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  1. I can't say I feel better about having Brady Hoke as UM's coach, but I couldn't stand watching a team coached by James Franklin if that is what's to be expected. The playcalling inside the 20 was atrocious and the two mismanaged 4th downs, early in the game with the confusion of going for it or a field goal, and then late when they changed their punting strategy at (literally) the last second... That's terrible preparation.
  2. Lbh24

    June 25 1998

    I think I was at this one as well. I know I went to one game this series and the only other one, the Tigers won in extras - I don't believe I saw a walk-off live until 2003 in Cincinnati. Much like a few who have mentioned, I loved seeing the stadium so full on a non-Opening Day game. I remember the Sosa HR and if I'm correct, I believe the Detroit fireworks were that night as well? I feel like we could see them coming up over the stadium.
  3. Hi all... a quick question for those who know the MSU tailgate scene pretty well. I will be in East Lansing on Saturday to tailgate, though mainly in the earlier portion of the day. My hope is to be out there by around 9:30/10 AM and stay until around 2:00/2:30. I am meeting up with an old friend who will be tailgating, but plan to watch the game in the Metro area (I know that with that leaving time, I'll miss at least the first quarter and maybe more). Anyway, my question... Where are some good places to park that will still have spots available around my arrival time but won't be bogged with tailgating tents/etc. when I want to leave? I don't mind a bit of a walk and don't expect to park for free, so that's not a worry. My main concern is a navigable exit without making life completely inconvenient for those around me. Any help would be appreciated! For what it's worth, I hearing the hamster cage should be my first place to check.
  4. Season starts this week! Riverview Pirates 8/23 - Crestwood 8/31 - Airport* 9/7 - Monroe Jefferson* 9/14 - New Boston Huron* 9/21 - Flat Rock* 9/28 - SMCC* 10/5 - Milan* 10/12 - Grosse Ile* 10/19 - Detroit Consortium *League Game Riverview is looking to go to the playoffs for the second year in a row after ending their longest playoff drought ever, which spanned from 2005-2010. They went 8-2 last year and 6-1 in league, good for second place behind Airport.
  5. I think "speed guys" get regularly over-rated because fans generally go back to their own experience when thinking of a player's value. Having speed is probably the thing that matters less and less as you go up through the baseball ranks. For example, a really quick guy can wreak havoc as a high school or college player simply by putting the ball in play and letting his legs do the work. He can get on base more and steal a lot more bases. In the pro ranks, fielders' arms are so strong that getting by on speed alone just isn't good enough. Infield singles turn into ground-outs, leaving you off the basepaths, and you can't steal first base. It's not that Berry is a terrible player or human but as has been pointed out, he's on the decline. He seems like a great person and I'm sure he's loving this opportunity, but there is a reason it took him so long to get a chance in the MLB
  6. I like the timing for my own sake - given that the team is hot, it should minimize the "they're panicking and desperate" talk. This trade excites me as it makes this year's team better. Though we're on year 7 of being competitive, it's still better than the mid-90's when trades were made for 2-3 years down the road.
  7. OK then. See you guys there!
  8. Anyone on MTS a big Jimmy Buffett fan? I never listened to him much before last year but have become a big fan since then. I went to last year's show and am very excited for the Comerica Park visit next week, though I think DTE provided a better tailgate. Anyone else going?
  9. I agree and it really brings out the unique features of a lot of ballparks. This year there's water to hit it into, some years it's hitting it out onto the street. Some years it's the third deck. There are home runs hit every year that are nearly identical to some in years past, but the ballpark gives the ball a completely different journey
  10. Don't know, but I want to participate in one
  11. Every kid in the world, whether told "don't do that" or not, would try to rob a HR if given the chance... I think they go find the ones they wouldn't have to worry about
  12. A villain for this evening? Yes. I wasn't even necessarily rooting against him (other than wanting Prince to advance), but it was pretty dang compelling. I'm glad I was entertained, too. I'm not saying I want him pelted with debris or anything, but it was fun to sit back and watch. His dad got to pitch BP on an MLB field. If the boos soured it for him, then that stinks... but at the end of the day he got booed while pitching on an MLB field. Me? I'm sitting here watching TV. I'd gladly trade places
  13. That was awesome. I never thought the Home Run Derby needed a villain, but that was sheer entertainment
  14. This. I always assume that he has more to do with the approaches that the team will take toward certain pitchers and then breaks it down to the individuals themselves. I don't think he's sitting there during each BP session like a Little League parent saying "elbow up! use your hips!" . Guess I could be wrong, though
  15. Oh, and by the way, have the weight in your hand shift as it passes over your shoulder, causing an abrupt acceleration! I heard McCarver's little quip about pitch count and I just saw there in awe. I wasn't so surprised about his take on it, given who he is, but that he and Vasgersian almost got apologetic because "we flash it on the screen so much, people think it's so important now." Of all the things they put up there, pitch count is one of the few that actually IS important. I have more to say, but work calls. I'm sure you'll all be waiting with baited breath for my future comments
  16. I was driving to pick up dinner and turned them on to hear the topic was "vent about the Tigers" and decided to turn it off.
