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  1. My mom is in her eighties and just voted Biden/Harris plus GOP for our senator. Hers was less strategic. She just disliked Cornyn's challenger more than she did him.
  2. Has he made any mention of the Church blessing these unions? AFAIK he was speaking of civil unions. But I haven’t seen the statement in full context.
  3. OMG. Searched on twitter to see the headlines on this and there are a bunch of images purporting to be screenshots of the zoom meeting. 🤮. I really did not want to see that, true or not. He seems to be characterizing his behavior as a, "mistake." Not buying it. The failure to mute the camera may have been in error, but pleasuring himself during a meeting was absolutely not. It is creepy!
  4. Was he fired? I haven't followed this closely, but had the impression he was permitted to take a voluntary and temporary leave of absence. Seeing in his background why he is so pro abortion, though, after trying to coerce his mistress into aborting the child he made then denying paternity. What an awful person. But frankly, irrelevant to me. I don't watch CNN.
  5. Most recent forecast I have heard is late December for the Pfizer. Looking like my husband and mother will qualify initially but not me. But my primary issue has been keeping myself safe to keep them safe. Safety practices will continue but a vaccine will give me some added peace of mind.
  6. I used to like Guiliani. But his credibility in recent years is in the toilet. I don't know what to think about all this, but hope somebody is seriously looking into it to either definitely disprove or affirm it. Then take action appropriately.
  7. Harris brought up the topic during the hearings. Not clear on what her point was but ...
  8. Is it not an intrusion on their freedoms to have to wear pants?
  9. Geez. Mandatory masking here to enter public places and it is practically useless because so many gomers pull them down under their noses when they get inside. I will never understand why people are so angrily opposed to mask wearing and whining about is as much as they are. And the lack of common sense! Last week, for example, I stood at an appropriate distance waiting for a lady to select a pound of ground beef. She literally handled every single package on the shelf! No idea why since they were all identical. I finally decided to get what I needed at the butcher counter, figured it was more sanitary.
  10. Idiot here. I do not regret my vote for Johnson. While not a perfect candidate, he was and remains preferable to me to the two candidates running in 2016 police wise and ethics wise. And if it was another Clinton v Trump match up this year, I would be writing in Romney, even knowing what I know now. I plan, with severe reservations primarily because of their refusal to disavow court packing, to vote for Biden/Harris. But for this same reason, among others, I will be voting for Cornyn again. Things do not go well in our country when one party holds the Executive Office plus both Senate and House; we need at least one to serve as a check on the others.
  11. Lol. It was intended as a slam at Trump ... and Paxton. Barrett is qualified. She is smart. She will make a good justice. That she has repeatedly refused to rule on hypotheticals is a recommendation in my book.
  12. Instead they should be counting their blessings. He could have easily chosen a d-bag like Ken Paxton or similar. Instead, we have an intelligent, well qualified, respected, decent human. I think she will be a good Justice.
  13. You would have to also eradicate German, French, Italian, Greek, etc. Pretty much every language but English.
  14. I was thinking along the same lines.
  15. Some of y'all are just ridiculous.
  16. Sigh. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/supreme-court/live-blog/live-updates-amy-coney-barrett-faces-questions-supreme-court-confirmation-n1243016/ncrd1243241#blogHeader
  17. Conservatives on twitter are currently passing around video clips and transcripts showing various people using, "sexual preference." Including Biden in May and RBG in 2017. So far. If Joe got called out, I'm not aware of it. So evidently it became an offensive term after May 2020.
  18. I agree. It was certainly irony.
  19. Who is making this rural poverty excuse? I haven't heard it but for the most part am sticking to strictly news (i.e. no opinion pieces) at present. And consuming as little cable news as possible.
  20. I would agree with you except that I doubt rural poverty had anything to do with it.
  21. I think at least one of them served in the USMC. Per the Washingon Post. Edit. More info. Two were marines and at least one of them still a reservist. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/11/us/gretchen-whitmer-kidnapping-plot-arrests/index.html
  22. See now, if you tweeted out, “Trump2020” or, “Kellyanne Conway is a hottie,” we would know to call 911 for a welfare check.
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