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  1. I know that Mark has the list of VSL/DSL kids that are coming stateside this year on TigsTown but it is presented as premium information. Is anyone aware if that list has been released for non-subscribing public consumption somewhere else?
  2. Cot's lists Betemit as being in his last year of arbitration after this season while MLBTR lists him as an upcoming free agent. Does anyone know which is actually correct?
  3. Just wanted to point out that if Ubaldo is traded he is able to void the 2014 team option per his contract. If he pitches anywhere near his capabilities there is no doubt that he would void that last year ('14) so if the Tigers did acquire him they would actually have him under contract through the 2013 season.
  4. 15 more picks until the Tigers choose at #76.
  5. While I understand your point of view I believe you absolutely take that trade off. Here is why I say that: The Tigers were obviously able and willing to have a payroll that supports the Martinez contract. So say you don't sign him, where do you invest that money? You could use it on another free agent, say Adam Dunn (oops), and you're in the same situation. You could trade for a player with an existing significant contract, say Vernon Wells (ouch). You could spread it out a bit on lesser players and maybe save some cash to pick up a big contract at the trade deadline. The problem with that is that without Martinez you're probably not in a position to buy at the trade deadline because you're probably not that good. Even if you do manage to stay in contention without signing Martinez you have to use prospects that you wanted to stockpile in the first place by keeping your first round pick instead of signing a Type A free agent. Secondly, the way the draft works -if the Tigers are consistent in being willing to pay well above slot money to kids who are considered "difficult signs" - then losing that first round pick is virtually irrelevant. Take last year for example. They lost their first round pick by signing Valverde but still took Castellanos with their first pick and signed him to a deal well above slot. Judging from comments made after the draft and the money they gave him, the Tigers had him so high on their draft board that they probably would have picked him in their original spot anyway. Tomorrow if the Tigers end up with a guy like Bell, Norris, or Purke then the loss of that first round pick is, essentially, made irrelevant again. The baseball draft doesn't work the same way as the NFL, NBA, and NHL drafts do. The fact that there is no slotting system in place allows teams willing to break away from the commissioner's office wishes to circumvent the design of the current draft process.
  6. I actually don't necessarily disagree with your assertion regarding drafting relief pitchers in the first/early rounds of the draft but if you're going to fire Dombrowski/Chadd for doing so you should also give a few other GM's their walking papers: Theo Epstien (Boston): Craig Hansen - 1st Round #26 overall in '05 Daniel Bard - 1st Round #28 overall in '06 Dan O'Dowd (Colorado): Casey Weathers - 1st Round #8 overall in '07 Rex Brothers - 1st Round Supp. #34 overall in '09 John Schuerholz (Atlanta - Now President, but GM until late in '07): Joey Devine - 1st Round #27 overall in '05 Walt Jocketty (Then St. Louis Cardinals GM) - Chris Perez 1st Round Supp. #43 overall in '06. Jon Daniels (Texas Rangers) - Tanner Scheppers - 1st Round Supp. #44 overall in '09. These are just a few guys who are very highly respected baseball men. There are many more examples over the past few years. Drew Storen was the #10 overall pick in '09. Josh Fields was taken at #20 overall in '08 (albeit by the Mariners) the pick before the Tigers took Ryan Perry. Daniel Schlereth was taken #26 by the D-Backs that same year (Josh Byrnes is still thought of highly by many even though he did lose his job). Aaron Crow was taken #12 overall in '09, though the Royals hoped he would be a starter he quickly was converted. Kenny Williams took Chris Sale #13 last year and he went straight to the bullpen. The construction of this current bullpen appears to be quite flawed given the way they have pitched thus far this season, however it should be noted that the way it was put together is not by methods exclusive to Dave Dombrowski. Many other GMs considered elite baseball men have followed the same, or similar blue prints as well.
