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  1. Maybe he was scratched because we are trading him straight up for David Wright!
  2. I chose the 6 payments over the next 6 months. They are giving me 6 - $20 credits off the price. So the total was close to $300 and my credits total $120 for a net $180. I don't know why you can't get this. I did some research before calling and saw a few different forums where the technique I described in my previous post resulted in the $120 total in credits. Maybe because I have had Sunday Ticket and Extra Innings for several years, and you are attempting to get it as a first timer is the reason they will not give you the credits.???? Good luck. Stay persistent. Ask if you can purchase Red Zone Channel seperately. (You can't on DTV by the way), be a whiner, be their best friend, use your entire bag of tricks. Heck, even tell them you know they are doing it for other customers.
  3. BB - I had success with my phone call to Directv. I was able to get $120 knocked off the Sunday Ticket and had the Sunday Ticket To-Go (online and phone access) package removed for another $50 savings. My total price for Sunday Ticket will be $180. It's still a lot more than the Dish/Cable red Zone price, but I get to keep the convenience of not switching companies which makes my wife and kids happy (priceless!!) They still do not offer just the Red Zone a la carte on Directv. If you call, I used the automated system to get a human by saying "cancel" when prompted for the reason for my call. Good luck.
  4. My current "beef" with Directv is the price for my NFL Sunday Ticket. Overall, I love the DTV product, many HD channels, MLB network, etc. However, the NFL Network now offers the Red Zone channel via Dish and cable. I checked with Dish and its $7 a month, that's $30 total. Sunday Ticket this year is $350. All I really watch is the Red Zone channel anyway, I want that channel offered a la carte on DTV. I'm sure I'm not alone, but I see no way DTV will offer the channel a la carte. I'm calling tomorrow to ask anyway and give them options. I'm hoping to get at least $150 knocked off Sunday Ticket. We will see.
  5. I just got back from my third straight July trip to Vegas. Here's a tip - don't park in the lot at the airport. It cost me $80 to leave the lot. Drink lots of water. The Fremont Street Experience is cool. Go to any sportsbook and put $20 on the Tigers each day. If you really want excitement put the money on the run line. The Tigers play the White Sox while you are there. Bellagio Fountains are a nice sight. As are the inside of the Venetian, Caesars Palace, MGM Lions, etc. almost every hotel has something memorable about it. If you are out late, put the do not disturb sign on the door and turn your cell phone off or on silent while it charges. (Those 10:00 AM EST calls are 7:00 calls in Vegas.) Have fun! Read all you can about Vegas between now and your flight. There is so much to see and do.
  6. Thanks guys. Ever since I took over as building principal I don't have time to post much, or for that matter at all. I am more just a reader of the site, visiting a few times a day. It's nice to still be recognized. My birthday was very nice.
  7. NFL Draft Tracker has the 3rd rounder listed as the 74 pick. Buffalo is listed as still having the 92 overall in Round 3. Day One picks left for the Lions are 43, 66, and 74.
  8. I have a gut feeling they will get a deal worked out with Atlanta that involves the #8 and Atlanta's two number 2's. They will select Gaines Adams, if he falls, or Leon Hall with the #8. They will then package some number 2's and 5's to get back into the top 15 to get Willis.
  9. There is no way McNabb is going to be traded. This is a writer's imagination running wild.
  10. LT was upset about some Patriots doing the "Lights Out" dance at midfield. I can't blame him one bit. LT is class and will always be class. The Patriots acted in a classless manner by dancing at midfield.
  11. Same as I had in 2005 and 2006 (so these people will basically stay healthy all year). Shug Knight Freddy Prince Jr. Teddy Kennedy Ernie Harwell Lloyd Carr Whitney Houston
  12. This seems like a waste of $2.5 million. I thought DD theory on RP was go cheap. Surely, I won't second guess DD, but I do not like Jose Mesa the person or the pitcher.
  13. A tie is a tie, but to any other name is a tie, or something like that. I predicted LA Dodgers first and San Diego second, likewise I had Arizona 4th and Colorado 5th. Since LA and San Diego tied for first (and second)I counted both as 0. Similarly, since Arizona and Colorado tied for fourth and fifth I counted both as 0. I noticed no other ties. Counting these I had 46.
  14. Your time frame may be off a bit. The reason I say this is because the Tigers had a window to work on Sheff working out a contract extension. I'm not sure how much time actually passed in that window before the trade was announced, but it would reduce the time between trades regardless.
  15. How about the bobbled ball that Eckstein hit and later scored on to decide Game 5?
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