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  1. Some may be considering whether to defer a year as well if students will not be on campus this fall. Side note -- certain well-regarded liberal arts colleges (not known for baseball) are apparently telling their admitted athletes that deferral is not an option: matriculate now or reapply next year.
  2. It seemed like we had a great flow of VZ talent around the start of the century.
  3. I think by winning, you mean "covering the spread." I agree that a youth coach who is dependable against the spread is very valuable.
  4. Like a plaintiff's lawyer harvests tragedies . . .
  5. I watched this guy throwing a bit yesterday, and hear he can reach 95 (or even higher) as a HS Junior. I wonder how common that is. https://www.perfectgame.org/Players/Playerprofile.aspx?ID=685430 While not in this year's draft, I imagine he get some attention next year. If he chooses college, he has already made arrangements with Vanderbilt.
  6. I also suspect that the spot at the elite university would help to negotiate above-slot bonus if this kid turns out to be 1st round material. If the kid were a pitcher, college would look a little more dangerous due to the higher potential for career-limiting injury compared with a position player.
  7. Back to the discussion about HS player decision re: college or minors. I have a friend whose HS senior position player kid has been admitted to an elite university as a baseball recruit (no sports scholarships at this school), but he is also in discussions with several MLB teams and could be drafted high enough this June to warrant a seven figure signing bonus. The family has plenty of cash, so paying for school is not a consideration. The possibility, though, of a significant signing bonus has intrigued the dad. He proposed to use it to buy a life insurance product for the player that would build up cash value over time and provide enough for the player to live off of in the event that he never gets a lucrative MLB contract. The university spot would be gone if he heads to the minors and kills his NCAA eligibility, and I strongly suspect that his college prospects would not be nearly as good if he decides to go to college after an unsuccessful attempt to make it in the minors. I suspect that the kid would rather play pro ball at this point. Tough choice with significantly divergent possible outcomes.
  8. Second hand observation by an amateur scout confirms this point.
  9. The moves seem very significant -- a big shakeup. May it work out!
  10. Mets on the liver can be dealt with. Mets on the lungs are tougher.
  11. Sneaky power that refuses to be ignored.
  12. I read "door stop," and figured this was a metaphor for something that refuses to be ignored.
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