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  1. As good as Howard was against the Blues, he was just as terrible last night against the 'Yotes. A few games off to clear his head may be in order. If this doesn't turn around fast, they could find themselves out of the playoffs...
  2. Not to start the goaltender controversy, but I love the way Mrazek battles. And the team seems to play better in front of him.
  3. JD 25 HR and a .925 OPS Victor slips a little with 23 HR, 100 RBI, and a .880 OPS Miggy returns to MVP form with 35 HR, 135 RBI, .325 BA, and a .990 OPS Cespedes OPS's .850 with 25 + HR Nick C goes .285/.325/.495 and is the 5th Tiger to top 20 HR with 21 JV has a nice bounce back season to win 18 games with an ERA in the low 3.00's and a return to his 9 + K/9 rate David Price wins the Cy Young, with 21 wins, a 2.50 ERA, leads the majors in K's, and inks a reasonable contract extension with the Tigers. Greene and Simon are respectable and consistent in the 4-5 starters spots. The BP still has it's struggles early, but pulls it together in June. Soria finishes strong as the closer. Tigers finish first in the Central with 98 wins, beat the Blue Jays in the ALCS, and sweep the Nationals in the WS. Book it.
  4. From the Red Wings twitter feed... Line combos and D pairings for tonight's game V NYR... Jurco-Datsyuk-Tats Abby-Z-Cole Weiss-Sheahan-Nyquist Miller-Andersson-Glendening Ericsson- Kronner Quincey- DK Smith-Zidlicky
  5. I think Osgood is a hot mess as a broadcaster and shouldn't be let anywhere near a microphone. Darren Elliot, however, is quite good.
  6. They have definitely been better at limiting the Isles scoring chances today.
  7. Waiting to see how this shakes out, but are some here really trashing Soria because of a couple bad outings just after being traded? Come on people. Sheesh.
  8. Same for me chasfh. In fact, as a kid, I thought he was the "Taylor made" double play. I know, crazy.
  9. I've watched Matt Cooke play since his rookie year in the OHL with Windsor. He was a dirty player then, and still is. This should have never happened because Cooke should have been drummed out of the league years ago.
  10. Where do you guys sell your cards? I have a few I'd like to sell but haven't had much luck on craigslist and ebay.
  11. Nice game for our Wings today. Gotta love the way the kids are handling the pressure of the playoff streak, and the the play of some key vets. It's a good mix of youthful energy and veteran leadership.
  12. This was interesting... http:// http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/22564/91874/
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