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  1. OMG. One of my friends is supervising her 5th grade grandson's virtual schooling this week. She is doing a play by play on facebook of what she calls the "5th grade shenanigans," she is observing and I am literally crying laughing. It is so different from the type of homeschooling I did, but especially all the distractions. First class of the day and already they've had a smoke alarm go off in one kid's house, "what page are we on?" asked about ten times, kids mugging with pencils and other objects up their noses, and the teacher having to correct multiple students for (mild) profanity and remind twice that many to mute their microphones when they aren't asking a question or responding to a question. Also had to reboot the laptop twice. Posted a picture of her grandson just staring at the screen like he wants to die. Poor guy. LOL
  2. Not sure which guy you are talking about. The tweet I saw was responding to someone who had written about colonialism and mixed race adoptions. Some journalist I never heard of.
  3. I've been reading suggestions, albeit not from anyone I consider of consequence, that she be attacked for everything from her religious beliefs, to investigating her Haitian adoptions, to questioning how she can be both a good mother and a Supreme Court Judge. Pretty awful, and I hope that cooler heads prevail among the senate Democrats. Sexism, racism, and religious bigotry would not be good looks for the Democrats so close to an election particularly. Her writings and judgements are fair game.
  4. Didn't most or all of them state that they were sleeping and were awakened by the gunshots? (Didn't look it up again, but that is my recollection.). Again, not that it seems to matter except as a defense for Walker (the boyfriend) for firing the first shot. A tragic set of circumstances, but not a crime. It would sure have been better all around if the officers had been wearing their body cameras, and since Taylor wasn't really the main target suspect, they executed the warrant during the day when everyone was awake. We have had a number of cases here where the body cameras exonerated officers. Seems like their union would insist on them.
  5. Opportunity to work at home is such a benefit of value. Among other issues, it gives most people several (unpaid) hours back onto their lives. When my husband returned to work after his brain injury, but before he was cleared to drive again, I was spending about four hours a day transporting him not including accidents on NE 820 (every danged day, practically). Apart from those awful days, he was spending (depending on office location because they moved a few times over his career) about two or three hours a day commuting. Did I mention that this is unpaid time? While he was salaried, when you convert that to hourly rate, that is a lot of money but costs the company nothing.
  6. I don’t personally know anyone who has gotten the virus, but know of several who got it at a particular outdoor beer garden in Dallas. At different times with different groups.
  7. My understanding is that he said he didn't hear it. Another neighbor, who was awake at the time, did hear them announce. If awakened suddenly by a bunch of pounding and shouting, I can't say I would understand what was going on immediately. (Unlikely, in fact. I'm a sound sleeper.) Boyfriend didn't do wrong either. Not that this signifies anything since, as I understand it, the warrant as written was no knock. There may have been issues with the warrant itself, but that isn't the doing of these officers. This appears to be a civil not criminal matter and the family has already accepted their $12M from the city as well as agreement to certain policy changes.
  8. Today a federal district judged ruled in favor of the Democrats to block Texas's elimination of straight ticket voting. Evidently on the premise that minority voters aren't smart enough to be able to read and vote individually on each race, which I find a rather insulting argument. Also that it takes longer so contributes to longer lines. I doubt we've heard the last of the matter, though. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/texas/federal-judge-blocks-texas-elimination-of-straight-ticket-voting/285-26a76985-5fcf-4814-b1d6-f1953b56236e?fbclid=IwAR2vx6F4hdN0GvlkxZDG4PEg1nAvPS8f5Yb-y53ZXvpDexPXF48V8z4pfIA
  9. Interesting. Statins may result in milder illness. https://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/pressrelease/statins-reduce-covid-19-severity-likely-by-removing-cholesterol-that-virus-uses-to-infect
  10. Pretty good analysis of the GJ no bill and Kentucky law. Sounds like the possible criminal issue may be the warrant itself? Which none of the officers filed, only executed.
  11. Unfortunately a lot of rumors were flying around beforehand which people are not ready to let go of. Activists without actual knowledge making “documentaries” which are still being circulated but are not supported by facts. Things on that order. Much like the right and Covid conspiracy theories. What a mess and a tragedy.
