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  1. That isn't what I said. Though I don't find it being treated "terribly," to be given the option to work from home and draw a paycheck. It has been the whining that I object to. And they have been doing a lot of it. They have been protected, continuing to draw a paycheck for the past year. Few others, especially those in the service industries, have had that option. They just masked up, went to work, and hoped for the best.
  2. The school year is almost over and many if not most of these have spent the preceding year teaching remotely from home. And sad to say, been a whiney bunch about the whole thing. While people like grocery store workers have had to work in person with the public for the entire pandemic, plus deal with the anti mask scolds and jerks. Honestly, these essential workers have greater need of consideration. Yet they get almost none at all. I was thinking about this while chatting with a young checker at Albertson's last week. She asked if I had heard that the mask mandate was being lifted and expressed some concern over it. As it turns out, Albertson's is leaving their rules in place. Good for them.
  3. Maybe so, maybe not. But there is not enough information to confirm or refute this. Hence my questions. A serious allegation has been made without adequate research by the Herald.
  4. Who was supposedly bribed? Reportedly this island site was chosen and administered by a hospital group, not the state. Who else on the island was also vaccinated? Was the site open to others on that and neighboring islands? Were any of them under 65 and without health issues? What other facilities were available but bypassed by this hospital? My mom used to have a home in the Keys. There were some wealthy areas, but her house wasn't in one of them. It was a little summer place that they usually kept rented. But it was within walking distance of larger, more affluent residents. And they often got around by boat. On a canal rather than the ocean. The Keys aren't like living elsewhere.
  5. Hilarious exchange my DIL just related from her trip to Walmart this evening. They are still enforcing mask rules there and the guy in line ahead of her was chewing out the cashier about having to wear a mask. Yelling at a sixteen year old checker, as though he or she has any power over that decision. DIL (a Latina) finally weighed in and explained to him that the store employees don't set or control store policy. Told him that if his name was Walton and he owned the store he could decide to allow unmasked people but that was not the case. "So just move along. You are holding up the line." So the genius responded, "Go back to Mexico." She told him, "You go back to Europe." LOL. She is awesome, and it is true. I knew her grandmother very well and heard the stories. Her family was in central Texas as far back as records have been kept and in fact some of them were Texicans who fought in the Texas Revolution. This is documented. (Y'all. That is Texas royalty.) Then my daughter asked her whether she had ever even been to Mexico. She responded, "I've been to Cozemel and Cancun." I really did LOL. Love that girl!
  6. 1200 vaccines total is a small amount and the Keys are islands. In my state they distributed over 180K TODAY. I don't think this is a big deal, How much did the other islands get? Curious for context.
  7. I agree with that and have made zero excuses for Abbott on the subject. But the topic was over releasing Covid positive "refugees," into the community. Both things are wrong but are also unrelated. That "facebook" link was to Abbott's official page, by the way.
  8. Huh. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/after-border-patrol-release-asylum-seekers-test-positive-covid-brownsville-n1259282
  9. To be fair, I am hoping that when my opportunity for the vaccine comes I get the Pfizer or Moderna. But I won’t get a choice.
  10. Did you read his actual statement? I did. https://www.facebook.com/TexansForAbbott/posts/10165113970370088
  11. That sucks. Seems like they should have gone ahead and vaccinated you since you were already there and it was their error. I don't know how Long Beach handles it, but here if you get the appointment then that dose is designated for you and might be thrown out at the end of the day if not administered. Unless they are overbooking?
  12. If these are being released by the federal government into the community with positivity for Covid, that is a problem for Texas that Abbott did not cause or contribute to. Masks should also still be mandatory in public indoor spaces in our state. The one has nothing to do with the other.
  13. From the feedback I am hearing, this is exactly what is happening. Businesses are pretty unhappy at the state’s lack of concern for the safety and health of their staff. But Abbott throws a bone at teachers by opening vaccine eligibility to them. Which would be great except that we have such long wait lists already. My mom is in her 80s, signed up a few days after my husband did. He has had both shots and she has yet to get her first. She was told earlier in the week when she called that they are just getting to sign ups from January 7th.
  14. In the beginning of the mask wearing, before the mandate, many places were hiring off duty police officers as door security. They may have to do that again. Our Sam’s Club still has an officer at the door.
  15. So far just a lot of yelling, non violent threats, and cursing. Not as bad as dealing with drunks at her former restaurant. And those were doctors, lawyers, CEOs. I am more concerned for her health with all those unmasked nuts yelling in her face.
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