired was a personality. Very strange choice, imo.
  21. Look at who's paying for it: The majority of her 2004 campaign funds came from out of state http://www.opensecrets.org/races/instate.asp?ID=GA04&cycle=2004&special=N Her major supporters seem to be labor unions http://www.opensecrets.org/races/contrib.asp?ID=GA04&cycle=2004&special=N
  22. I've noticed this as well, and wondered about it. I suspect that this is because they make the majority of their profits through the conferences and subscriptions to motivational tapes they sell. I don't know this, of course, but had a cousin involved in that and it seemed like he spent most of his time attending training seminars, etc. I know that they invested a lot in their sample kits as well, and seemed like there was always some new product coming along that required training, purchase of samples, and so forth.
  23. He's kind of right, though. It's really only been within the past maybe 10-15 years that you could FIND any Republicans to prosecute. Texas politics for many years had consisted of conservative and liberal Democrats. Since reconstruction, Republican had been a dirty word. Starting well into the Reagan years, we started seeing a few of the conservative Democrats migrate over to the Republican party. But truly, what we've seen is more a change in labelling than in philosophies of politics.
  24. Amway is pretty cultish, if you ask me. But he's not a scientologist. The buzz is that he's a Dominionist (aka Reconstructionist), which is nearly as scary, even to a theologically conservative fundamentalist Christian like me.
  25. I'm almost certain that this is the case. Frankly, most Texans don't take charges by Ronnie Earle's office seriously. He's a well known partisan's partisan, and all around weasel. He's already got a movie deal on the Delay Indictments working. Travis County is probably one of the few places in Texas where Earle could get elected as DA, yet our state constitution gives him broad powers over the entire state. Not that Delay is all that popular, even among Republicans here. For example, a lot of us were ticked at him for pushing that redistricting here. We knew we already had gerrymandered districts drawn up by a panel of three federal judges, two of whom were Democratic appointees. But Republicans already had a majority in spite of the old maps, and most Texans thought that new redistricting was unnecessary at this time distracted our state legislature from more pressing problems here at home. That said, especially in light of the Democrats' foolishness such as that illegal "Killer D's" stunt, it wasn't enough to drive Texans into the arms of the DNC here.
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