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  1. Yeah, extremely small sample size, but the only Tiger game we saw, Reyes misplaced the first ball of the game into a triple. The next Toledo game we saw, he misplaced the first ball of the game into another triple. Again, extremely small sample, but he doesn't appear to read the ball too well in center. (I can't say anything myself as I can't read the ball well from anywhere 🤣)
  2. I don't really think they cared about individual game outcomes. I don't even think they cared if he gave up 4 runs an inning. I just think they needed him to at least have enough control to throw few enough pitches to get through an inning.
  3. I think they just needed to trust he could make it through an entire inning.
  4. The way our pitchers were at the time, it is a line of bs I could believe. When Rosenthal hadn't made it through an inning about 1/2 the time and our starters are lucky to go 5, I get needing to have guys you know can make it through an inning whether they give up a couple runs or not. For this team It really isn't as much about the performance as far as runs allowed, but when Rosenthal was at 30 + pitches and has to be pulled for that reason, it burns 2 pitchers.
  5. When they released him, Gardenhire said it was because they needed guys that could give them innings and as Rosenthal hadn't completed a full inning in at least his 2 previous starts, it just wasn't feasible to keep him.
  6. Do you happen to have the title of this book? Thanks in advance!
  7. It's great for an outsider just to look at the numbers and come to that analysis - I get it. What it doesn't take into consideration is that for the last half of the season, the lions were missing 2 of their top receivers, their top running back for a number of games, and the QB had a broken rib. Would the results still be the same? We will find out this year. Not saying at all that Patricia's way is the right way. Just saying the analysis misses a lot of key contributing factors while making a definitive conclusion that
  8. Without knowing the full status of who needs to be protected for the Rule V, I doubt he does it with them not being able to play this year as that would be 2 more 40 man slots. Now if the potential for these 2 is better than people we would need to protect (or who we can pick up with the 1st pick in next years Rule V), yes, pick them up. If they could play this season it would be a no brainer as we have plenty we can drop without really hurting any roster flexibility.
  9. In trading Greene, while a position player would be ideal, if the best deal is centered around pitchers, do it IMO. Boyd on the other hand needs to be centered around position players IMO.
  10. Another interesting thing I noticed was that they had our top 13 prospects all graded as 50 or better.
  11. He did opt out and/or signed an extension with the Angels. Either way they added another year to his deal.
  12. Maybe you better check the Slugging Pct again. Rogers is considerably better than McCann's was in the minors. Same with OPS
  13. Brujan from Tampa may very well be an option (Fangraphs and Law both have them in their top 25 overall prospects). He is a 2b and I think I'd rather have him headline a deal than Bohm, especially since the rest of the Rays' system is significantly better than the Phillies. Extremely Small Sample, however the 1 time my son and I saw Brujan this June when we were on vacation and Lakeland was at Port Charlotte, he definitely seemed self-focused. Example - he had a ball bounce off his glove while sliding to his left and he just stayed laying on the ground to the point people wondered if he was hurt. Problem was, while he was on the ground, a base runner advanced that otherwise wouldn't have after a throw home. He also got picked off first in that game. I'd still prefer him as a fast middle IF over Bohm I believe and it was only 1 game of live action.
  14. and: Willmert Fenelon, rhp, Dominican Republic
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