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  1. Not at all. But I have been long aware that most vaccines have these protections for the manufacturers. Particularly those which are mandated. My concern is free speech and full disclosure of information. But you didn't answer my question.
  2. Was the information on the billboard incorrect?
  3. An addendum re my mom and husband: I have worked my butt off to keep them safe. But I can't control every circumstance. Just yesterday, for example, my husband took himself to a routine appointment to have blood drawn. He is very cautious and perfectly capable. The lab manages things in a safe way. BUT ... as he was leaving to get into his car, a lady came out of another business next door and decided that he needed her assistance to get to his vehicle. He politely declined, but she grabbed his arm on the paralyzed side to "help," which actually makes him less safe to walk. Then proceeded to "help" him into his truck and reached across him to fasten his seatbelt. She wouldn't listen to him that he was okay and didn't need assistance. Nice lady but doing the WRONG THING. She and he were both masked, but now we have to worry about her prior exposures esp. during the holiday. Frustrating. Frightening. My God! My kids all got Covid tests the week of Christmas so that they could come be with us safely. And now we have to worry about exposure from a random person in a parking lot while leaving a medical appointment?
  4. My husband and mom are both 1B. We've already registered them online with the county and been approved, so now just the wait for the email that their doses are in and where/when to go. Having them protected will give me a whole lot of comfort.
  5. The thing about the flu vaccine effectiveness is that there are so many strains so they project what strains will be circulating when preparing the vaccine. Sometimes they miss. So far not an issue with Covid.
  6. I still don't understand the ferocity of the resistance to masks, though. They are a little inconvenient but aren't that big a deal.
  7. Either that or enough of the dumb-dumbs have already gotten sick and recovered, so have at least some residual immunity, however long that lasts.
  8. Sounds to me like the issue re your wife is firmly at her employer's administration. My DIL works in HR and got her first dose today. And she most definitely doesn't see patients, works from home.
  9. What was proposed, as I understand it, was an amendment to the state constitution. I'm not sure about PA, but in Texas that would require 2/3 of the State House and Senate then a vote by the citizens. Would the SCOTUS overrule all this, presuming it was done properly and legally?
  10. These are state justices so it depends on the state's constitution and laws.
  11. Looking as though it might have been. The person of interest whose RV exploded had been giving away property and such over the preceding month.
  12. Oh wow. Frightening. Hoping for good test results for you. Keep us posted!
  13. The thing is that quite a few people are distrustful of the vaccine. It is important that the leaders "selling," them on it do not give the appearance of hesitance to take it themselves. Biden and wife are getting vaccinated early next week.
  14. We had a big local stink when our large county hospital was left off the list altogether. But as it turned out, a data processing error resulted in erroneous recording that it didn’t have the necessary freezer equipment. I haven’t heard whether the problem was caused by local or federal issues, but it got sorted out quickly. I am pretty sure a lot of reallocation had to be done last minute due to similar problems.
  15. Oh, for Pete's sake, Sue. I voted for Biden and agreed with the SCOTUS. I was clarifying an incorrect statement about politics relating to my state. Is this no longer permitted in here?
  16. There were at least eight GOP US House Reps from Texas who refused to sign on to the lawsuit. Plus Cornyn.
  17. The ruling was no standing, and I think that is right. The saner Texas GOP weren't in support of this lawsuit seeing it as anti federalist, among other issues. Probably to distract from the legal problems he is having. Possibly to earn a pardon from Trump? He has also been having issues with some of his biggest donors, so perhaps pandering to them. Who knows.
  18. Is Illinois like Texas in that it is the responsibility of the party to verify the individuals whom they put on their ballots? Does nobody care? When this Houston case first came up and was still a mystery, several people on my FB feed openly admitted that when they don't know the candidates, they typically choose the woman. Between us, if I haven't taken the time to prepare I leave those blank. Most often during primaries. But then, I don't want to inadvertently nominate an Empower Texas lunatic. Really dislike that bunch.
  19. Meh. I didn't vote for Paxton. Even the GOP down here is getting fed up with him and that Empower Texas bunch of wealthy oilmen. In any case, it was the Democrats who had the problem in their primary. It was the Democrats who sought an investigation. It should also be noted that it was a Harris County grand jury that indicted them. The AG's office may or may not have a part in the prosecution but at this point it is a County criminal case. Disheartening that a fake candidate who didn't even campaign can get 20% of the vote, though.
  20. Looks like charges coming for conspirators in a Houston D primary. I remember when this started. It was one of the candidates who pressed for the investigation because this Natasha Ruiz did not run any sort of campaign and couldn't be located in the state. Yet she got something like 20% of the vote, presumably because she had both a Hispanic surname and was female. https://www.click2houston.com/news/politics/2020/12/11/former-candidate-charged-with-election-fraud-in-case-of-ghost-candidate-on-primary-ballot/?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar&fbclid=IwAR0JPrXZQ2wgruVjHXzguaizSmjj5MxcRWXUNpKzJrLVlsOnOfZB1e2ahIM Some background: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/03/05/harold-dutton-democratic-primary-ruiz-runoff/
  21. Poor Russians! No drinking for two months following their Covid vaccine. https://nypost.com/2020/12/09/no-drinking-for-two-months-after-covid-19-vaccine-russia-says/?utm_source=NYPFacebook&sr_share=facebook&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_medium=SocialFlow&fbclid=IwAR3HB79fUMfKgJtUHGntkIUis7qEHIOcQ4ZJXhoyHz_X1g5PMY3W0LETwQk
  22. Hard to say. I read an article earlier today that cited a poll where 40% of respondents indicated that they will not be seeking the vaccine. Now, I am a cautious one about new vaccines, especially those which are communicable but not contagious. But this is for a highly contagious disease. Weighing risk vs. benefit, it makes sense to be vaccinated.
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