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  1. Possibly. Though it doesn't make sense that they would be expending political capital on a non patent drug with limited use. I mean. I guess they could try pulling a Shrekeli move but they aren't the only ones who make the drug.
  2. I did. You had to go back at it, tagging me with *crickets.*. I note that there are *crickets,* relating to the information from Shaub I posted. You might want to follow him. I did. Lots interesting there, from an experienced and informed point of view. And now I really am done with this exchange. Take your last shot.
  3. Sigh. You aren't familiar with the old saying? Look up, "metaphor," while you are at it. Here you go. From that noted Trumper (oh, wait!). Came across my facebook feed earlier, actually cited by a Democrat. Take it up with him and leave me alone.
  4. I was looking at Texas v. New York. Looks like we have about (rounding) about one bed per thousand citizens. NY comes out to 6.5 beds per thousand. That is a pretty big difference.
  5. Oh, I had an answer. Decided not to wrestle the pig.
  6. I could name a dozen off the top of my head on a variety of topics, making their livings spewing BS on cable news and talk shows or making infomercials. Dr. Phil is one. IIRC, both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have been promoted heavily (at least at one time) by Oprah Winfrey. Me, I have a healthy dose of skepticism and if they are selling snake oil on talk shows, that sends up a red flag for me. But I also have the benefit of not being a t.v. watcher typically. At the end of the day, I get my medical advice from my doctors. And I even check up on them, because of past bad experiences with misdiagnoses. So, back to that link I posted earlier with the projections. It is shocking to me how few hospital and ICU beds total some states have v. their population. That is something that some states need to be looking at pretty hard once the crisis is past. Why is it thus?
  7. I mean, not all all defending Trump's discernment because I don't think he's a deep thinker. But on paper (education, etc.), Oz should be credible. But I'm reminded of the OB who took over the practice of my doctor after she had back surgery and changed specialties to Psychiatry. He was, at the time, considered the top OB/Gyn in the county. Delivered my youngest child. But our insurance changed, so I had to switch doctors. At some point he evidently went off the rails, is now known locally for sketchy hormone level tests and therapies. Whether he still delivers babies, I can't say. But I wouldn't use him.
  8. I think that is a nothing burger. But I know how mutual funds work. Of greater concern to me, as MTU noted, is that he seems to be unduly influenced by the likes of Dr. Oz.
  9. Fauci stands up for himself. But does so diplomatically based on the science. He evidently understands that kicking someone in the no-no zone isn't the best way to gain their ear on an important matter.
  10. I am heartened by the fact that evidently he isn't the one in charge of this, and that he has competent people in the CDC etc. that are setting policy, doing the research necessary. And the good coming of this is that we seem to be finally rolling back Presidential authorities that never were constitutional or advisable. It was bound to happen that somebody we don't like ended up using the precedents set by previous Presidents we did like. There has been an uncomfortable mission creep in the White House going back a long time, but accelerated during the aftermath of 9/11.
  11. As soon as you pull out, "If it had been Obama," you have lost me and I'm not inclined toward support of this President just certain of his administration's policies. We saw the same thing during the Obama administration, ridiculous criticisms over matters that were either shown incorrect or that were inconsequential. It really kept people from being willing to examine issues that WERE of consequence, such as drone assassinations in third nations without their government's consent, the fact that no-one lost their job over the Fast and Furious scandal, and others.
  12. Thank you! And it is this kind of stuff that makes it harder to get through to those who trust him. So much BS out there that it makes them desensitized to the important stuff.
  13. An interesting website for projections, etc. Click on Covid-19 Projections at the top, then use the drop down menu to get specifics for your state. Texas appears to be doing okay on beds, ICU beds, etc. One thing I'll mention is though some measures are listed as, "not implemented," that is just statewide. Many of these measures are in place at the county and/or city levels esp. in larger metro areas. Also interesting that our projected "peak," has been moved up a couple of weeks. Light at the end of the tunnel hopefully. Michigan appears to be a greater concern re hospital beds. I can't say why. And New York, whoa! http://www.healthdata.org/?fbclid=IwAR3HAhR0CADdqCPcmUCUIvNz9exDsieDHZxaTDuoTEw-SdJr4a-d7Zvdo9k
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