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  1. Was Castellanos taken with a competitive balance pick? For some reason it seems like he was - nope found it. He was compensation for losing Rodney.
  2. Actually 1 major change has been that Michigan very rarely recruits Ohio any more. Part of that may be OSU doing a better job of keeping kids in state, but in the past some of Michigan's best players came from Ohio. It just isn't happening anymore.
  3. Don't feel too bad though, my son is a freshman at ND, so we got to experience the Michigan game from that perspective this year.
  4. Those were the days - from the other perspective. I remember the Biakabutuka game quite well.
  5. They also have the 4th ranked 2020 recruiting class including 2 top 10 recruits and 8 top 100 recruits. If they end up with the 2nd QB they are targeting and/or Emmit Smith's son they potentially will move up another spot. It's also very early, but they are off to a strong start in 2021 (currently ranked #2 nationally) including the #2 overall recruit, 5 top 100 commits (the 6th commit is in the 120's). I don't think recruiting is going to fall off too much with Day
  6. As a Buckeye fan, from my memory It was the combination of not being able to beat Michigan, losing most bowl games, and the final 2 seasons being mediocre that led to Cooper's firing. Had he won 10 games each of his final 2 seasons, I doubt he gets fired, but I sure am glad he did.
  7. For the risk of $50 K you definitely do IMO. $100 K if you keep him, 50 if you don't. That's an extremely cheap way to see if you can improve the talent level. If a hard throwing reliever fails, ala last year, no big deal. If the player hits even mildly, it's another asset.
  8. I'd be shocked if they don't take one. Be foolish not to IMO with the first pick, even if you don't think they will for sure stick. First glance it seems like Ramos would be the logical pick. Soon to be 25 year old LH hitting 1b (position of need) with power and patience. Seems like an easy fit to give a shot to, especially with 26 man rosters.
  9. March of 2019 - after both Harper and Machado signed https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/angels/2019/03/19/mike-trout-contract-angels/3210621002/
  10. Whitaker was my favorite player from the first game my parents took me to around 1982 when I asked why people were booing. My mother got the Hank Aaron Autograph for me on a business trip in Atlanta. Others are just items I've gotten at games, auctions, sellers at festivals, etc.
  11. This is what I don't agree with. I don't know when bobbling the ball while landing out of bounds was considered a catch - maybe before the rule change you mentioned in 1982. Now under G2's proposal, the call on the field probably stands, which I'd be fine with, but with the current review, it definitely wasn't a catch IMO.
  12. I could get behind this as well.
  13. On this I was only talking about the rule pertaining to the KG play. I wasn't talking about the rule altogether. I'm only talking about KG's play. KG's wouldn't have been a catch after 1982 when I was 8. I didn't know the rules before 1982.
  14. I wasn't able to see the bobble in real time, that needed review, but seeing the review, I definitely think they made the right call. Again, I do think they should have a time limit to make their decision, and if they can't see it within the 60 seconds, the play on the field should stand.
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