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  1. It sure has my daughter spooked. This was in no way the fault of anyone in that family. Stay safe, Edman85!
  2. My mom is in her eighties. She would get it today if it was available. But then, she is a retired nurse.
  3. That group I posted about earlier? All of them were in my age range: sixties.
  4. My daughter’s college roommate lost her husband to Covid last week. He was 35, healthy, athletic. The entire family was positive but only he got sick enough to need hospital care. They think one of the school aged kids brought it home from school. He left behind a wife and five children aged 8 down to an infant. So tragic.
  5. Not at all a scientific poll, but an African American friend just posed the question on FB about who planned to get the Covid vaccine when it is released. So far about a dozen responses of whom only two of us are Caucasian and I am the only one who responded affirmatively. Kind of surprising. But maybe not. There is the Trump distrust. But also the historical incidents of medical experimentation on African Americans. I'm just guessing. Not sure why these feel as they do.. Also kind of at odds with some AA mayors here in Texas that are asking that certain minority groups be given priority for the vaccines since these are the communities being hardest hit by the virus in our state.
  6. Oh, my oldest daughter has the funniest stories about this social media influencer (or wannabe?) who was at her resort last time she was in the Caribbean. The guy she was with was doing all the filming. Her hotel gym story had me crying laughing. We tried to find the woman’s Instagram but never did have luck. Bunch of fakes.
  7. That movie was from the 80s. Kind of doubtful many younger women in particular have seen it or have any clue of the context. I am inclined to give grace on this type of thing. Certainly my daughter had no idea it could be racist, not to mention sexually tinged. But she doesn’t use it any more.
  8. I don’t know who she is. But my youngest daughter is thirty and I had to explain that expression to her last year after she posted it to a male friend on social media. LOL. She was shocked. Had no idea the origin.
  9. Is it activism on the part of SCOTUS to uphold the constitution? Some Churches can certainly be more sensible (masks, shared communion cup, etc) but we need to jealously guard our Constitutional rights. All of them.
  10. This statement I agree with. But did we expect any different? He can. It is legal. It will not change the outcome either way. No sense elevating your blood pressure.
  11. Did you miss my statement, “according to law?” Final walk through is a requirement. Allowing you to move stuff in before closing is not, though some sellers may permit it. Trump for whatever reason has chosen not to concede so Biden is not the official President Elect until the EC meets. Trump is being typically classless, but waiting a couple of weeks will not change the outcome. And neither will having a counter tantrum hasten him to concede. It is almost over.
  12. My child? I voted for Biden. But I note that you acknowledged that you remove the child to a place of privacy to correct them instead of yelling at them or paddling them in public.
  13. The votes are not yet all certified and the EC has not met. A technicality but nothing is delayed according to the law. If he continues past that point in refusing to allow transition to proceed, at that point action can and should be taken. Let him parade around in his birthday suit. It won’t prolong his administration.
  14. Trumpers are filing court cases. So what? They aren’t coming to anything and not changing the outcome.
  15. I remember Kay from when she lived and owned an insurance agency here in my neighborhood. Then as Fort Worth Mayor. That kind of public s**t talking is not her way. Never has been. And frankly, would not have benefited her constituents. Not that it would have influenced Trump’s behavior in any event if she had strongly and publicly called him out. I’m not that horrified, personally. It is politics and it is Trump. At the end of the day, everything will proceed in order and at its appointed time according to law and Trump goes back to Florida. But then, I was the kind of parent who ignored tantrums because I learned that losing my own cool tended to result in a bigger, longer tantrum.
  16. I doubt Kay is coming to a new realization. Rather, the fact that Trump lost has freed her to speak her mind more freely. I wouldn't be terribly surprised to learn that she voted for Biden.
  17. It is the government's responsibility to monitor this and collect data, is it not? I don't know who this guy is. He may well be a jackass. But I still don't find his questions to be unreasonable to be asked of those whose responsibility it is to monitor, enforce, and make decisions for all nursing home residents.
  18. It was a fairly general question pertaining to nursing homes (plural) not a specific nursing home. Seems reasonable to me to go to the agency responsible for collecting this data and expect them to have it.
  19. Are nursing homes in Michigan not licensed and regulated by the state? They are here. That regulating body should be responsible for data collection and rules enforcement.
  20. My brother just got home late Saturday from six weeks working in Greece. Many interesting stories about his time there and how Covid was being handled by the Greek locals. But among the things I found interesting was that he flew British Airways home. It was a very large plane (a Boeing 777), but he said that there were only about twenty passengers on the flight from Heathrow to DFW. Also his little dog was sure happy to see him! It was so cute to see her reaction when he came for her yesterday. 🤣
  21. One of my daughters lifts. I know the work that goes into it. And gains can be quickly lost. My husband is a member of a gym but they have had to cancel their group classes. He still goes, but with a private trainer just to work on the machines for strengthening his paralyzed muscles. They are alone in the facility.
  22. She looks like a weight lifter. Limited ability to do that in a hotel room. Not sure why Kinzinger felt the need to be personally insulting.
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