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  1. If the rumor was true, did Cabrera "pull a stunt" or did the the team just do it in an effort to help him feel comfortable? What I'm saying is that even if the rumor was true, no where did it say Cabrera demanded they extend Willis before he signed an extension.
  2. I agree. I had thought the draft tracker went by what they verbally announced and had found it interesting, but if they verbally announced pitcher, then that is definitely what he is.
  3. I was looking at the Draft-tracker - I thought that was how they announced it. I didn't see the video. I'm sure they are going to have him pitch. And if the video has them announcing him as a pitcher I assume your theory of him originally being drafted as an OF makes the most sense.
  4. That would make sense as he did start his college career as a 2-way player
  5. So in the draft they announced OF and they tweeted RHP - sounds like maybe they are going to try and 2-way
  6. They announced him as an Outfielder. All he did this year in college was pitch.
  7. I'm thinking they may try and 2-way him?
  8. The talk was that they had offers for both Cespedes and Upton. Supposedly Avila talked Illitch out of Davis.
  9. The market for sluggers when he was signed was in the range he was paid and the norm for prior to that.. Cespedes received a similar if not even more player friendly contract. The Baltimore Chris Davis was signed that offseason. For the time, Upton's deal wasn't really out of line at all, especially considering he was an average or slightly better outfielder.
  10. There are a lot of other things that would have changed if that was a legitimate offer and was accepted. Verlander likely doesn't get traded to the Astros as they were runners up on Quintana. So we don't have Cameron, Perez, and Rogers in our system. Now we would still have Verlander who may have then been traded last year and who knows what we get from him then.
  11. It isn't so much backloading as it is paying the signing bonus. Flowers signing bonus was huge, but his base salary this year is around 800K so he gets like $29 mil up front, but only counts $6.4 against this years cap. However, his signing bonus counts $5.6 mil for each of the next 4 years even though it was already paid.
  12. However, like Shelton said earlier, those 9 draft picks take the cap place of the bottom 9 already on the cap, so roughly $4.5 million comes off the cap number when that $9 million goes on so the net cap needed for our draft picks is roughly $4.5 million. Also, this site says we have $32.7 million left in space After Flowers, Amendola, and James, but before Coleman and Aboushi so take out those 2 and the $4.5 mil for draft picks and we still have over $20 mil left
  13. I haven't seen the terms yet, but supposedly it is front loaded. If it is say 10 years at $30 mil, then the last 3 would be at $10 mil per year. Either way it gets the AAV down to just under $25.4 million which is the big thing for the luxury tax penalties. I was expecting Philly to have to give him at least $330 million over 10 years, so I think they did a great job for them in adding the 3 extra years to reduce the AAV. He should be able to DH then as well as I'd be shocked if the NL doesn't have the DH in 3 years let alone 10.
  14. If I'm remembering correctly, the first season he wasn't signed, he was not only asking for starter money, but a starting job. I remember there being at least a few opportunities he turned down because he was either going to be competing for the job or coming in as a backup. So there is a lot more than just the views he expressed.
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