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  1. I think Frazier is a totally different player. Stewart is all bat. Frazier is a potential 5 tool player. He'd be starting on any other team than the Yankees and maybe Astros.....
  2. Boyd an Greene to Yankees for C. Frazier, Estavan Florial, and Jonathan Loasiga. Who says no?
  3. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=t106&player_id=665321#/career/R/pitching/2018/ALL - He gone....
  4. From what I see, he looks like a Victor Reyes clone.
  5. They should have drafted Keon Wong.... But Reed looks nice. SHould stick. Also just got Hill from Boston.
  6. I too think the Tigers should get Tulo. If he's 1/2 the player he was 3 years ago (yea that long ago), he'd be the best player on our team. Probably even with Miggy included in that statement..... (BTW, I'm really pulling for Miggy to come back an put up a .300+/.360+/.475+ stat line this year). We'll see if that actually happens or not though.....
  7. There was an article that said bama was like 3 or 4 deep at safety but he'd start at MI..... what is Bama doing to get all these guys..... i get that winning is huge. But they seem to have such an advantage that they can not possibly be recruiting legitly.....
  8. So pretty much he's your typical Tigers minor league pitcher.....?
  9. A lot of good points. I like the way Avila is drafting I must admit. Mize was a no brainer (glad he didn't pass up for Bart), Clemens an Meadows is great I think.... But his trades are what are killing me. Maybe if he doesn't deal with trades an only drafts... then he'd be ok imo.
  10. Just curious, do you approve of Al Avila right now? Letting Alex Wilson go for nothing.... Seems ridiculous to me. If he was making 3 million, let's say we trade him at the deadline, we save 1.5 mil. So we could have bought a B level prospect for 1.5 million...... Yet teams are paying a lot (well a lot less now for international prospects since the rule change) for some guys over seas to come in an hopefully make it to the MLB. Or other pitchers with a 3.36 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP are making 10-20 million per year..... I just have a hard time buying we couldn't find someone to trade him to. Anyways, I was just curious what you guys think of Avila. I was hugely disappointed on the JD trade, this was a bad move and I cannot believe they didn't trade Castellanos at last year's deadline when teams were sniffing around on him. Let alone right now while teams are looking at him. These are things GM's should look at in my opinion. It's easy for us fans not knowing all that is going on behind the doors, but this one is hard to swallow. Not keeping Wilson just to trade him at the deadline for essentially 1.5 million is baffling.
  11. Nick is a DH. We don't need a DH. I was at the Tampa game vs the Tigers and Nick had like 3 errors in RF....... If we can get a decent position prospect, lets do it. There is literally no point in keeping him if we can get young talent for him now. Every player we sign as a FA, we are hoping we can flip at the deadline for prospects. Nick has one year left and is in essentially the same boat. However, right now, we can get something of decent value for him. Come the trade deadline, he will be worth 1/2 of what he is now. I'll take the position prospect now thank you very much.
  12. Just curious. What does this do to the Salary Cap for the team? Can we go sign a player for 20 million a year now that Zetterberg retired or does it not work that way?
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