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  1. I guess I just want to clarify this a little. The Mets financial Cap is screwy. They will be way over the limit of the luxury tax if they sign Lindor, Syndergaard, and give extensions to Conforto and DeGrom. I really don't think they can keep all. Also too, Thor is ready to get out of there I think. With how everything went with the catchers last few years, I think Thor was really put off by the leadership there. Next note. I really think we'll see Tork this year. Wouldn't surprise me if they did an August/September callup on him. Dingler, I think will wait a year like you said. The reason why I say Bryant is a super sub is I think he'd play every day, just not as a main position. He cant play RF at all, but LF, 1B, 3B are all realistic possibilities for him. I think he'd be in the lineup every day, just wouldn't have 1 set position. Also, Grossman is mainly LF guy. So pushing him to RF every day isn't really an option but he could play there in a pinch to give Polanco (in this scenario) a day off. Candy would start over Bryant until Bryant shows he's rebounded completely. Candy did have a good year last year batting .297/.369/.503. However that was also with a unsustainable .372 BABIP. So until Bryant surpasses him every day value (which I very well could see after the first month), I think Candy would start over Bryant in this scenario. I really don't expect this all to happen. But just a scenario I could throw out. But that is at least the reasoning behind it.
  2. This needs to be the last stopgap year. Next year go on a spending spree. I called Lindor to the Tigers 5 years ago. Unless he signs the extension with the Mets (which I doubt he'd do), I still think he's the primary choice. Add Bryant now (I wont get into that here), Lindor, Syndergaard and Gregory Polanco (stop gap 1 year contract so Greene has time in the minors) next year. 1. Paredes - 2B 2. Candelario 3B 3. Lindor - SS 4. Torkelson - 1B (going to happen regardless what he thinks) 5. Grossman - LF 6. Cabrera - DH 7. Cameron - CF 8. Polanco - RF 9. Rogers/Dingler - C Bryant is your super Sub Rotation: Mize Manning Skubal Thor Turnbull Oh to Dream....... (Long term I have no confidence Cameron, Polanco, Grossman or Candelario are pieces to stick around beyond the next 3 years. All need to be replaced with better players at their positions. Although the 2020 draft looks promising with Daniel Cabrera and Gage Workman being able to fill LF and 3B long term. Not to mention Green in RF. Now we just need a CF.) I'd love a trade for Victor Robles or even sign Buxton the following year (I think he's a FA). The core pieces are there....
  3. This is what I was thinking. If he pulls off a .900 OPS, we can at least offer him an QO and get a COMP A pick from him. If he's on fire and the team stinks, we trade him at the deadline. If he's on fire and loves it here, we just DID add an OF. He can play LF. Not to mention, he still pounds lefties.... .286 BA and a .429 OBP vs lefties is a down year... I'll take that. I think the benefits far outweigh the risk. Assuming we don't give up any of our top prospects. (I'd say our top 15 should be off limits). If we can get him for cheap on the prospect side, but pay the $$$, I see no reason not to take a flyer on him. Illitch said he'd spend. This is the EXACT type of gamble where he can put his money where his mouth is.
  4. His biggest thing right now is he's saying he's not having fun because of the constant trade rumors. So lets get him now while he's cheap and sign him. I think even Boras would take what he could get for Bryant right now just to be done with it. I'd love a 5 year deal with an OPT out after year 3 and 4. I'd much rather gamble on Bryant's upside than Candelario and probably even Peredes at this point.
  5. I think they absolutely should. Shouldn't cost too terribly much. He's ready for a change of scenery. Tell him we want him to be the face of the franchise and try signing him to a 5 year extension. He's ready to get out of Chicago and has been injured the last few years. It seems he's finally healthy and could have a monster season. What do you guys think? I think just trading for him alone would show him that he's wanted and should inspire him to do well.... Thoughts?
  6. Harris should be cut right now. 30 yards by himself. Cut him immediately.
  7. Cut this retarded moronic mother fairy right now.
  8. Tom Prince out of that list. Dark Horse candidate, no joke. I could see A-Rod courted. Just saying....
  9. https://www.mlb.com/news/first-mlb-power-rankings-of-2020 - Yep. One more 1-1 pick is predicted lol.
  10. Al's still doin hood. What is going on?
  11. Can you imagine him as President ROFL. He'd call out the military and national guard and institute a national lockdown immediately for two weeks. If anyone protested he'd have him shot and say f off. I'm pretty sure he told Barry Bonds to F-off one time in practice saying there could only be 1 boss and if you dont like it GTFO. But yea. He'd be as abrasive as Trump, just he'd take care of the pandemic instead of saying there isn't one lol.
  12. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/06/24/tigers-top-prospects-may-end-up-toledo-after-all-taxi-squad/3249521001/ Guess theres a good chance we see Tork this year.
  13. August 31st is a trade deadline. If there are owners that want to shed salary, maybe this would be the best time even if the tigers are out of it to be buyers at the deadline. Let Chris Ilitch spend that money that he said he would spend and set us up for next year this year. It'll never happen but it would be nice if that was the approach that they took to get ahead for next year. I'm pretty sure the tigers will be sellers though. Hopefully Boyd starts off hot and they can turn him into something to finalize the last piece to go for the rebuild. That would be an ideal dream scenario.
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