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  1. Or maybe she was misquoted, and the misquote more widely shared on twitter than the truth? People who primarily get their news from twitter are less likely to look beyond the tweet if it confirms their existing bias. Much like people tend to form opinions from headlines instead of reading the article critically and looking further into the context. Axios, by the way, has issued a retraction and correction.
  2. What Haley ACTUALLY said in context, in 2015, and relative to her decision to have the Confederate flag removed from the State House grounds right after the shooting. God, I hate twitter.
  3. Oh, we have our share of them. Now as to how many are natives and how many are recent from elsewhere, I can't say.
  4. Sad to say, my own experience has been about fifty-fifty. Almost everywhere I have been since 2012 has been in the company of a handicapped individual (my husband). Some people are very nice but we encounter a lot of jerks.
  5. I was equally ticked at the city, truth be told, because they had fencing set up to keep people off the street during the parade. We had her up against the barrier but the police weren't enforcing it and the ones blocking her view were walking around the fence to stand on the street side. I actually wrote the major and cc'd our city council rep about it. Never heard back, though.
  6. Try taking someone in a wheelchair to a parade. We checked my MIL out of the nursing home once because she expressed the desire to see the Christmas Parade downtown, something she had fond memories of taking her children to and of watching her children participate in. We went early so that we wouldn't have to navigate crowds with her and so that she could be in a place where she could see. It was miserable. Grown able-bodied adults stepping in front of her and standing. I was wishing I had a taser.
  7. OMG, school drop off and pickup are probably the top of my list of things that I do NOT miss about my kids being young. I got to where I would park on the next block and walk the kids to the door to avoid any likelihood of arrest for assault.
  8. The thing is that most of them favor M4A.
  9. Did the questionnaire at isidewith.com for the first time this season. On the issues, my candidate came out Bill Weld 85%. Next was Kasich at 79%. (But so far he isn't running.). First Democrat on the list was Amy Klobuchar @ 50% tied with Cory Booker, also 50%. Trump showed up on my list at 70% but he's a no. Elizabeth Warren was the bottom of the list at 18%.
  10. This old song just shuffled up on my husband's iPod: King Crimson, "21st Century Schizoid Man."
  11. I never thought about that. But I guess it makes sense. Since we are typically physiologically smaller with less muscle mass, we have had to develop other skills to compensate. But then, at the time that song was written it was men who went to war and the women they left at home had to figure out how to keep themselves and their children fed and safe.
  12. Oh, agree with that and said as much earlier in the thread. I don't know about California law, but here in Texas the adult in the household has legal responsibility for the gun and how it is used. But it still remains, I can't help but associate the rise in this type of crime by kids and young adults with the statistics on suicide. Addressing that is critical.
  13. I hope not. Politics and politicians these days suck. Which is why I voted third party in 2016.
  14. I for one am glad to see more D's enter the race. Hopefully we will find a sensible one (snort. Not Bloomberg) that I could vote for in good conscience. Tired, sick and tired, of holding my nose to vote. Of the current D field, I *might* be able to vote for Biden, though he has a lot of the issues (lying, confabulation, frankly confusion at times) that we are dealing with re Trump. And I'm in disagreement with him (strongly!) on a number of policy issues. But at least he doesn't present as an A-hole and opportunist. The primary worry would be his appointees.
  15. Sigh. I guess it is too much to ask in here these days to seek discussion and ideas, anything productive that might influence me toward real solutions. Unfortunate. So I'm stuck with my own view of things, and still seek ideas that are realistic. Here is one: the profile (per the FBI) of the school shooter tends to be young, suicidal, often a bullying victim. I can't help but also note that suicides among those in this demographic are at a high. How can we address that in a real and helpful way? What is causing this? As horrendous as this crime was, reading on his background I can't help but feel sorry for that kid. He needed help, but didn't get it. Should this be ignored? Or is that just not politically expedient.
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