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  1. Lee dates the hottest chick in town? Sweet for Lee! Keep her away from Adduci.
  2. diaspora04

    Fiers traded to Oakland for 2 PTBNL or cash

    Metaphor, I believe.
  3. diaspora04

    Fiers traded to Oakland for 2 PTBNL or cash

    Does that ever happen with attorneys?
  4. Mrs. Hardy harming his value?
  5. diaspora04

    The Deuce is Returning

    I am thrilled!
  6. diaspora04

    Deuce is an All-Star

    Deuces wild?
  7. diaspora04

    Bosio Fired

    Observing the stories that have come out about the Tigers' matter in addition to your good point here, I think things look very bad for Bosio generally. This guy may have a future in baseball similar to Pete Rose's.
  8. diaspora04

    Bosio Fired

    From a Canadian?
  9. diaspora04

    Bosio Fired

    As I recall, it was used to great comical effect.
  10. diaspora04

    Deuce is an All-Star

    Perhaps one of the mods will correct the title of this thread.
  11. diaspora04

    Deuce is an All-Star

    Tiger fans and a significant number of women everywhere already treasure this man. The International League does, too. https://www.milb.com/toledo/news/four-mud-hens-named-to-2018-il-all-star-roster/c-283151336 I don't always start new threads, but when I do, I start them about Jim Adduci.
  12. diaspora04

    6/28 @1:10 Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers

    I also understand that there was a cheetah at the park yesterday that avoided engaging VMart in a foot race.
  13. diaspora04

    6/25 @3:10 Oakland Athletics vs Detroit Tigers

    This rebuild is better than you think.
  14. Collins showed signs of other skills, though, that come in handy on the NJ Turnpike.
  15. diaspora04

    6/23 @6:10 p.m. Detroit Tigers vs Cleveland Indians

    I agree. They will get through this small, multi-year rough patch, and I'll enjoy watching it happen.