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  1. Among other issues, our Democrats are prepared defend themselves.
  2. Most of the people I know personally who own guns are Democrats down here.
  3. I voted for Biden. Lets get that out of the way. But I am not onboard with him being a racist. He is a narcissistic personality. They have no respect for anyone except for as they can benefit him.
  4. The thing is, I really don't think that all of those who voted for him are, "his base." I am hearing from a lot of people who held their nose voted for him, but it was really against stated policy goals such as packing the Supreme Court, doing away with the electoral college, 2A infringements, stuff like that.
  5. I know that my DIL's dad (Latino) said on facebook yesterday that he had voted straight Libertarian. Not sure the appeal. I haven't held any discussions with him on personal or political matters. In fact, have only met him a few times though I knew his mother very well.
  6. Evidently Hager has conceded to Cornyn already. Honestly the only race I had a say in, apart from the proposed school tax increase, I cared strongly about.
  7. We went to vote at about 2:30. Encountered no line or wait. But that is typical at that precinct at that time of day. It is usually busier in the morning or after 5. I didn’t think to ask though.
  8. I guess some sensitivity was in order in DoDDS schools because all of the students had military parents, most of whom were serving or had served in Vietnam. But they (and we) certainly weren't muzzled on the subject of the War either.
  9. We agree. One thing I will say about my DoDDS education is that we had the best teachers and, at least at that time, they were free to teach. Only one really bad one that I can recall, unfortunately my senior U. S. Government teacher. I learned more about government and the constitution from Problems of Democracy, which teacher was awesome.
  10. They haven't been taught critical thinking, rather given a spoon feed and regurgitate type of education. My point was partly that this needs to be done at an appropriate age of brain development and life experience. Teach the kids to think instead of fill in bubbles on a test.
  11. I agree with this. For me, it depends on the age of the students though. By high school, they should be cognitively developed enough to begin thinking critically about the things they see and read and putting them in historical context. And frankly, some of the truths will be offensive to somebody. But it requires some exposure to the offensive, then discussion as to why it is offensive. Now younger students, not a fan of controversial topics being introduced. They are still building a database of basic knowledge and skills and tend to think more in concrete terms.
  12. This was more than a lone crazy with a gun. Multiple shooters and a coordinated attack. Iirc, one of them blew himself up as well using a Suicide vest or similar?
  13. Good point. He may be old, but he isn’t dead.
  14. But have they done anything in particular to **** them off? I could find where Austria recently voted to budget some tax money to protect Jewish populations in that country. Would that do it? The attacks don’t appear to have targeted Synagogues or Jews in particular though. Seems like a group of Muslim Turks would find their efforts more profitably spent on earthquake rescue and relief at home.
  15. Down here, it is on the business to enforce. If they don’t, the business itself is fined. In the case of places licensed to sell alcohol, additionally their TABC license is temporarily revoked.
  16. Reports here of various stores starting to board up windows, “as a precaution,” ahead of the election. I can’t imagine anyone going to Eastchase to riot and loot the Ross store, but they are among them. (Strip shopping center in the suburbs.) Crazy times.
  17. I went to bed early, but remember asking my husband when he came to bed who won. My reaction was, “You are KIDDING!”
  18. Why Austria? Evidently the attackers, or some of them, were Turkish speaking.
  19. I wonder what about it appeals to him? Any ideas?
  20. Holy cow! An evident terror attack in Austria? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8906871/Shots-fired-near-synagogue-Vienna-police-say-major-operation-underway.html?ito=facebook_share_article-top&fbclid=IwAR1P0oBrD0IAxeOn-3QqKqMyW86qzBytq7BWn-DQP5xybH0pBbUJUAkNCOo
  21. Presuming, "he" is that conservative activist rich dude? No doubt. Houston proper is a very blue city, but the more outlying communities are pretty red for the most part. I've noticed that while the national parties try to make hay over various voting irregularities or disputes, they actually have tended to be more locally focused. County level candidates and so forth trying to gain an advantage.
  22. Explains it. We are retired and no kids at home. We don't do morning here. LOL
  23. Those suits have already been rejected by the state Supreme Court (which is all GOP). As I understand it it hasn't been @GOP bringing these suits but a wealthy conservative activist with (three, I think) Harris county GOP candidates for state office.
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