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  1. Jd on a 1 yr deal?

    He already has a 5 year $125 plus million offer from Boston. You would have to give him at least $35 mil to get him to even think about a 1 year deal. No way we do anything like that for another Lugo/Alacantra/king potential return. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I think it's all but certain Cain, Moustakas and Lynn will get $50 mil+. They won't get the $80-100 mil they were hoping for, but I'd be shocked if they don't each get $60-80, which would still be a deal comparative to previous years. I haven't heard anything about them connected to him, but if I were the Yankees, I'd be signing Moustakas for anywhere in the 5 year $75-90 mil range rather than try and get Machado for the $250 or whatever he will be next year. I just think Moustakas would be a great fit in that ballpark. (It would also make me dislike them more as I don't like what I've seen/heard of him at all). It would also free them more to trade for a cheaper pitcher (like Fulmer :-) as they would only be counting on a rookie to man 2b.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't we also lose draft picks for Cain, Moose, & Lynn? And do those picks start with our 2nd pick (if we were still a luxury tax payer last year) or did we get under the threshold in 2017 with our trades? Either way, it is a greater cost than just $.
  4. They don’t. Just a way to take off $17 mil. Same way Atl didn’t want Gonzalez-and Dodgers don’t want Kemp. If they don’t take Victor, they give us $32 mil instead of $15 mil. Either way, I wouldn’t pay more than $11 mil over 2 years for Kemp and it would have to be a pretty decent prospect or 2 to be worth that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Kemp, prospect/prospects and $15 mil for Victor. Dodgers cut Victor. We end up replacing Victor with Kemp, adding $11 mil over 2 years plus a prospect or 2. Hope Kemp gets hot and maybe get another prospect or 2. Obviously the prospects have to be good enough for the $11 mil commitment, but I’d definitely be interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    I'm hoping 1 of the 2 H.S. SS shows themselves worthy of the #1.
  7. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    In no way were the White Sox assets similarly valued to ours. Sale had 3 years at roughly 1/3 the price of JV. Eaton had 5 years on an affordable contract. Those were both worth much more than JV on his contract and especially 1 year (if we traded him last off-season) of JD, or Upton on his deal. Their relievers were the most comparable to Wilson at the time of the trades, but it took 2 of them and Frazier to get a potentially better haul than we got for Wilson and Avila - and in hind-sight, Wilson was a complete bust for the Cubs last season.
  8. Kinsler to Angels for 2 Prospects

    I agree with you assessment of the deals. I will add that that I thought he did well with the original Maybin, K-Rod, and Mahtook trades. Glad he was able to get something even if it's AAA Filler rather than buy out Maybin last year. FA wise, I was originally happy with the Upton and Zimmerman signings (hind-sight is definitely different) didn't like going so early on Pelfrey, understood the Lowe signing (again hind-sight), never got the Aviles signing at all. I've liked what I've seen of his draft picks. I don't have full confidence in him, but I definitely don't get the complete almost cynicism of him.
  9. While that may be true, if they can just wait to sign any major league FA's until after the rule V draft, like Gehringer said, why wouldn't they protect up to however many Rule V draftee's they think they may want to take. if that is leaving 2 spots open or 3, it really makes no sense not to use every available spot to protect someone who may have even a small chance of getting taken. As we have seen, it is often more likely a player clears waivers if they are removed after the Rule V draft anyhow. (And we will likely trade Kinsler before signing a major league FA)
  10. The 2017 Post-Mortem

    Exactly, at least we know Marion has no ownership in them as she owns the Casinos. Add that to the fact that the Estate Tax may be eliminated and this is a complete non issue. It doesn't mean they won't sell the team, but it won't be because they are forced to to pay a tax bill.
  11. The 2017 Post-Mortem

    Uh, after Upton said he was opting out and the subsequent Verlander trade, I don't know how you can think "operation tank" isn't going into 2018? They are going to be bad next year. Kinsler has hinted publicly he would like to play on a contender. I don't see much chance Kinsler is here next season. They can get some value for him and there is no reason to keep him against his wishes and pay him the $11 mil to play on a team that isn't going anywhere. It's not primarily about the $. It's more about showing goodwill to the player and being able to get some value for him while also saving $. And Ramon Santiago 2.0 is just fine for the 2018 version of the Tigers. Hopefully Lugo will progress and can be a longer term option starting in 2019. If multiple of Burrows/Perez/Norris/F Funkhouser/Manning hit and/or Zimmermanbecomes effective again/Fulmer isn't traded, there's a chance 2019 will be competitive (in the 80-85 win competitiveness), but 2018 is likely going to be a 90-105 loss team.
  12. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    My point is, you still likely can signing them for #2 or #3 overall money instead of #1 overall money if you are picking #1. If the team with the #1 overall pick doesn't draft them, they aren't getting #1 overall money. #2 overall money saves the drafting team approximately $500K in their pool. The player is likely to accept that as that is the most they would get anyhow. You don't have to draft the 10th best player to save bonus $. If you have the #1 overall pick, you can probably save that $ with you top rated player
  13. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    Yes, but if you have 3-4 players ranked pretty even, if you take the one at #1 overall that is willing to sign for #2 or #3 overall money you save 500K-1Mil. From the players perspective, if you don't draft them #1 overall, they aren't going to get #1 overall money anyhow so I would think it's pretty likely to pick up some decent $ if you are in the top couple picks. Later on, not so much.
  14. 2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I posted earlier in the thread regarding last year's allotment just for the first 2 rounds (the top 10 are what counts), but each spot they move up from 4-1 they gain approximately 550-600K in their draft pool.
  15. Which Free Agents might the Tigers pursue in 2018?

    Exactly. I do believe they will look for a late FA signing - could see Sanchez as a possibility after he is bought out - but it can be basically any AAAA guy and be ok. This isn't a team looking to do anything positive in the standings, just develop the right guys that will be here in 2019/20.