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  1. I'm kinda glad to hear it. I'm heading down to the Tigers game on Saturday. With the Tigers at four, and Wings at three, traffic's gonna be a nightmare as it is without the few extra thousand fans trying to get to Ford Field.
  2. He's a franchise type left tackle. A great building block to to build an offensive line around. He's very worthy of the number one overall draft pick.
  3. Please be the light at the end of the tunnel this bullpen has been looking for.
  4. He looked fine through five. I think that Joe Morgan and his "hex" of Carlos Guillen are more to blame than an injury to JV.
  5. Yeah, I've been watching it. I can't wait for mens hockey to start. I'll probably watch an hour or two of the coverage each day.
  6. I'm pretty suprised to see this happen. Especially after Phoenix had the big ceremony to unretire his dads number so Brett could wear it.
  7. Its Dats signs with the Russian club officially, and his contract includes an out clause that would allow him to void the contract should he resign with the Wings, then he would have until October 1st to resign with the Wings.
  8. I didn't know that he went to Pistons games too. I've always seen him at Tigers games, just never at Pistons games.
  9. OLN can be found on 151 for anybody that has Dish Network.
  10. Good signing. I was hoping they would sign somebody other than Brian Leetch. Schneider is a great person to have.
  11. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news?slug=ap-canadiens-kovalev&prov=ap&type=lgns Dandenault has signed a deal to play with the Canadiens. I personally will miss having him a little. He was a great player to have for his versatility. He could play both forward and defensive positions and was productive at both.
  12. You're probably thinking of Jimmy Howard. He's currently playing with the University of Maine. I really don't know much about him though. He was a Red Wing draft pick in 03 I do believe.
  13. 10. San Franciso Giants 9. Chicago Bears 8. LA Lakers 7. MSU Spartans 6. Chicago White Sox 5. St. Louis Blues 4. Green Bay Packers 3. Ohio State Buckeyes 2. Colorado Avalanche 1. New York Yankees
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