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  1. Oh no doubt that there will be profits to be made by various companies and entities, no matter what they decide as a remedy. Honestly, a lot of this has been management not infrastructure. I do not understand how the decisions are being made about who gets power and who doesn't. Rolling blackouts aren't that uncommon in summer during heat waves. Why can't this be managed the same way? If we had heat part of the day, we could manage better.
  2. Our power came back late afternoon yesterday. It was danged cold in here! My mom lives next door and said, "Oh well. I've survived living in a one room trailer in Alaska so I can deal with this." LOL. But she almost swooned when I brought her coffee that first morning. "How did you make COFFEE!!?" I have a little butane catering burner that gets a lot of use after storms. But those are local and short term. Our street is still impassible. This was statewide and unprecedented. Every county in the entire state. Crazy stuff that we might not see again in my lifetime. But I have to think that the rolling blackouts were not handled well. Southlake (where oldest daughter lives) isn't serviced by Oncor. They had the rolling blackouts but it wasn't bad because they had power part of every day so could keep the house at a livable temperature and charge their cell phones. My husband and I, and my mom, were in sweats under fleece bathrobes and parkas on top of that ... in the house! Youngest daughter lives in Riverside and still doesn't have power.
  3. https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/what-went-wrong-with-texass-main-electric-grid-and-could-it-have-been-prevented/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Web Social&utm_content=ElectricGridWhatWentWrong&fbclid=IwAR3gO2ycvZ1jRFP6I-lPdxN_Ne6tyls7njYJQCcjLw0tFFa0hmleJBCg_rc A pretty good high level look at the issue. Keep in mind that this is an exceedingly rare event in my state. We had widespread outages over 35 years ago due to a similar long, deep freeze. Other than that, at least where I live, they tend to be related to storms and lines down and fairly short term. The last time we had such a deep freeze was 1983-4. We didn't lose power or water at our house, but the sewer lines under the street froze. We couldn't flush the toilets, wash clothes or dishes, anything for days. I was pregnant and had an 18 month old in cloth diapers. Drove home from the hospital with a newborn in Feb 84 in an ice storm. I shoveled snow today from the sidewalk, driveway, and my mom's sidewalk and driveway. My first time ever. Using a flat bottomed scoop shovel. LOL. Who here owns a snow shovel? Dragged my kids' old sleds from the attic so that the kids across the street could play with them. Our street is still impassible. No snow plows here. I'm just thankful to have heat again. And also worried about what foolishness will result from the outrage over all this very unique event.
  4. What specifically are you referring to?
  5. I have a 2012 Rogue, bought new. And yes, mine is equipped with the butt warmers. We have literally had no problems with that vehicle. Mine is 2wd though.
  6. Down here they are also collecting race and ethnicity as required data. Insurance information is requested but evidently not required. Also contact info (phone, email) and address. The latter presumably to verify that you are a resident of the county.
  7. When I was growing up, we had to show our vaccination records along with our passports when crossing many international borders in Europe. It wasn't that big a deal. And definitely preferable to being tracked by an app.
  8. That has been my observation as well. By the like, we stood respectfully during other countries' anthem as well.
  9. Not to mention the women having to allow them to paw through our handbags.
  10. My daughter-in-law is the only person in my immediate circle who has gotten dose #2. She felt pretty rotten the next day: headache, chills, muscle aches. But it only lasted a day or so. Since she works remotely from home, she still put in a full day. She recommended to the rest of the family to arrange for the #2 shot so that you have a day off following it.
  11. I was impressed by how efficiently the vaccinations were handled today. Long line to get into the parking lot, but that was partly because uniformed officers were verifying appointments and that required paperwork was present before allowing the vehicle into the lot. Long lines but moving very quickly. Maybe 45 minutes total including the wait in the car line for parking beforehand and fifteen minutes afterward for monitoring. I read that the state of Texas gave 133,000 vaccines today.
  12. Got my husband's appointment for his first dose: tomorrow at 1 pm. Still waiting on mom's, but she applied a few days after he did. Such a relief.
  13. This was a public, county operated vaccination site.
  14. Daughter’s vaccination was done by the fire department.
  15. I read about that as well. More allergic reactions than anticipated associated with one batch of the Moderna. My daughter and son-in-law both got Moderna vaccines. Nothing more than anticipated: headache, chills, sore muscles, etc. for a couple of days. They plan to get #2 as soon as the time comes.
  16. It never occurred to me either that they even kept the steno books until I saw the ad on the NARA site. Should be fun, a challenge. I've done some transcriptions at NARA of longhand notes and so forth and that is a challenge. This will undoubtedly be another level because your mom is right: it is HARD to discipher someone else's shorthand. It is handwriting issues PLUS others' brief forms.
  17. I had a part time (on call) job at a Patent and Trademark law firm in Utah in the later 80s. Laptops with Wordperfect were brand new. For the most part, the attorneys still dictated to tape for us to transcribe, but a few used to draft letters and various documents on Wordperfect then give us a floppy to format and clean up. Honestly, it was harder than just transcribing.
  18. Good heavens! Yeah, she deserved making her shortcomings known to all. But she probably blamed her secretary. Sigh. OT (sort of) but I recently signed up to volunteer to transcribe shorthand notes for National Archives. I haven't started yet. We shall see how it goes. It has been nearly 40 years since I used my shorthand plus is far more difficult to transcribe someone else's notes. But there aren't that many of us around who know Gregg Shorthand. I'm hoping it comes back. LOL
  19. Nah. Some of the best educated, smartest men I have known hired secretaries to clean up grammar and spelling.
  20. Not at all. But I have been long aware that most vaccines have these protections for the manufacturers. Particularly those which are mandated. My concern is free speech and full disclosure of information. But you didn't answer my question.
  21. Was the information on the billboard incorrect?
  22. An addendum re my mom and husband: I have worked my butt off to keep them safe. But I can't control every circumstance. Just yesterday, for example, my husband took himself to a routine appointment to have blood drawn. He is very cautious and perfectly capable. The lab manages things in a safe way. BUT ... as he was leaving to get into his car, a lady came out of another business next door and decided that he needed her assistance to get to his vehicle. He politely declined, but she grabbed his arm on the paralyzed side to "help," which actually makes him less safe to walk. Then proceeded to "help" him into his truck and reached across him to fasten his seatbelt. She wouldn't listen to him that he was okay and didn't need assistance. Nice lady but doing the WRONG THING. She and he were both masked, but now we have to worry about her prior exposures esp. during the holiday. Frustrating. Frightening. My God! My kids all got Covid tests the week of Christmas so that they could come be with us safely. And now we have to worry about exposure from a random person in a parking lot while leaving a medical appointment?
  23. My husband and mom are both 1B. We've already registered them online with the county and been approved, so now just the wait for the email that their doses are in and where/when to go. Having them protected will give me a whole lot of comfort.
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