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  1. But WaPo also published a story casting doubt that it was deliberate targeting. Is this an "act of war," or not? At this juncture, it doesn't appear thus.
  2. Who is, "US?" This individual was evidently misinformed, which is why I rarely rely on news via twitter.
  3. If he had identified himself as an officer right away, she wouldn't have gotten the weapon out of her purse. Of course a woman living alone is going to feel her safety is threatened when she can hear someone tramping around her yard and sees them shining flashlights through the windows, trying the door, etc.
  4. I think that training is definitely an issue. But frankly, so is the mess that has been our PD. There is an interim chief right now who follows a chief who seemed to have been unpopular and ineffective. The interim chief is not currently positioned to effect major changes in department policy as a temp in the role. I also think that the Morningside area county commissioner, Brooks, hit the nail on the head when he said that some of the officers assigned to police our primarily minority areas are actually afraid of the residents. I did like Mayor Betsy's letter and hope there is follow through on it.
  5. Were you a single young woman living alone?
  6. I am looking at the big picture, especially of the community in which this young woman lived. If I was living alone in that particular area, I would personally feel a need to own a weapon to protect myself. And this is something that I think our PD needs to recognize. Though, as noted, it isn't at all established that the cop ever saw her weapon. This was a screw up.
  7. Confirmed by whom? Stars and Stripes is reporting that it consisted of one shell which landed several hundred yards from the US encampment. Look, I am no fan of Trump's screwing over the Kurds, like nearly every administration before him. But "act of war," is not appropriate to this event. At least not relative to the U.S.
  8. In both of the cases I cited, the homeowners were legally in possession of the weapon. I don't don't see the Allen Ave. residents as your stereotypical "gun-happy vigilante loving," sort. She was an ordinary citizen living in a high crime area and with a care for being able to protect herself. This one appears to be 100% on the officer esp. since he probably never saw her with the weapon and shot through the window from the outside.
  9. Happened once before here, maybe five years ago. A rookie officer arrived at the wrong address and shot a homeowner who had heard the disturbance and showed up inside his garage with a weapon. IIRC, officer was fired and the victim's family is still dealing with pursuing a civil case against him. That one was maybe a mile or so away from my home. Elderly white dude, and in that case a weapon visibly present. Reportedly this lady had a gun, but not clear that the officer ever saw it. Shooting through a window at an unknown person is not appropriate. It is definitely being taken seriously locally by the city. I will say that this shooting was a high crime, low income area though populated with mostly decent folk as residents.
  10. No, that was not clear. Thank you for clarifying. I am satisfied with our laws, including the requirement that unvaccinated kids be excluded from school during an outbreak. That is common sense to me.
  11. This video made me laugh. Climate change activist vandals’ stunt doesn’t go as planned. It doesn’t say whether they were cited and charged with clean up costs. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1061886
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