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  1. Second hand observation by an amateur scout confirms this point.
  2. The moves seem very significant -- a big shakeup. May it work out!
  3. Mets on the liver can be dealt with. Mets on the lungs are tougher.
  4. Sneaky power that refuses to be ignored.
  5. I read "door stop," and figured this was a metaphor for something that refuses to be ignored.
  6. This is a pretty significant disappointment. I viewed him as at least a solid MLB 3B in development when he came up. Alas, his ceiling seems much, much lower than that.
  7. Only when he is hiding banned performance enhancing substances in them.
  8. There is a nice video of Rogers reacting to being called up embedded in this page: https://www.mlb.com/tigers/news/jake-rogers-headed-to-tigers
  9. "The club asked Felix about the fact that his hair had turned predominantly gray."
  10. I saw Dawson, warming up against the Phillies at Veteran's Stadium in maybe 1983, throw 250 feet on a line from RF to home plate. I have not seen the like since.
  11. It's a nice opportunity for DOJers to use the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, though.
  12. Not sure about that last one. Seems high.
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