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  1. I would be surprised if Haley agrees. Probably wishful thinking on the part of some.
  2. Your kidneys will thank you! I don’t think that people realize how “safe,” otc pain relievers affect their bodies. I also no longer take Tylenol because it is hard on the liver.
  3. We are going to ask my husband’s PCP about it on his next regular visit for muscle spasticity. We have to be concerned about interactions with a couple of his meds. He also qualifies for compassionate use in our state of the prescription oil with a small amount of THC, but we would prefer to start with the otc stuff, if it is appropriate. Not sure I would buy it at a video store or convenience store though. I read that there are a lot of substandard products out there. And I certainly don’t want to be pestered by people trying to sell it via MLM.
  4. Evidently CBD products are the new Amway. Keep having people contact me that I haven’t spoken to in years, and all of them are hawking it as a “business opportunity.”
  5. Is there a full list of the accommodations requested? Very curious about them, since my husband received certain accommodations when returning to work after his brain injury. He did a lot of his meetings from home.
  6. Good for you! I've lost a bit more weight too, just being really physically active remodeling mom's house plus not having time to cook yummy stuff. Plus it has been too hot here to want to use the stove. We've been eating a lot of grilled chicken or pork chops with microwave steamed veggies. Kind of boring, but fast and not much mess to clean up. Back to the baking, I bought this set of rings (there are actually three rings in the set for different sized pie pans) and LOVE it! My crusts are usually good, but a pain to roll out. But using this acrylic ring, I can get them perfect in a jiffy! The silicone mat I've had a long time, and it's great but these rings are so helpful and easy to clean. My new favorite kitchen gadget.
  7. We never did do an ice cream thread, though honestly I haven’t made any yet this summer. Too busy getting my mom sorted. Did you buy a freezer?
  8. I used to work as an old school keypunch operator. Our terminals were arranged like the phone except with the 0 at the very top above the three. At the time I was entering payroll, all numeric with project codes. Then I would have to switch to an adding machine for other payroll work, with the keys in the opposite direction.
  9. Evidently that report was incorrect. AP is saying the unofficial word they are hearing is that he hanged himself with a bedsheet. https://apnews.com/f0eef647142d40a092f5b3fe9321f480?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP Honestly, if law enforcement would give out basic facts on a more timely basis, there would be less room for speculation.
  10. No, they don’t. Dude is a dumb donkey who should have listened to his wife. I would imagine that at most, it is considered a trespass though. Unless he was threatening people, pointing his weapon around, etc. We have open carry here and it is a fairly rare thing to see. Saw a woman at the vets office with a small handgun in a pink holster once. Otherwise it is usually only when the kooks protest, and even then they are wearing them strapped to their backs or holstered.
  11. I had the same reaction but evidently this has happened in the past. I never got how someone could hang himself when his feet could touch the floor, but this happens as well.
  12. And Trump. I am seeing a lot of that. Clinton’s or an associate is not likely if only because they aren’t politically relevant any more. I tend to believe it was negligence, though asphyxiation by stuffing a sock down your own throat is a pretty awful way to kill yourself. (Assuming that report is correct.)
  13. They had Medicare, which is part of the reason I roll my eyes at Bernie et al and their Medicare for all scheme.
  14. I noticed that. Looks like an autocorrect error that his editor didn’t catch. I see them all the time in news articles from established news sources. It just goes to show that spell check isn’t a substitute for a skilled human editor.
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