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  1. we do'nt know how good johnson is he never plays I've heard some bad things about his work ethic in practice could we package him at the deadline for a legit center
  2. I'll bet milwakee they have an excess of bullpen arms Inge for Turnbow and a minor leaguer.
  3. what happens with inge could we send him to the Angels with Robertson for Santana or Weaver. I sure wish we could have gotten Harren great trade.
  4. any word yet on who the tigers will get from KC for the Colon trade
  5. when are we supposed to get the PTBNL from KC for the Colon deal. it's too bad we can't get Joey Gathright to play lf he has speed to burn.
  6. ironside

    SS/C ?

    if we are seriously thinking of aquiring Renteria from the braves what kind of package would it take. could we expand it to include rookie C Brayan Pena I hear he's a top prospect, he could take over for Pudge. also could we pick up Pudge's option and then trade him to the mets for prospects.
  7. what kind of package could we put together to get Berkman and Lidge from the astros Berkman would play Lf he could also play 1st. And Lidge would upgrade our bullpen whether or not Jones comes back
  8. what about Podsednick for lf he is a legit leadoff hitter with speed that allows us to move Grandy lower in the lineup. I think he's a free agent
  9. I also would have brought up Shelton 1 question about him in spring training he works out behind the plate with the catchers he was brought up as a catcher why not turn him back into a catcher full time. pick up Pudge's option give Shelton 1 year of extensive work behind the plate to see if he could replace Pudge in 2009 Inge made a position switch in the middle of his career
  10. the tigers have raised the white flag. they CAN still win the wild card. but they have done nothing to show they will pull out of this. I do'nt see any fire any urgency it's like their saying if we make the playoffs that's great if we do'nt oh well. thats not acceptable
  11. when I thought we had picked up Donovan Darius who got cut by the Raiders I should'nt have gotten my hopes up that would be a great pickup
  12. watching this team blow a 7 run lead after the Yanks and Indians lost is areal kick in the gut. now we'll find out what this team is made of but if you ask me stick a fork in them their done
  13. I thought we would pick up some ground on them tonight they were losing 5-2 in the bottom of the 8th they just scored 6 off the putrid White Sox bullpen final score Indians 8 White sox 5 can't seem to catch a break
  14. I am listening to the Mud Hens game they just said that Aqualino Lopez was also getting called up to the Tigers. I think thats wrong he was outrighted to Toledo to make room for parada on the 40 man roster.
  15. as a hens fan living in Toledo this sucks hopefully they can still win the playoffs. The 2 new guys will replace Bazardo and Capellan on the Toledo Roster butwho replaces Hessman and Infante. The Tigers should not call these guys up untill the minor league season is over
  16. if he's healthy I'd do it in a heartbeat
  17. I have gotten a reputation on this forum as Mr negative after 1 loss. I care about the tigers I want them to do well I was spoiled by last years magical season. Can they still make the playoffs? yes. will they? who knows. Not if they continue to play the way they have been. Something I saw on the broadcast last night really ticked me off. the shot of Thames in the dugout laughing his head off in the 9th inning after sleep walking through the whole game. Someone on that club needs to break some clubhouse furnature and get pissed off. the way they are playing is unacceptable but if they do'nt care why should I. we'll just sit on our couches and watch cleveland in the playoffs
  18. when does all the dead money Rogers Williams Verba Mcown etc.come off our salary cap
  19. technicaly we are in a penant race but one thing is becoming clear, we are not a playoff team. playoff teams do'nt lose games like last night. that was a joke. What do we do to fix this team for next year. The lineup has too many holes 1st 3rd lf and C. I do'nt want to pick up Pudge's option but we have no choice.(no better option). I would love to try to trade for Glaus and Renteria move Guillen to first.Sign Kenny to a 1 year contract with an option. resign Jones. I also think we may need another starter. Andrew does'nt seem like he's ready
  20. which is the best way our to focus our energy on catching Cleveland or concentrating on the wild card? Can we catch cleveland of course we can but they have pitched better than us, lately and they are starting to get their offense together. we have a better shot at the wildcard
  21. To read the article in the freep it sounds like he's done for the year.he expect to be ready for spring training? If he's done that's bad for our playoff chances
  22. I think they should DL Sheff and back infante so we're not a player short. of the players mentioned I like Glaus but I do'nt know what it would take to get him. on a side note what about trading for Wickman he's better than Grilli and it keeps him from Cleveland
  23. I'm tired of the abuse I've taken here I was only theorizing on our pitching problems Gammons and Olney compared it to what happend to the White Sox pitchers the year after they went to the world series. get off my back.
  24. they seem to be to be suffering from post championship syndrome too many innings pitching deep into October last year. hopefully they will snap out of it soon
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