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  1. AlaskanTigersFan

    Thank you Henrik Zetterberg

    Just curious. What does this do to the Salary Cap for the team? Can we go sign a player for 20 million a year now that Zetterberg retired or does it not work that way?
  2. AlaskanTigersFan

    Who can we trade this year?

    I see all over the Wings thought they could get a 1st for him. Amazing they didn't get a 2nd or 3rd even if he is hurt.... Thats the part that befuddles me most.
  3. AlaskanTigersFan

    Who can we trade this year?

    I don't know much about Hockey, but it looks like this Tatar deal was pretty good. It also looks like he bombed on Green even if he was hurt..... I keep hearing Kenny Holland may be headed to Seattle if they do indeed get their expansion team. Interesting. You guys think Holland should stay or go after today?
  4. AlaskanTigersFan

    Alex Wilson for Jurickson Profar

    Who says no here??? Wouldn't a deal like this make sense? Super high ceiling prospect for a later inning guy? Just curious what you guys think of a deal like this would do for Tigers fans? I'd be all for it. (BTW, this is 100% made up speculative, there's no rumors or anything about this [that I know of\). Just curious on your thoughts on this....
  5. AlaskanTigersFan

    Rule 5 Draft

    If we got who we wanted from the Diamondbacks in the JD trade, why are we drafting this guy? I don't understand this when you can draft an impact arm like Burdi or Stewart... This doesn't make sense especially with Demaritte or whatever available as well...
  6. AlaskanTigersFan

    Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    Just heard other teams were talking to the Tigers but Kinsler nixed the deals before they even got off the ground.... Too bad considering what "might have been" offered.... One has to wonder. Still I'm not too upset with this haul. MUCH better trade than the Cameron Maybin deal....
  7. AlaskanTigersFan

    Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    Tigers get back Wilkel Hernandez and Troy Montgomery. Don't know much about them but from what it looks like, these look like two high ceiling players. I'll take that. Angels paying the whole bill.
  8. AlaskanTigersFan

    Rule 5 Draft

    Yes. But at least he signed and didn't screw over the the team that signed him in the 1st round. (And yes I know the Tigers drafted him and I have no fault with him trying to improve from what the 14th round or what not to being a 1st round pick.... But trying to move from pick 8 or whatever to pick 1 and then sucking, thats just dumb IMO.) I dunno why, but I feel I'd be less harsh on Appel if he was actually performing. I guess him justifying his contract. But when you hold out for more money, and then suck, then I really got no pity what so ever. Maybe I'm just a tool...
  9. AlaskanTigersFan

    Rule 5 Draft

    YES! 1
  10. AlaskanTigersFan

    2018 Draft

    Yea, we are about 45 mins from the Lakeland complex.
  11. AlaskanTigersFan

    Rule 5 Draft

    http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/8164488/mark-appel-spurns-pittsburgh-pirates-stay-stanford - This is the reason I'm not a huge fan of him. When an organization is willing to draft you in the 1st round, and you turn down millions of dollars, that is a fan turn off especially when they try to go over slot. Now, in his defense, it worked out since he was drafted higher by the Astros. I get it, that it was a business choice, and that it was his choice. I just don't like it when he says that's not enough money. That is why I personally think he's a primadonna. Especially now that he sucks. If he was as good as Stephen Strasburg or Max Scherzer, that'd be one thing. All I can say is I have no remorse he's not having that great of a career (again from a fan perspective). I like kids that play the game because they love it. Maybe I've seen For Love of the Game too many times....
  12. AlaskanTigersFan

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    De Sedas will go to SF. I'd be shocked if not.
  13. AlaskanTigersFan

    Rule 5 Draft

    I've been bored the last few days so I've looked into it. A few names to keep your eyes on for the Tigers. 1. Nick Burdi - Minn - This is the guy I want most. Comming off TJ surgery and can throw 100 MPH, still expected to be a starter. Knowing the Tigers, they'll blow it and not take him. Just read that they can keep him on DL until the end of July and use him in August and September and then only need to have him for April to complete the Rule 5 requirements. He had TJ last spring I think the article said so he'd have more than enough time to recover. 2. Max Pentecost - Tor - My 2nd pick. Catcher who hits and throws out runners. Has shoulder issues but the bat is still good enough that it could play right now as a backup. Should be better than McCann long term if he stays healthy. High Risk, High Reward. 3. Kohl Stewart - Min - Very good ground ball pitcher reminiscent of Rick Porcello. Career 1.72 GO/AO so far. With Kinsler, and Iglesias, having a GB pitcher wouldn't hurt too bad. Even if Kinsler gets traded, the Tigers still have Machado ready to step in. Wouldn't mind this pick. Don't know why he wasn't protected. 4. Mark Appel - PHI - Another high risk high reward. Good stuff (not as great as everyone thought it might be, [yet]), just has no idea where it's going. Think Rick Vaughn from the Major League Series mixed with Kyle Sleeth and injuries. Tigers drafted him once, and it really wouldn't surprise me if they drafted him again. I think Avila needs a PR win since he's doing a full rebuild and signing a former #1 overall draft pick would definitely create some buzz around Tigers fan's that don't know too much about prospects. He also cleared waivers when he was designated for assignment so this also would make this pick even more baffling if the Tigers went this route. Those are my top 4 picks but I'm sure the Tigers will take someone else. Out of all of these, Appel I think would be the biggest PR boost. IMO he's a premodanna and has been since the draft. That's what scares me most that I think Avila is facing a little pressure and may just do a public opinion move here instead of the best interest of the club. I also wouldn't mind them trading the 1st pick of the Rule 5 and their remaining international money for a bonafide prospect. Although now I'm just pipe dreaming aloud..... Anyone like anyone else or think the Tigers should be looking at someone else in particular?
  14. AlaskanTigersFan

    2018 Draft

    I haven't seen or heard of the Tigers talking to him. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened yet, just haven't seen them around the field. The Royals were here the other day too.
  15. AlaskanTigersFan

    Braves Prospects

    Any chance the Tigers go after some of the prospects that were removed from the Braves? Looks like there was some talent there that is now FA's.