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  1. You are probably seeing more Trump ads than I am. Honestly, the GOP not doing much tv advertising down here. The D campaigns themselves are tending to keep it more classy, but those PACs are terrible.
  2. That is actually really great imagery. Wish we were seeing more of this kind of thing than the various PACs running ads here. I can hardly bear to watch all that negativity and misinformation. Not to mention poor production. Currently seeing more from D PACs than R PACs, I presume primarily because Rs aren't spending money in north Texas. The candidates themselves aren't going too negative, as a rule.
  3. Can't speak to the stretch down there, but between Denton and Austin, 20-30 mph is usual speeds. I go the back ways to avoid I-35. And again, the vehicle contact would not have happened if the staffer had not be trying to make an unsafe lane change. Full stop. FBI is involved because Windy Davis was on the bus and she is a candidate for national office. Sorry, I thought it was a good troll. Doesn't make me want to vote for Trump, but geez y'all need some chill.
  4. Okay now. I live here and this is the kind of thing I am talking about. The police were attempting to separate the groups because those in support of the event were becoming threatening. Mostly surrounding and yelling in people's faces with megaphones, some chest bumping, etc. A non event. It should be also noted that Harris appeared at a historic black church in Stop Six, about three miles south of my house. Stop Six is a historic African American neighborhood, so named because it was built up around Stop Six of the streetcar system. Hence the shouting, "You are not welcome in OUR neighborhood..." (Watch the video.) https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/fort-worth/article246834067.html We saw the Trump side nationally trying to make a big hairy deal of some minor incidents caught on cell phone video here during the BLM rally last summer, as though it was a big riot and looting event. Rioting and looting did not happen, just a couple of relatively common incidents of shoplifting that happened to coincide with the protests. Everybody needs to calm the heck down.
  5. Read in the context of the meme I was responding to.
  6. Don't these bodies always investigate complaints? Is a complaint evidence of a crime? Dang. I get that y'all hate the orange man. I do too. But all this has been ridiculous.
  7. Did not happen. Police on scene said they did not observe any violations. And irrelevant in any event to the meme you posted. The only incident was the minor collision when a staffer tried to execute a Los Angeles lane change and the vehicle already in the lane wouldn’t yield.
  8. Google “Ridin’ with Biden parade” and explain the difference.
  9. National guard. Essentially the same principle. Legit question. How would this be enforced by the federal government against states and counties?
  10. OMG! I would be ticked as well! But you can’t trust anyone. A friend had to be tested last week because of possible exposure from his son who lives with him. “I am 18 and a MAN, so can do what I want” went on a weekend road trip to party with friends and came down sick within a couple of days of his return home.
  11. Narcissists tend to be. Its more instinct than intelligence, I think.
  12. He is a leader within the party, but not a party leader. It is the state party who brought this suit. He can only pledge what his own actions will be. Not sure how much control he has over West et al. and they are the origin of this foolishness. Getting called a RINO a lot these days, but that just makes me like him more.
  13. The worst part of our outbreak here is in South Texas. I know that they are transferring Covid patients from El Paso etc. up here to North Texas hospitals because they are running out of beds for them down there.
  14. Glad to see this statement come across my newsfeed this morning from our Texas Speaker of the House. There remains some sanity in the GOP. https://www.facebook.com/SpeakerJoeStraus/posts/3348933978494642
  15. Because the Biden campaign complained. Not all investigations find a crime. I just don't see this as any different from any of the "Ridin' with Biden" parades and such outside Trump speeches. They are trolling each other. This is protected speech. BTW, when Harris appeared here in the Stop Six area, just south of me, a handful of Trump supporters showed up with signs outside and actually were threatened. Big yawn from practically everyone, including the Trumpers who just left.
  16. Seriously. Counter protesters are to be expected. There was no threat. All the “OMG, some of those trucks might have guns in them!” Yet not one instance I have seen recorded involving a gun. And I have watched multiple videos of the vehicle accident. The dippy staffer in the car with California plates moved into that truck’s lane. While I would personally have swerved to the shoulder to avoid the accident rather than holding my lane, that would only have been to protect my own vehicle.
  17. Of course he doesn’t love Texas. But honestly the Dems are being whiney little children here.
  18. I don’t either. At least none among my friends. That is why this sign was so unexpected.
  19. Saw my first neighborhood Trump/Pence yard sign yesterday. Very oddly, it is in the yard of a black family. I recognize the people enough to wave at them if they are outdoors when walking the dog, but have never had an extended enough conversation to know that much about them. Very curious.
  20. Right. And the outlet malls. But it has been quite a while since we were down there.
  21. I am familiar with that area. It is essentially a suburb of Austin. I would not consider it at all representative of Texas in any forecasts. Also an area of high growth for various reasons.
  22. My mom is in her eighties and just voted Biden/Harris plus GOP for our senator. Hers was less strategic. She just disliked Cornyn's challenger more than she did him.
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