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  1. I've heard him on MLB XM multiple times including just a couple weeks ago. He talked about riding his Trike up to Lakeland to see the team.
  2. Denver easily. You can probably get a 2022 1st out of the 2021 2nd if you really want it, let alone the possible trade down scenerio you offered.
  3. So are the same standards used for the parades in support/protest of the election? Or other protests? Basically 100% of the people were masked and they were literally on the field for around 10 minutes. The bigger risk was what students did after the game rather than what they did at that time. These students just finished/are finishing a semester in which they went 16 weeks with no breaks at one of the more rigorous schools with a ton of restrictions. A study was performed that showed that over 50% of the students were in a category of serious distress using the Kessler-6 measurement of psychological distress. This moment was a small bit of relief and normalcy in what was as safe an environment as realistic (every student was being tested at least every 10-12 days.) and the fruit (actual decrease in new cases) showed that it was not a super spreader. The effects of COVID and the restrictions in place have caused significant harm (IMO much greater) than the virus itself. I've now lost an aunt and a former neighbor due to not being diagnosed for cancer when the shutdowns happened in March/April. To keep the holistic balance between reducing the spread/protecting the vulnerable and not harming future generations with addictions/mental issues/loss of businesses, etc is definitely a challenge.
  4. I know the appearance was bad, but 10 days later, there was no surge at ND. Daily cases have actually been lower than they were the week before the Clemson Game. Surveillance/Exit testing has a 0.7% positivity rate over the past 7 days. Diagnostic/Contact tracing testing has a 12.5% positivity - so they have been identifying the likely cases. A little over 9,000 tests have been done in the past 7 days (approximately 11,000 undergrad/grad students and faculty overall) and 100% of students have been/are being exit tested before leaving (or they cannot register for spring classes). Again, optics were not good, but it wasn't apocalyptic as the national media made it seem, especially when there were huge events all across the country going on in support of or protesting the election. Basically every student was masked and they were on the field a relatively short time.
  5. Based on the daily testing numbers for the university as a whole, it appears like all but 1 positive on Monday were football players. Adding the 9 positive football players to the totals for the past week (they are done outside the other university tests and reported a bit later), there are approximately 30 total positives from since 9/16 with at least 13 being on the football team. There were over 2700 total tests administrated during that timeframe.
  6. ND has had 691 positive cases since the start of the school year (averaging about 5-6/day since their surge) and 2 hospitalizations (which have since recovered). 637 of the cases are now recovered with 54 active cases. The vast majority of those who were positive had very few if any symptoms. By comparison, last year far more were significantly sicker in my son's dorm with "the freshman plague".
  7. Tuesday's positive number bumped to 7 and yesterdays number is 3, so last 6 days: 17, 10, 3, 12, 7, 3. 599 total cases now, 446 recovered, 153 active and 0 hospitalizations. 311 tests reported today, 429 yesterday, 610 Monday. Another significant positive is that the positive rate of the surveillance testing is 0.8%, 36 positives out of 4470 total tests. So it definitely appears like their contact tracing is working very effectively.
  8. I remember it pretty vividly. I slept in the spare bedroom that had a TV that night so I could watch the game - It was on ABC that night I believe (we could only get Channel 4 to come in clear sometimes if the antenna rotor was turned just right and the weather was just right from our home 100 miles from Detroit.
  9. Don't forget we got Bergman too. For some reason, I still vividly remember his at bat where he fouled off 30 pitches (ok, the total at bat was 13 pitches but it did last 7 minutes). It's crazy what you remember from age 10 when you are up later than you are supposed to be..
  10. On a positive note. ND was back in person classes yesterday after 2 weeks online. Daily cases keep decreasing. Last 5 days: 17,10, 3, 12, 2 from a peak of 102, 89, 82 Aug 17-19. The peak was all traced back to 2 off campus parties the weekend before school started. Another major positive, of the 591 positive results since back at school, 410 are recovered and 0 hospitalizations. They isolated every positive for 10 days and quarantined every close contact until they had 2 negative tests -first taken at 4 days, 2nd at 6 or 7 days from contact. They have been using apartments, hotels, etc. They are continually increasing the surveillance testing - my son was tested once last week, and are starting Saliva testing I believe this week in which case they will be testing everyone much more in order to isolate positives quicker. From it being a question if they were going to be able to stay on campus a couple weeks ago, I'm getting pretty confident they will be able to finish off the semester.
  11. Just waiting for the comments "Avila is so stupid to waste a year of service time on a season that will probably be cancelled early anyhow. Not only that but to not wait until the Super 2 deadline has passed. What a waste of $" Odds are they will come from the same people who were saying how not calling them up earlier would cause no draft picks to want to sign with the Tigers.
  12. I agree. For all the negativity from the positive cases, in reality, a very small amount of players/staff are testing positive.
  13. Exactly. smaller school (roughly 8500 undergrads) and large campus basically on its own.
  14. We will see how it is on campuses soon enough. My son's classes started today at ND. There was one student on campus Thursday/Friday that tested positive and 6 were quarantined that were in close contact. It will definitely be an interesting case study. The campus has a lot put into place to help it work, but they also have a lot of room on campus for some of it (like setting up large tents outside of the dining halls, using many different settings for classrooms including the hotel on campus, etc)
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