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  1. Seems like law enforcement should be running those plates.
  2. A package containing Ricin mailed to the White House from Canada? Bizarre. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/package-containing-ricin-said-to-have-been-intercepted-in-white-house-mail/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=breaking&utm_campaign=newstrack&utm_term=21557465
  3. A second wrong rights a wrong? Okay. Whatever.
  4. I get it. But then, I also remember how much whining there was from the left over McConnell leaving Reid's rules in place when it no longer benefitted the Democrats. Sick of the machinations from all of them.
  5. Convenient that I have applied the same standard to both parties in similar circumstances? I call it principled. Sick of the BS game playing and flexible rules.
  6. I support whomever the sitting President nominates, absent a constitutional bar. I supported Garland at the time, and am on record doing so here and criticizing the Republicans. But Obama is no longer the President. It isn't agreeing with them, but about what is right.
  7. Neither of which have judicial experience. Ditto Cruz.
  8. I was a little surprised it passed the filter myself. LOL I mean, it is a very common expression here in the south but... *shrug*
  9. I thought about the fact that it was Rosh Hashana when I heard yesterday via a text from one of my daughters. But I didn't know that tradition relating to deaths. Interesting. My opinion on any appointment is the same as it was when the GOP blocked Garland's appointment: The President is the President until Inauguration Day and barring some major constitutional defect his appointee should be confirmed. It was crappy what they did to Garland. I still believe this.
  10. Yes. I can’t say totally unexpected given her age and health. But so very sad. And kind of uncomfortable to me that so much of the reaction is, “How does this affect/benefit my party.” No time to grieve a remarkable woman and career. Whether one agrees with her or not, still a woman worthy of more respect than that.
  11. Southern expression referring to an infant still being nursed. Not sure why it's offensive to you considering open nursing in public and in congress are legal rights.
  12. Honestly, having a husband who is permanently disabled because he was misdiagnosed by not one but two doctors in the ER, I don't. I knew what they were telling me didn't sound right and pushed back some but didn't know enough to know what it was. I just knew that what they were telling us didn't explain some symptoms that they were discounting. A simple sonogram would have mitigated most of his brain injury. It wasn't ordered until the next day after he took a nose dive overnight, too late. Once we had a good diagnosis, it explained ALL of his symptoms. And I also get those concerned about being unable to be in the hospital with sick family members. I get why it is being done. But I have caught everything from medication errors to out and out abuse. Personally.
  13. Not sure New Zealand is a good comparison, being an island. I'm not defending Trump. I'm just saying I get why so many do not know what is right or best because we can't trust anyone. So much politically motivated BS being thrown around. Bad studies being amplified by both right and left. I am astounded by what titty babies people are being about wearing a freaking mask in public places, citing BS, outdated, or poorly understood studies out of context. On the other side, we are hearing messages from "experts," that do not make common sense. For example, how mass protests for one cause do not result in disease spread but similarly sized gatherings for another cause do. Us, we continue to hunker down for the most part. Wear our masks, and treat everyone we encounter like they are a disease threat because it is so widespread and people are such idiots. My brother I mentioned came by mom's yesterday. He always wears a mask when around her. She and I were unmasked, but sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair about ten feet away from hers while we waited. His help was needed for something relating to her car that I was unable to do. And I'm telling you, those people at the grocery store wearing masks under their noses spewing their cooties all over were not the Trumper demographic. Either that, or Biden has a worry among a certain group that traditionally votes Democratic. Unfortunately, what people say and how they behave in real life have little connection.
  14. Are you following the news in other countries? I have friends all over the world posting their local news, and it doesn't seem to be going well. I've mentioned the girl who works in an infectious disease lab in Northern Ireland. Just yesterday she was ranting about how "chaotic," the UK testing program continues to be. Read recently about Spain and France having a second wave that puts them at April figures. My youngest brother is being sent this month for 45 days to Greece on a project for his aerospace industry employer. They currently have an unprecedented outbreak there. Almost twice the numbers from their previous high in April. We (mom and I) are very worried.
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