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  1. There are a lot of other things that would have changed if that was a legitimate offer and was accepted. Verlander likely doesn't get traded to the Astros as they were runners up on Quintana. So we don't have Cameron, Perez, and Rogers in our system. Now we would still have Verlander who may have then been traded last year and who knows what we get from him then.
  2. It isn't so much backloading as it is paying the signing bonus. Flowers signing bonus was huge, but his base salary this year is around 800K so he gets like $29 mil up front, but only counts $6.4 against this years cap. However, his signing bonus counts $5.6 mil for each of the next 4 years even though it was already paid.
  3. However, like Shelton said earlier, those 9 draft picks take the cap place of the bottom 9 already on the cap, so roughly $4.5 million comes off the cap number when that $9 million goes on so the net cap needed for our draft picks is roughly $4.5 million. Also, this site says we have $32.7 million left in space After Flowers, Amendola, and James, but before Coleman and Aboushi so take out those 2 and the $4.5 mil for draft picks and we still have over $20 mil left
  4. I haven't seen the terms yet, but supposedly it is front loaded. If it is say 10 years at $30 mil, then the last 3 would be at $10 mil per year. Either way it gets the AAV down to just under $25.4 million which is the big thing for the luxury tax penalties. I was expecting Philly to have to give him at least $330 million over 10 years, so I think they did a great job for them in adding the 3 extra years to reduce the AAV. He should be able to DH then as well as I'd be shocked if the NL doesn't have the DH in 3 years let alone 10.
  5. If I'm remembering correctly, the first season he wasn't signed, he was not only asking for starter money, but a starting job. I remember there being at least a few opportunities he turned down because he was either going to be competing for the job or coming in as a backup. So there is a lot more than just the views he expressed.
  6. I kind of like connecting revenue sharing/eligibility for top draft picks to hitting certain targets a certain number of times over 3-5 years. Your idea of finishing 500 at least once in 5 years works. If they want to tie it to payroll, rather than have a strict annual salary floor, have something where there is a floor teams have to hit at least 3 out of 5 years or something similar. Maybe that number can be a bit higher than what an annual salary floor would be. That way a team like us for example that was a luxury tax payer when they have a chance to compete wouldn't get penalized by having a low payroll for a couple years while they rebuild when it probably doesn't make much sense to spend larger $, but teams couldn't get by in perpetuity spending $40-80 million on payroll.
  7. Hey, at least now we can actually trade for him 😜
  8. I know I'm definitely for trading him for a solid return. I just was completely against non-tendering him and would rather keep him at least to the trade deadline than trade him for scraps now. At the deadline, go ahead and move him for basically whatever if we aren't signing him to a team friendly extension (i.e. 3 yrs $30-40 mil). I think the extension is very unlikely.
  9. I definitely agree with the one aspect thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think saving errors on bad throws is one of the more important parts of fielding 1b. And I wouldn't call Cabrera a good fielder, but overall I think he is middle of the pack. I'm not confident Castellanos would be quite at that level.
  10. Cabrera is one of the better first basemen at picking bad throws. He isn't near as bad at first as you are implying.
  11. I think it would make more sense to have them split the time if you are considering moving Castellanos to 1b. Cabrera is likely the better 1b and I'm not sure how much if any of Cabrera's injuries are related to playing 1b.
  12. Why is it much different than Fiers? We don't have anyone ready in the OF, have a need for offense, he has potential for upside? There was some interest in him last trade deadline, so the chance is definitely there to get something for him - likely similar to 84's interesting analogy. If he gets to the 30 HR range, with his obp, his age and the ability to play OF, 3b, and potentially 1b, even at a below average level, he has more value than someone like Cron. (who was claimed so at least 1 team did see value in him at a price the Rays didn't). If Castellanos repeats this season in 2019, I'd be surprised if he doesn't get at least 3 years $30 mil from someone. If that would be his price, depending on development of our prospects this year/Cabrera's health, I'd be ok with that team being the Tigers. It would mean moving Stewart as I wouldn't want either of them starting in the OF every day.
  13. No, I wouldn't sign him, you are right about that. However, if they didn't have him, I could see the Tigers pursuing a free agent OF/IF of his caliber for 1 year in the $7-8 million range with the hope of catching lightning in the bottle and trading him for anything of value. Is the $2-3 million difference for a player who the team has put out in front in is marketing and leadership has talked about his mentoring young players really worth it? The Tigers did a similar thing with Iglesias last off season even though they knew it was unlikely they would resign him this year. I'd also be looking at all options to trade him now and during the season, as well as extending him reasonably (which I don't think will happen.) I do agree with Lee that it non-tendering him definitely would send a message to fans about the cheapness of the team. McCann is a completely different story. Castellanos has shown his upside at the plate and other internal options for this season would be significant downgrades. McCann has shown consistent struggles at the plate and overall average behind the plate despite a great arm. The crazy thing is, I don't really care how much they win this year and usually lean towards saving the $, (I.E. Kinsler last off season). It's just other than a healthy Cabrera and a bounceback (mainly health) for Candelario, if you remove Castellanos from our offense, there is very little entertaining at all. To give let him go for nothing would be a poor message to the fans and the team. It isn't about winning this year, but you do have to be at least somewhat competitive for the integrity of the sport.
  14. Call me crazy, but I do think if other factors our equal, players consider how teams treat their players. The Tigers evidently think enough of Castellanos to have requested he (and Greene) have a podcast to communicate with fans. He definitely is a bigger part of the face of the team than any of the players you mentioned above. If I'm a Free agent who has options, and sees a team non-tender a 26 year old who did what he could to promote the team, was the best offensive player and one of the most visible faces of the franchise the year before, I would definitely lower them on my list. Especially when the contract he would be getting is reasonably fair. Now it doesn't mean he wouldn't be traded, but then you could understand the team is getting some value for him and he is still getting treated fairly. Also, Moustakas is a different story as he had the qualifying offer attached to him. I also think he had an offer from the Angels, but had is initial value set so high they moved on. He was reported to be seeking 5 years $75-90 million at the start of last off-season.
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