  17. I know. I was having fun with you with that one. But I'm just not that much fun
  18. Tell that to the Central! No one is above .500 at home, while four teams are above .500 on the road.... and then there's the Twins, who just hate playing baseball anywhere.
  19. The 1998 Yankees didn't only start out 0-3, they were 12-15 from August 19 - September 16. 27-game stretches of mediocrity won't make or break any team, even those chasing records. If the Tigers were 7-20 that would be something to be concerned with, but teams generally play W-L-W-L-W-L for a good portion of the season. Whether those stretches are broken up by short bursts of extreme winning or extreme losing determine whether or not they stay in contention.
  20. Oh man, so much... *My first game was in '87 and I was three. To say I remember it would be a lie, but through stories, I know that I cried, didn't like it, and hated the mosquitos. It was also the closest I've ever sat for a game. They were right next to the on deck circle. We still have some of those pictures -- I'll have to scan them and post them one day. *I was at one of the games in the Cubs series in '98. It was the same night as the Detroit fireworks. We could see them over the stadium roof (we were up pretty high) and getting out of downtown was a bear that night. *June 17, 1997 against Florida -- Crazy game involving someone (I want to say Sheffield) robbing a homer and a few more nice defensive plays, and Bobby Bonilla hitting what I believe was the longest HR I witnessed at the stadium. It disappeared as it went through one of the sets of lights over the RF roof. *Opening Day '96 -- Trammell's HR, Cecil's grand slam *Home Game #2, '96 -- Dan Wilson hits 3 HR, which would be synonymous with Laird doing the same. The only time I saw Griffey HR live. *My friend and I loved sitting in the upper deck off 3rd base and watching Travis Fryman warm up between innings. He had a crazy amount of tail on his throws. *In the mid-90's, I had a habit of seeing a ton of guys' last HR as Tigers and/or their last home HR as Tigers. I used to know the list by heart and I really should have wrote it down. I know for sure that Fryman, Fielder, Trammell, Gomez, and Flaherty are on that list. *Sept 26, 1999 -- my last game. The Encarnacion HBP is all that I really, really remember, though. *The obnoxious Indians fans. Labor Day weekend '95. My friend's mom took us to the Friday night game. Tigers took an early lead and then the Indians started scoring in waves. Bases were loaded late in the game and she said "If Belle homers here, we're leaving." I thought "no way..." -- sure enough, he did, and we were gone. Sunday, my family was going to go, but my grandparents' car broke down waiting at the Rosa Parks exit (stupid Cleveland fans). We waited forever to get picked up, get the car towed, etc... I got home just in time to "hear" Ron Tingley hit a grand slam to tie it as I tried to "watch" a scrambled PASS sports process. *For whatever reason, it seemed like every Griffey picture/card was a photo of him at Tiger Stadium. I loved that since he was my favorite player.
  21. As was I, and yes we did. My family arrived late in the first game (couldn't talk my mom/grandparents into doing the whole thing), which we lost. We were in the upper deck in left field, so we didn't know Hunter's GS left the yard until the crowd reaction. '97 was my favorite year going down to the stadium. The 2003 twinbill provided a couple interesting nuggets: Maroth's near no-hitter in Game 2 and BJ Ryan being the winning pitcher in Game 1 without throwing a pitch
  22. To emphasize Yoda's point, let's take a look at John Smoltz. Three seasons, all as a starter, all on very good Braves teams... 1996: 35 starts, 2.94 ERA, 24-8 record 1997: 35 starts, 3.02 ERA, 15-12 record 1998: 26 starts, 2.90 ERA, 17-3 record In year 3, even in 9 less starts and 7 less decisions, he records +2 wins and -9 losses despite relatively equal results from the batters he was facing. It just doesn't translate. Wins are easy to remember because they're pretty small numbers and they get tattooed next to a pitcher's name each time he takes the hill or gets talked about. But that's like saying that Blink 182 lyrics are more important than chemistry equations just because I can recite one right off the bat while I'd look at you with confusion if asked to do the same for the other
  23. Cabrera didn't slow down in the playoffs, with a .489 OBP and 8 XBH (4 doubles, 4 HR) in 11 games.
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