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  1. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Well .. twitter... Definitely authoritative. Not.
  2. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    That's kind of what happened with the mass amnesty during the Reagan administration. Unfortunately, it resulted in a massive increase in illegal immigration without the increase in enforcement that was promised when the law was passed.
  3. Potential Democratic Candidates for 2020

    I don’t think that Deblasio will pull many Texas votes. Not when he is pulling stunts like this. https://www.texasmonthly.com/articles/texas-climate-change-lawsuit/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Web+Social&utm_content=Lawsuit
  4. Political Pot-pourri

    Value of education? IIRC, public education stops after junior high. The Chinese people seem to value it in that those who can afford it are willing to pay out of pocket for high school, not to mention expecting their own children not to screw around at school. It is more viewed as a privilege but that is cultural. There is no universal healthcare for Chinese.
  5. Word! Tuesday it was colder in Dallas than at the North Pole! We were practically delirious when it went above freezing (barely) yesterday.
  6. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    I have observed the more comprehensive cognitive exams. My MIL's were done by an occupational therapist who specialized in that type of diagnosis. And it was done over several visits. That's why I was so interested to learn exactly what testing he was given. But it was just the common screen.
  7. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    That's exactly what it was. I'm just saying that this exam doesn't establish what Trump says it does either.
  8. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    They just did the so called, "mini mental." That's a screening tool, but not a comprehensive exam. At Trump's age, a lot of PCPs do this routinely at yearly check ups. I posted a link up there somewhere that describes it, and gives a few examples of things that it does not screen for.
  9. My husband asked me to find out if anyone here has a recommendation for a book about the evolution of the parties written from a non partisan standpoint. He spent a lot of time yesterday reading Kindle reviews and really isn't finding what he has in mind. Suggestions?
  10. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    It is remarkable. One of those things you have to have personal experience with to "get." It isn't that they are no longer smart. And it isn't a steady decline. It's like a roller coaster, and they are still so freaking smart. It's just kind of twisted in a way. My mom's cousin had early onset Alzheimer's. They live in a very small town, but when he got to the point of showing up in his tighty whities on a regular basis at the high school (where he had been a coach before he got sick), or walking into neighbors' homes undressed ... he was put into a memory care unit. He kept escaping and walking home or to the high school! The thing is that he was smart enough to figure it out, but would tell how he did it. First, it was that he was able to watch and memorize the code the aides were using to exit the memory care unit. Then, he found a way to get out of the fence in the outdoor garden area. But he showed his wife how he did it.
  11. Hollywood attempts to change history

    So. One of my daughters posted this link on Facebook, finding the comments hilarious. (It was pretty darned funny.) Then, her sister posted this response, So proud to have raised such excellent, smart Alec daughters. LOL
  12. Hollywood attempts to change history

    My defense of Grace is that she is young, very immature, and has frankly been misled by the culture. Though it seems like these days 22 is more immature than it used to be. And I think even to some extent Grace was victimized further by an equally immature “journalist “ seeking to make a name for herself. Young is the time when one does stupid. Forgive yourself, and be smarter next time. Pfft. When I was nineteen I eloped with the drummer from a rock band. Talk about young and dumb! But we are still together nearly 40 years later. And even so, do I ever have some bad date stories! It is useless to **** shame yourself and try to deflect that embarrassment onto another person. My message is: it is okay to say, “No,” and that no opportunity for a second date can be a blessing. We owe them nothing because they paid for dinner. From her account, it sounds like she doesn’t understand that either because she blames him for insisting on paying Forgive yourself, girl! Do better next time! Even if he insists on paying for dinner, don't feel like you have to pay for it sexually. You don't. I can say that while I had to end a bad date a few times, I never paid for dinner with a **** ***. I was never given the message that it was my responsibility and want all young women to know that it is not their responsibility either. All that said, I am a fan of the modern trend where first dates are Dutch, and both have their own transportation. No blame on those who do otherwise, but it sure avoids opportunities for miscommunication.
  13. Hollywood attempts to change history

    That site appears to be more of a blog than a legit news organization. Though these days it is hard to discern. Newsweek is a perfect example, a "news site," that is essentially a blog that bought the "Newsweek," name after Newsweek went bankrupt.
  14. POTUS 25th Amendment Watch

    I understand completely!