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  1. Biggs, dude, this is baseball not math, dude.
  2. MLB teams are massive rent seekers. It's easy when you have both a monopoly and a piece of every Michgander's heart.
  3. Disrespected Adduci. You see what happens, Larry?
  4. Punch these mother****ers in their mother****ing faces.
  5. Whooping cough? Is Greene an AVaxer?
  6. 15k attendance. I wonder how well the team has to do before folks start coming to see them. 14-6 should do it, I think.
  7. I have been overseas for the first week of the season, but even from thousands of miles away, I marvel. WTH is with this team and staff of strikeout pitchers?
  8. I suspect these guys in nearly every case hide it / deny it until they cannot any longer.
  9. I believe that Fulmer will return at least as a useful bullpen piece and possibly as a starter. The UCL stuff has probably been going on for years as with many hard throwers. It sucks.
  10. I was pretty sure that the bolsheviks got her. Mick confirms this, I believe.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Be_Near_Me
  12. Players may also be more responsive to veteran peers than to coaches in certain circumstances. Biggs is a good example.
  13. Indeed, they are infintives with the base verb elided / understood.
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