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  1. Well, used to be. It has gotten so gentrified and expensive that most of the interesting people have moved further out.
  2. Wondering if law enforcement (either US or elsewhere) ever gained access to the rumored safe on Epstein's private island.
  3. I wasn't at the time. Though we know that Clinton was known to travel with him. I don't really have a guess. A couple of public or formally public officials were named in the lawsuits. Seems like Epstein had lots of powerful friends in both parties. Could be anybody.
  4. Yup. Want to be clear that I wasn't advising against shingles vaccine. Fever, aches, etc. for a few days is mild compared to the shingles. I've had them and OMG, that was painful and debilitating and lasted for weeks. So if that is the side effect to an effective Covid vaccine, sign me up.
  5. Shingles vaccine does that. We were told the second dose wouldn’t be as bad. It was.
  6. Well past time they took out the trash up there.
  7. Evidently criticizing China for anything is racist or something these days.
  8. 100% masked at the Sam’s Club today. First time I have seen that. But some wearing the vented masks, and others with it below their nose. I was just picking up a prescription refill so was in and out quick and didn’t have to touch anything I didn’t bring in with me except the bag with the refill in it.
  9. A lot of businesses here are shutting down to sanitize and requiring all employees to be tested negative before they reopen if they have a single positive.
  10. Evens out skin tone so that it isn’t splotchy looking. A common problem caused by sun damage, among other things. Sometimes also used to fade freckles.
  11. I'm wondering how long John Peter Smith, "the father of Fort Worth," is going to last here. The county hospital (for which he donated the land) bears his name, as do numerous clinics in low income areas, parks, and the like. Several statues around town. Yet he raised up a company for the confederacy, and went by his confederate rank, "Colonel," for the rest of his life until he died in 1901 including the time in the late 19th century when he served as mayor. And OMG, LBJ. While he can rightly be credited with getting the Civil Rights Act passed he was actually quite racist personally. Used the N word a whole lot, among other things.
  12. Seems like it. Unless he was from the local area.
  13. You shouldn't because it isn't. They can do what they want. But it is kind of silly.
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