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  1. I believe it was Callis who said he would slot him ahead of Mize. Whoever said it was the outlier though from what I've seen/heard.
  2. I can't understand why Drapery didn't fly
  3. I definitely think the Owner's proposal is poor with the playoff caveat. I also think that the Owner's need to include some increase to the players (likely in a pool) to share increased revenues if a reasonable amount of fans are allowed in some venues. I definitely significantly lean towards the players side in this argument, and think the owner's proposals are ridiculous. However, I do think the players have to assume a bit of the risk of the reduced revenues and need to realize that their counter-proposals of more than 82 games at full prorated have no chance of going through. I wish the owners would just go the full pro-rated for 82 games, but defer 25-30% of it, but it doesn't sound like they are going there. Both sides need to realize that this fight over the short term has much greater ramifications in the long term if an agreement doesn't come to fruition. I also think taking away the draft pick compensation, while only affecting potentially 10-20 players is a fairly significant give in relation to the next CBA.
  4. That is a reasonable bit of rounding: 50 games = 30.8% 76 games @ 75% prorated is 35.2%. Not an insignificant difference. Also the No draft pick compensation is a pretty major deal. I do think the owners need to get to something that at least gets to 40-45%, but they are not offering the "same proposal in different clothes"
  5. Bastidas (#26 on the list) looks very intriguing. Chance to be ++ defender at SS with power from both sides of the plate. Santana looks interesting as well obviously.
  6. I'd be thrilled to come out of tonight with Dobbins/Claypool/Okwara, but don't think it's likely to get all 3. I expect them to take Epenesa in the 2nd, which I'm ok with, but it means it's unlikely to get either of Dobbins/Taylor/Swift or Claypool.
  7. And to say "many pundits consider Jeudy to be the best wideout to come in the league since Julio 9 years ago", while that may be true, there are also many pundits that don't even consider him the best wideout in this draft class from his own school.
  8. Exactly and that is what is being verified.
  9. The famous one (hydroxychloroquine) has already been approved for use for treatment (not just trials)and seeing positive results with very little side effects as well as current availability to treat 2-4 million patients (additional without exhausting other things it is used for) and an additional 46 million patient capacity by the end of May (230 million doses/5 doses per patient treatment)
  10. Completely agree. That's where the treatments come in. If the treatments end up being successful in eliminating hospital stays for 99+ pct of the patients, then the hospital strain is eliminated. Until we are at that point, nothing will (or probably should) open up. I just think that point is much sooner than months down the road. I really think we are going to have more positive results reported from treatments that are already beginning to be approved by the FDA. If all parties involved can get past political interests, I think we can see the strain on hospitals dropped dramatically during this month. But areas like Detroit (with over 80% of the cases in MI) and NYC (with roughly 35% of the cases in the US) and Chicago, etc need to have the strain on hospitals reduced before any relaxing of the social distancing in those areas especially. Testing is obviously another area that will dramatically reduce the spread and as 1 hr or less kits are being approved now, and soon to be home testing kits available, that will also significantly help us return to limited function. If I can reliably test at home before going out, or we can test people that come to work in a "quarantined area" and have quick results, it isolating cases becomes realistic. There are many ways functionality can return to our nation long before a vaccine is in place.
  11. I will say, I am generally optimistic, so I'd lean towards 2-3 week at a time policies with extensions rather than 1-2 month at a time. Obviously leagues/concerts/etc need to build in extra time, but for cities/states to ban all gatherings for multiple months in advance at this point (or any point IMO) is kind of crazy.
  12. Treatments that reduce the time contagious from 21 days to 4-6 days definitely reduces the spread of the virus. And if the results from contracting the virus end up meaning no dangerous symptoms for 99.5+ plus of those infected, it ends up being much less dangerous if someone contracts the virus, and similar to many other viruses that have gone through from H1N1 to the common flu. It obviously isn't at that stage now, but I definitely don't see us "needing to have a vaccine" before we can open any events again.
  13. Or treatments are proven effective. Once multiple treatments are proven effective with 5-7 day "cures" and getting it doesn't become a significant danger, what is the difference between COVID-19 and another virus? It is hugely important to slow down the spread until the treatments are here, but it is crazy for places to be banning activities months down the road IMO. Once valid treatments are here, if a player tests positive during the season, they take the treatments and it is handled like the normal flu. Obviously, with no treatments this wasn't/isn't the case, but I personally really don't think contracting COVID-19 will be a big deal come mid-April/early May as I believe there will be treatments available that have a 99.5 + % success rate in treating it. We are acting like there will never be a treatment found, or we have to wait until we get a vaccine so no one can get it. I just don't think that is correct. We do need to slow it down until treatments can be found as it currently has a much higher rate of serious effects, but there are already 5-10 very promising treatments that are being tested here and around the world, not just hydroxychloroquine. I honestly expect a significant shift to come within the next couple weeks where the fear of COVID-19 will drop dramatically.
  14. Yeah, I think they would look it as similar to if the season started with a strike/lockout and take whatever they could get rather than losing and entire season.
  15. I think once they get the quick testing kits available and treatments become available, things are going to turn around quickly. Once there is a solid verifiable treatment, getting COVID-19 won't be as significant of an issue as it is now. Also, if it does follow the other strands of corona virus, it's viability will be significantly weakened by the humidity and increased temperatures. So Yes, I do think there will be a season.
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