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  1. I really wish I knew how they came up with these projections.........
  2. Excuse my noobness. But for the AAA Rule 5 draft, is it basically the same as the majors except that player has to stay on the AAA team? The guy the Tigers got in the AAA portion of the Rule 5 draft looks like a stud....
  3. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=665621#/career/R/pitching/2019/ALL - Newest Tiger.
  4. Reuban Garcia from Baltimore Orioles AAA team in the AAA phase.
  5. One pick. OI vey. Micro or OU, mind chiming in here on this? Or anyone who knows about him? He wasn't really talked about much...... We passed on a lot of other players with higher upside I think. Just don't get it. Hope Al knows what he's doin.
  6. Anyone able to find the link to the audio stream?
  7. Today's the Day!!! Come ON AL! Wander Javier! Say it with me you Pancake eating Mother @##$#!!!! 50/50 Al Screws this up.
  8. After talking breifly about this in another thread, I wanted to get the pulse of the masses. I'm of the sound opinion Gardy is the right guy for the job right now. I feel like he hasn't been given much to work with and really hope that the Tigers give him some pieces to show what a good manager he is. I wanted to make a new thread an poll to see what others think. If you vote no, please feel free to leave a comment who else you'd rather see. I've thought about Buck Showalter, Buddy Bell, Bill Larken and a few others. But I really think Gardenhire is the right guy right now. Your thoughts?
  9. Gardy has had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to work with. Name one starting position player that would work on any other team in MLB? The Tigers literally do not HAVE 1. I don't know how anyone can be upset with Gardy. It'd literally be like asking someone to build a computer and giving them a grain of sand in the middle of the ocean. Gardy is a good coach. The Tiger leadership needs to give him SOMETHING to work with.
  10. Didn't he want a top prospect too?
  11. I wish AA would go after some of these high end non-tenders an tell them straight up to rebuild their value. "Look, we are going to suck. But if YOU do good, this will get you paid and increases YOUR chances to go to the world series. If you don't totally blow, I'll trade you to a contending team for peanuts if need be....". Al should say that to Hernandez, Cron, Taijuan Walker, Addison Russel..... maybe a few more but you get the just. It takes some of the crapshoot out of which team will give the best chance at a WS run....
  12. If Boyd starts hot, we need to move him at the trade Deadline for bats. But AA needs to be realistic. Asking for 3 top 50 prospects is unrealistic.... If He can get 1 top 30 and another top 100, he should do it. Fulmer, if he proves to return to form, he too should be flipped. We could add 2-3 prospects for each (preferably bats). Pair 4 to 6 prospects with Greene and Peredes, you're on to something. Sign Lindor in two years, and you're all set........ (Yes I know, I could be the GM.... it's that easy!) lol [please note the heavy sarcasm]
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