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  1. That brings up a question about NCAA hitters and pitchers. Which group is more advanced? I suspect the hitters are more advanced because it is my impression, based on limited personal experience, that the coaching of HS pitchers is greatly inferior to the coaching of HS hitters. Pitching is more of an art, perhaps. Accordingly, I posit that NCAA hitters arrive as Freshman in better development stead than their pitching colleagues. Physical maturity may have different effects on the development of hitters and pitchers, too.
  2. The esteemed Mr. Liston is, I believe, downplaying the importance of a good relationship with local "decision makers" like Deuce. Getting along gets along. Not getting along has some significant downsides. The other variable here is to what extent these minor leaguers have appealing sisters or mothers that visit.
  3. I wonder what Shelton (the player, rather than the more famous MTS poster) is up to now-a-days.
  4. How did Fulmer look? I like the 6 Ks, but not the 2 BBs.
  5. Is he too young to deal? I suspect this has been discussed in depth elsewhere on the board, so forgive the asked and answered query. Turnbull looks pretty good, and pitching will probably be at a premium with so many teams making the playoffs.
  6. I wonder whether Turnbull throws another pitch for the Tigers.
  7. 80-90 when it leaves his hand, but it decelerates quickly after that.
  8. I attempted to refer to Jim, Sr., whose timeline seems to correspond. Perhaps it was Tron, more than any other single ingredient, that formed Duece's personality.
  9. It was a somber day in the Adduci household. Jim had just explained that he had put his entire signing bonus into a Disney movie about a future world. His new wife wanted to be supportive, but she could not see how they would afford to have a family now.
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