  12. That said, there is evidently an ongoing FBI investigation.
  13. I have been reading some analysis by various law professors in our area who specialize in these matters. They seem to believe it came down to who shot first, and that was established to be the boyfriend not the officers. He shot an officer in the leg after they had announced they were the police, per a witness. Shooting back seems to be justified according to the law.
  14. 100%. Appears to me to be a systemic issue for which the family received $12M compensation. Seems unjust to me to hold the officers criminally liable for doing their jobs assuming it was a systemic problem.
  15. Oh wow. I had just posted about this, and the girl is back. Evidently her three figure job where she gets to do whatever she pleases didn't materialize, and probably her unemployment insurance claim was rejected because she was a voluntary resignation. So they protested again over there today in conjunction with a claim she is filing with the EEOC. I didn't know about the protest; my car has not been out of the driveway today. And zero discussion on Nextdoor, which is unusual. So I don't know if the armed "security" team was there or not this time. [Edit: Caution. A few F bombs and some "social fingers" raised in the video.]. https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/fort-worth/article245950875.html?fbclid=IwAR18FUKrN8I5yUDaINKgGbxZ_okeJpMgPAcTOvOfz3q6LG-UdqJNGhlFivs
  16. I didn't figure. LOL. But as to "should," anyone be able to stop you? I'd hope in that situation your wife is more level headed and believe that you should listen to her.
  17. Depends on the gun laws in Virginia, I guess. I'm not a fan of open carry, as I have often stated. And even less of all the marching around with guns in/near potentially explosive situations. But if no laws being violated, nobody can stop you without violating your rights.
  18. As long as they are acting within the law, not much authorities can do about them. We had some of that not long ago west of here in Weatherford when the local rednecks got wind a rumor that some BLM and Antifa activists were coming to their city to vandalize their beloved Confederate statue. And there were a few headed there from Fort Worth to march "in solidarity," with the local protestors against the statue, no evidence any vandalism planned. Anyway, the rednecks showed up with their guns to "guard," the statue. Fortunately, there wasn't more than some yelling and shoving that went down between the two groups. No weapons discharged to the best of my knowledge. (I don't think Fort Worth has an active component of Antifa, except maybe some teenaged twitter trolls. LOL) It's nuts.
  19. We had some BLM protests at a Whataburger in my neighborhood. There were members of the particular subgroup there armed with rifles as "security," for the protesters. They weren't committing a crime in our state, not pointing them at people or vehicles for example. And the police treated them accordingly: let them be until and unless they did use the weapons in an illegal manner. There never was any problem at that particular protest. They did their thing, everybody else in the neighborhood ignored the activity. It was over a silly personnel matter at the store where an employee, subsequent to a customer complaint, was asked to wear a different mask because of a customer complaint about her BLM mask. The store manager had been kind of lax about enforcing the company rule about "plain black masks," only. I mean, the dining room wasn't even open and he didn't really care what they wore on their faces that wasn't obscene including the BLM mask. But once there is a complaint to corporate, everybody in an other than plain black mask could no longer wear their favorite NBA team or Mexican colors or whatever. And everybody except her just changed masks, but she quit rather than do it. (It was her first job.) Said in an interview that she was going to get a better paying job where she could wear what she wants. Hope she has luck with that.
  20. But sometimes, it is a tragedy and a civil not criminal matter. Looks like the family got civil justice, i.e. the $12M settlement. Sounds like maybe it was decided that it was the system, not the individual officers, who erred and led to the shooting.
  21. I don't think that is right. Grand jury just decides whether to indict on various charges, not guilt or innocence. The prosecutor can go back later if new evidence comes up.
  22. The Grand Jury must not have agreed that there was a murder. Though I don't suppose that a failure to indict necessarily means that, only that the testimony submitted didn't support an indictment. I can't imagine a reason why it can't be revisited down the road if the prosecutor comes up with enough fresh information to support presenting it again to the grand jury. I don't know much about criminal laws. But as I understand the grand jury system, we may never know the reasoning they used.
  23. Since Grand Jury proceedings are secret, you can't know that. And you can't know what evidence they were given access to that has not been made public to the press. The family has already accepted a $12M settlement. I wonder if the language of that had an impact on the charges.
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