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  1. Visiting Cooperstown for 12 year old baseball tournament and to my surprise I discovered that Adduci is not in the Hall of Fame.
  2. They should try to win every series and go from there. Draft position is nice but winning is better.
  3. Are we now going to get 7 weeks of A+ Verlander like the last several years? I would be OK with that.
  4. Is Greene available?
  5. Deuce walks. Bases loaded for Upton. No triple play possibility.
  6. Now put in Romine to PR for McCann? Why not two ABs ago?
  7. Iglesias also singles. Adduci on deck now.
  8. Please excuse my late post. Glory to the Deuce.
  9. Fulmer should not have dared to arm wrestle Adduci. That was stupid, and now the team and fans pay for it. It's obvious that there is no one in the majors than can out-alpha the Deuce. I hope it was worth it Fulmer. Jerk.
  10. I agree with your view on Greene. He could turn out to be very effective as a closer for the next couple of years. I suspect that he would be personally happy with that, too.
  11. I doubt that happens. Team pride will work against this goal. That said, I can't wait to get off this plane and begin taunting Yankee fans. This will be better than being on Nantucket when the Tigers took the home opener series against the Red Sox bastards.
  12. Please note that work ethic excludes Adduci, though he inspires his teammates to work harder and notice blonder.
  13. I love it when the Tigers come to NY and kick the Yankee's asses.
  14. LGA reports a groundstop until 7:45. 7:30 may be ambitious.
  15. Shelton, sir, the Yankees can go **** themselves.