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  1. When you have an owner taking awar the spotlight from the team and the coach....that's never good. His incessant complaining and whining trickled down to the coach and the team and gave them an excuse for losing. It's one thing to be talking about conspiracy theories as a fan (which is still stupid) but, to be doing that as an owner is down right blasphemous. If you really beleived that then why would you bother being an owner of a basketball team? He let's his emotions get the best of him and you wouldn't expect that from a billionaire. He definately has his positives but some of the negative stuff outweighs the positive.
  2. Later guys....it seems you're still bitter about losing to the Heat. See ya next year.
  3. Stop whining about the refs. You guys seem like the Dallas fans now. Their players choked in big situations and the Heat made all the big plays. Give them their due. NBA Champions!!!!!
  4. Dallas held down home court. Now it's up to the Heat to do the same. Not looking good though. I still believe in my team. They can do it. Dissapointing game nonetheless.
  5. No doubt. Playing in the finals for the first time has got him a little too excited.
  6. Both teams present matchup problems. The difference early is that the Heat aren't hitting their shots. Dirk in early foul trouble.
  7. I see this forum is devoid of people now that the Pistons are done. You guys are probably in the Tigers forum. Well, about last nights game one. I think the Heat let a great oppurtunity slip out of their hands but it's judt one game. What do you guys think of Haslem's job defensively on Dirk. I was in shock and awed by it. Never did I think he would do that well on Dirk. Some might say Dirk had an off night but, I think Haslem's D was the main reason for that. The Heat got to get the ball to Shaq more often. They went away from their game plan and it came back to bight them in the ***. Hope to see some of you back on here soon. Most of you are very cool. I've visited a Mavs forum but it's lame. Later peeps !!!
  8. I say the Heat win in 5, maybe 6.
  9. It seems to me you guys should be rooting for the Heat since they're an eastern conference team. All the talk out west is that the east is such a weak conference. A heat win debunks that. Go Heat!!!!!!
  10. As much as I might wanna give the Heat credit....the Pistons just didn't shoot the ball well the whole series. Sure Miami had something to do with it but, Detroit missed alot of open shots also. Chauncey wasn't himself and rasheed obviously wasn't himself. The game tonight was actually called well by the refs. People in Miami were complaining about the officiating. Even though the Pistons missed open shots the Heat rarely did and that's why there moving on.
  11. Hey guys, what's up. Sorry for the way I left last game. A couple of guys were riding and mocking me. So I got frustated and left. I'm not here to rub it in. I know how you feel. I was there last year too. I just want to give you guys props for being cool with me the whole time . Especially a couple of you. I'll check up on you guys every now and then. Like I said last game. If any of you play Madden, Look me up. I'm XXjmedXX. Good game yall!!
  12. Later people. Most of you have been cool. Especially DTroppens and Deleterious but obviously most of you can't stand me. Just cause I'm a Heat fan. Root for your team while you still can cause there isn't too much time left. Maybe you guys can reflect this offseason....just like the Pistons. I know most of you are thinking..."wow, we played great, yet, we're only up four at the half". The Heat are winning this series whather it be this game or the next. Most likely this one though. If any of you play Madden, look me up. I'm XXjmedXX. Phins vs. Lions. Peace
  13. I'm only reacting to pyrotigers riding me. Since when have I talked smack? The people being sarcastic and riding me are O.K. That's fine.
  14. Funny how Pyrotigers is riding me. I'm glad you pay so much attention to me.
  15. Celebrate!!! The Pistons are actually in the game!!!! Let's declare tommorow Pistons day!!!!
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