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  1. Oh, these activist groups always have to be outraged about something no matter what issue, liberal or conservative. Stirring people up is how they gain members and donations. Personally tired of all of them.
  2. Iran fires live bullets and tear gas at protesters in Tehran. https://www.stripes.com/news/middle-east/video-iran-police-shoot-at-those-protesting-plane-shootdown-1.614520?fbclid=IwAR20ju3bOlG9KSsHEdNRJJ5k8Jndu09Mm-vUguK5icxZf832i50ZV8BQlNU But this bit I wonder about, Does Iran have a constitution that gives the right for peaceful assembly, ie protest?
  3. I don't doubt it. I don't know much about their situation, but I can't blame them for wanting a change. I would. My. inlaws were hellish enough. But at least we weren't under their authority financially or any other way. And nobody else really had an interest in our business.
  4. For real? 🤮 Isn't she the one who is moving to Nigeria? Bet that doesn't last. As far as the royals, I don't really care what they do. Can't say I blame the young couple for wanting to be out from under grandma's thumb, though. I doubt they will escape the paparazzi in Canada. But least they can flip them off without getting called on the carpet by grandma and their allowances cut. Not like Harry is in line for the throne in any event.
  5. Well, so much for a proper investigation. Iran has bulldozed the site. https://www.businessinsider.com/iran-bulldozers-ukrainian-jet-crash-site-complicate-investigation-2020-1
  6. I agree with you. (Rare, but happens. LOL). The only scenarios where Boeing is probably untrustworthy relative to this incident is if it was some equipment failure on which the liability goes back to Boeing. Optimally, imo, Boeing plus the Canadians will be key to settling everyone's minds on what actually happened.
  7. I agree. Not that I think they necessarily would consider their citizens living in the west as anything but collateral damage. But I can't think of a strategy benefitting Iran that would include shooting down a Ukraine plane. Screw up and cover up.
  8. Possibly. But reportedly the crew never sent out a distress call. And I know that an aircraft can remain aloft for some period of time with one engine. Just seems like a sudden, catastrophic event to me. But I guess we will see what comes out of the investigation. I don't suppose we can trust a unilateral Iranian investigation but surely the Ukraine will want to get to the bottom of it. Or at least, hopefully.
  9. What made me suspicious was eyewitness reports that the aircraft was in flames when it fell. That would indicate a possible shoot down or an onboard bomb to me. But I am hardly an expert in the matter. Maybe Canada will be able to get black box info and consult with Boeing?
  10. Sure it does. The U.S. Embassy just suffered an attack, almost certainly directed by Soleimani. Hundreds of American and Iraqi soldiers have died at the hands of Iranians, at his direction. If he was there on an official state visit would be different from coming to meddle and further Iran's goals against the U.S. inside Iraq. Is it an "act of war" or assassination to kill an enemy commander on the battlefield? Or is it a reasonable act consequent to an existing war? If he had been attacked inside Iran, or in another country. I might hold a different opinion.
  11. Was he in Baghdad at the official invitation of the Iraqi government, or there meddling? Honest question.
  12. Now I'm picturing them in their matching shirts, doing that bro fist and chest bump at midnight because the females were keeping their distance and treating them like they had BO or something. 😂
  13. Oh gosh. My daughter-in-law just put up a video on FB of my youngest daughter (an advanced sommelier and restaurant wine director) giving her older brother instructions on how to saber a bottle of champagne. My son was skeptical (and being a smart Alec because ... he is a smart Alec) but then his stunned reaction when it worked perfectly was comedy gold. I'll be laughing about that all evening. Kind of a cool trick. I've seen daughter do it with a plain table knife, but it looks super cool using a saber.
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