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  1. Very nice. There is a 2018 Bowman Paredes in a Tigers Uniform.
  2. I could list many other examples about people dying in the nursing homes who couldn't see family for months after seeing them multiple times per week. All in counties that have extremely low infection rates (328 infections for 100,000 population where I live and 110 infections for 42,000 population where my business is). All I'm saying is this isn't a black and white stop infections at all cost issue IMO and politics are big on both sides. Michigan has one of the highest death/infection rates in the country as do the other states that were/are putting infected patients back into long term care facilities. Michigan is also appears to have a liberal calculation of deaths adding deaths later (2-3 times per week) by looking at death certificates and listing everyone who had COVID as a COVID death. So it's hard to tell for sure, except politics definitely factor in significantly on both sides.
  3. Michigan cares enough about it's residents to keep putting infected patients into long-term care facilities while preventing healthy people from being with their parents as advocates in the hospital who are having other heart and kidney or other serious medical conditions. I have a friend whose father almost died because he couldn't be there advocating for him, and another who couldn't spend time with his father who was diagnosed with cancer during COVID and was in the hospital for a month until the father was sent home and died 2 days later. Sorry for the rant, but so much of this is political on both sides and many on both sides care more about the politics than the people.
  4. That's it, thanks
  5. I don't know why I can't find it right now, but I seem to remember during an intrasquad game a bit over a week ago, they had rain and all ended up int he clubhouse together. The headline was something about Mattingly saying they were still working about protocols.
  6. Wasn't Miami the team that all went into the clubhouse during a rain delay early last week - I seem to remember Mattingly talking about that.
  7. So it looks like there is a realistic possibility that Soto was a false positive (he took 2 rapid tests yesterday that were both negative) as was the case with Joey Gallo earlier. But because of protocol, he will have to have 2 negatives that are at least 24 hours apart. Hopefully this is the case, but it definitely creates challenges if there will continue to be false positives. Imagine if they did shut down the series only to find out he didn't really have it.
  8. I agree, although we actually have until the end of the 2021 season for the pitching to look good/roster improved as he isn't a FA until after the 2021 season.
  9. Looking at his 2017 season, at 19 he pitched in 19 games and pitched 86.2 innings. (4.5 IP/game) From what I remember, Houston was splitting games between 2 starters so he never went more than 5 innings. I just think if you are trying to develop someone who has stud potential, you would stretch them out a bit at 19 to 6-7 innings or if they have a low pitch count, let them go a bit farther. Otherwise I think it's extremely difficult to stretch them out at 22 when their body is used to going 4-5 innings.
  10. I get that, but I thought he could have been stretched more than 4 innings at 19 in AA. If he were in college he would be going 6-7.
  11. Agree completely. I want to see all the young pitchers with potential being stretched out as much as possible. If as they make it to the majors it becomes evident they aren't likely to become a guy you'd regularly want going 6 IP, then back them off to that role. I just think it would likely be easier to back off rather than trying to extend someone after years of conditioning. He's probably too injured otherwise for it to have made a difference, but I was a bit concerned with the Astros minor league philosophy in developing Perez as if I remember correctly he was limited to 4-5 Innings in their system. It was weird to me that they would do that with their higher end prospects when you see them ride the studs at the ML level to great success. It seems like you'd at least want to try and develop that with the higher end prospects.
  12. I guess it could be read either way: "For now, he is learning the ropes, working with people such as Trammell, the Tigers’ Hall of Fame shortstop. During the draft process, Torkelson wasn’t entirely sure who Trammell was until his father informed him. “I guess it was good that I didn’t know before I started talking to him, because I would have got a little intimidated,” Torkelson said. I don't see it as much of a deal either way, but to me it looks like he learned about Trammell from his father during the draft process, but then didn't recognize him when he was talking to him.
  13. I didn't take the article that way at all. I took it as he didn't recognize him and his dad pointed him out. The article I read said he was glad he didn't recognize him or he would have been more nervous.
  14. League wide I can see the point, but the way we have built our organization, it looks like we may be an outlier. Assuming Manning/Mize/Skubal become 3 of those, I think it's realistic to think that we can find 1-2 of Turnball/Boyd/Faedo/Wentz/Perez🤪/ or someone else to be worth going 5-7 innings each time through. I'm just of the belief that if you have an organizational strength, use it as much as possible, especially if it is an anomaly compared to the league as a whole.
  15. Another benefit from Mize/Manning/Skubal being in Toledo is that Greene and Tork get experience hitting off of some of the best in the minors 🤪
  16. You could, but the other view is that they aren't going to come close to their innings limit anyhow so are you better letting them get more innings in intrasquad games in Toledo with potentially the occasional time in MLB games.
  17. For this season it may make sense - although I'd still like Boyd and Turnball to get "normal" starter innings. Longer term though, I think it goes against what is looking like it will be the Tigers strength. The great benefit of our system and the hope of the rebuild is the potential for multiple dominant starters and several above average to very good starters. If you are limiting their innings you are greatly limiting the value in building the organization based on starting pitching. IMO, take advantage of your organizational advantage which becomes even bigger if the rest of the league is trending the opposite way.
  18. 20 of the deaths were from vital records review - so they were older ones.
  19. Yes, both suicides have increased and car accident deaths have decreased. I don't have the numbers, but I know I have seen both of those.
  20. I'm sorry I got off track from the discussion. No, for MLB resuming it isn't the question.
  21. Again, I agree we shouldn't go try and expose ourselves to COVID-19. If there our outbreaks in a city or county, that city or county should consider shutting down. The question for me is, in trying to avoid all potential exposure to COVID-19, are we setting ourselves up to have much worse consequences from other viruses and bacteria than we normally would? And the question is where does that line get crossed? If COVID-19 is not as dangerous to the vast vast majority of the population, are we putting many more at risk by continuing all of the restrictions? Every life matters, elderly, young, vulnerable, healthy, all races, sexes,. The question is, will we lose more lives from other health issues (not counting suicides which I think we already have) than we save from COVID?
  22. Not saying this is evidence, but here is an article from September 2019 in US News about how becoming too sterile is bad for our immune system. https://health.usnews.com/wellness/articles/hygiene-hypothesis-could-more-dirt-and-germs-boost-your-health And another article about how exposing yourself to good bugs is good for your immunity - It says there are 38 trillion microbes in our body - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8112331/How-boost-immune-help-fight-coronavirus.html I know this isn't anything on being exposed to viruses, but it talks about the need to expose ourselves to various microbes. As far as links, that's about all I have time for looking for now - neither of these 2 are ones I had seen before. My wife could pull up hundreds of articles/videos that align with what we are doing to keep our immune systems up and what has helped us over the past roughly 15 years.
  23. I wouldn't say going out to try and get exposed is good, but the reality is we come in contact with thousands if not millions of viruses and bacteria every day. Our immune systems build through that and get stronger so we are able to fight off more. We can also obviously supplement our immune system naturally which builds it. The main way for the immune system to build according to the naturopathic doctors my family go to are have encountered something that they can build up from. Just like we all have cancer cells in us. In a healthy immune system, the immune system will take care of the cancer cells. When cancers develop it is because the person's immune system was compromised and not able to take it out. There are many epidemiologists who state the same things and are very concerned of epidemics over the next few years triggered by prolonged sterilizations and avoiding contact.
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