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  1. Not sure about that last one. Seems high.
  2. Is this rock bottom? I hope it is. The mood here has ever been so disillusioned in my experience.
  3. Clearly the worst writing avidly followed on this board.
  4. It's also possible that Adduci has arranged some slump-busting therapy for Candelario in Toledo, and that can take some time.
  5. See what happens, Larry?
  6. Finally, something we can agree on. I'm glad it was merely a flip comment and not a bat flip.
  7. I believe we are talking about the value of hit first position players generally. JD is an example, but obviously not a prospect. The instant question, I believe, is whether the Tigers ought to consider a hit first college guy with their 1st round pick or even prefer him to other, more well rounded, prospects.
  8. Especially to those easily confused or unable to discern subtlety.
  9. Valued by what measure? The vile Red Sox pay him $20MM a year.
  10. A top 1% bat makes up for every other shortcoming, I believe.
  11. I should add that I will be sitting with some associates of the Adduci group, an Italian screen director, a Federal judge and Rikki Rockett, member of the band Poison.
  12. I will attend this game tonight. Lee or anyone else -- I will buy you a beer if you wish. Dan in Cos Cob
  13. Biggs, dude, this is baseball not math, dude.
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