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  1. https://www.mlb.com/news/first-mlb-power-rankings-of-2020 - Yep. One more 1-1 pick is predicted lol.
  2. Al's still doin hood. What is going on?
  3. Can you imagine him as President ROFL. He'd call out the military and national guard and institute a national lockdown immediately for two weeks. If anyone protested he'd have him shot and say f off. I'm pretty sure he told Barry Bonds to F-off one time in practice saying there could only be 1 boss and if you dont like it GTFO. But yea. He'd be as abrasive as Trump, just he'd take care of the pandemic instead of saying there isn't one lol.
  4. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/06/24/tigers-top-prospects-may-end-up-toledo-after-all-taxi-squad/3249521001/ Guess theres a good chance we see Tork this year.
  5. August 31st is a trade deadline. If there are owners that want to shed salary, maybe this would be the best time even if the tigers are out of it to be buyers at the deadline. Let Chris Ilitch spend that money that he said he would spend and set us up for next year this year. It'll never happen but it would be nice if that was the approach that they took to get ahead for next year. I'm pretty sure the tigers will be sellers though. Hopefully Boyd starts off hot and they can turn him into something to finalize the last piece to go for the rebuild. That would be an ideal dream scenario.
  6. I honestly was thinking the exact same thing. Maybe they're new analytics department and their software "Caesar" really is working. Either that or since Al was at home, he had MLB network on and took a look at the bottom of the screen and looked for the highest rated bat available. Either way I'm really happy this year.
  7. So thats everybody! Great Job Al!
  8. Jason Beck reported an hour ago, Daniel Cabrera signed! That only leaves Tork if I'm not mistaken....
  9. MLBtraderumors is reporting yet NOTHING on MLB.com........ I hate life sometimes.
  10. How is it that mlbtraderumors is reporting there's gonna be a season, yet MLB.com has absolutely NOTHING about it..... What is going on here? This is nuts.
  11. My sister in law loves that show and watches it religiously. She's also dating a guy from Africa who treats her like dirt that is supposidly going to be a professional soccer player (even though he's almost 32). She sends him money once a month or so. (And we are the dumb ones trying to tell her this guys using her). Oi vey. People are so stupid yet now I see how these show's get audiences......
  12. WTF is goin on with the Leagues decision to play. They were supposed to announce at 3pm..... Lil rediculous...
  13. Well, we find out in an hour if we have baseball or not? (until they vote no then Manfred takes a week to say Yes on a shortened season). There's something to look forward too!
  14. Come talk to my wife for 30 minutes. She can tell you whatever you want to know about em 🤦‍♂️.... Oi vey.
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