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  1. Lucas 27 usg 54.2 ts% 23.6 ast% 16.4 tov% 106.4 ortg Morris 29 usg 55.4 ts% 44.7 ast% 18.7 tov% 109.6 ortg So on offense, the only thing Kalin is better at is he turns the ball over a little less. His efficiency isn't as good even though he's a better shooter. As for the FFs as a soph, I'd guess Lucas's supporting cast of Summers, Allen, Green, Morgan, Suton helps a bit. You don't think if you replace Lucas with Morris on that team, that he can't luckbox a great run?
  2. currently 5th worst, 0.5 games out of 4th. know you all watched kentucky last night, i'm excited too.
  3. Watch his 30 at 30 and you'll all change your tune. Well, that's what I hear.
  4. Haha, no way. Allen Park = Downriver. Who drives Caddy's down here?
  5. Jeff Green is a poor man's Evan Turner to me if that means anything.
  6. Prove that I have two screen names. I mean like... compare IPs and all.
  7. So the one on wikipedia is wrong? EDIT: Guess what. You don't have any reading comprehension skills. I said top 3.
  8. Losing as much as possible and having the 4th worst record is a lot better than having the 6th-7th worst. Percent chance of a top 3 pick by worst records: 1: 64% 2: 56% 3: 47% 4: 38% 5: 29% 6: 21.5% 7: 15% 8: 10% 9: 6% 10: 4% 11: 3% 12: 2.5% 13: 2.2% 14: 1.8% The 4th worst record is very realistic right now. I'd much rather have a 38% chance of Wall, Cousins, or Turner than 10-20%. What about you?
  9. Someone's a little too emotionally invested. Let's get back on topic though. Hou and Utah coming to town. 2 very lose-able games. I'd say we have a 55% chance of losing each one individually. Catching a break or two and losing both would be HUGE. It has to be done to make up for the inevitable victory over Washington.
  10. I'd be willing to bet GREEEEEAR has made more this year than anyone on this board.
  11. So now instead of losing by 30, we'll lose by 25. Either is good by me.
  12. No detective work. I occasionally post both here and 2p2. GREEEAR is a legend over there. The guy's been banned like 10x.
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