  7. I was typing while you replied. I didn't realize they viewed Cruz and Teufel as starters - very interesting. Mark could give a brief scouting report on those two? I'm curious about Cruz, especially.
  8. I would assume that Weber will start while Oxspring and Ramon Garcia work as middle/long men in Toledo. West Michigan will be interesting. Mendoza, Patrick Cooper, and Steve Crnkovich all started last year so the last spot could be any of those three - assuming Ryan, Carreno, Ferrell and Eichorn are locked in as starters. I'm sure Mark would have a better idea of how the organization views all of the arms in Grand Rapids.
  9. There is a lot to be excited about when you look at these rosters - Turner and Crosby in Erie leading the way - but I was a bit disappointed that Wilsen Palacios and Alex Burgos didn't find their way onto the West Michigan squad. Mark, or any of the Lakeland crew, might you have any insight on the decisions to keep those two in EST?
  10. Kelly Johnson - He will be a free agent at season's end. Longshot blockbuster: Matt Kemp - If the Dodgers are struggling to contend and ownership is still in flux they could very well be willing to move Kemp, who is going to be entering his last arbitration year in 2012. The price would be steep but if the Tigers have a good developmental year on the farm and a couple of younger players excel in Detroit (Boesch, Perry, etc.) they would have plenty to offer.
  11. I suppose this is a question directed towards Mark, but if anyone has any information I would appreciate having you pass it along. I haven't heard status updates on several of the Tigers pitching prospects that missed all, or most, of last season. How are the rehabs of Casey Crosby, Cody Satterwhite, Austin Wood, Tyler Stohr, and Melvin Mercedes going? Which, if any, will be ready to go when spring training starts? Thanks in advance!
  12. Having previously read that the Tigers weren't going to be players on guys demanding big bonuses, I was pleasantly surprised to see this: Baseball America | Blog | Baseball America Prospects Blog | Tigers Add Top Venezuelan OF Vasquez
  13. I'm a hardcore believer in the value of developing from within. I follow the minor leagues, I love watching players grow as they move up the ranks of the farm system. That being said, my knee-jerk reaction to the Valverde signing was to feel disappointed in giving up a first round pick and disappointed that some of the younger, home-grown kids wouldn't get a shot at the closer's job. However, after taking some time to digest it, and hypothesize the thought process behind the move, I have softened quite a bit from my initial opinion. Here's why (I know you're dying to find out) : 1) Sometimes things aren't always as they appear. In the case of losing the draft pick, I have come to the conclusion that, in the end, it won't take much, if anything, away from the Tiger's draft class. The reason I say this is that I am going under the assumption that the draft budget won't be affected by the Valverde signing. The Tigers have netted one extra draft pick through the free agent process, so while they will not be picking in the first round, they will still have three picks before the third round. As an organization they have shown on numerous occasions that they don't really give a rat's behind about MLB's slotting system. That being the case, the loss of the first round pick simply means that they will, more than likely draft a player (or two or three) that has signability issues in the later rounds and use the money they would have otherwise used on the first round pick. In the end if the Tigers have a draft budget of $7 million, they are going to get $7 million worth of drafted players whether they have the first round pick or not. And who knows, two or three years down the line the Tigers might get valuable return in a trade for Valverde or in draft pick compensation if he signs somewhere else as a free agent. 2) Despite the success of Porcello, Perry, and Verlander, generally speaking, it is healthier to allow younger players/prospects time to develop and grow into larger roles. Even if you don't like the signing, I would imagine you could at least agree that Valverde is a quality power arm with a good track record as a closer. He allows the young bullpen arms such as Perry, Schlereth, Fien, Satterwhite, Sborz, etc. time to mature. More than likely, they will not have to be thrown into a position that they may not be prepared for at this time. In the long run it is very likely to be beneficial to have them work into more predominant roles naturally. 3) I view the Granderson/Jackson trade as a completely separate entity than this signing. I never saw that trade as driven by finances and the signing of Valverde would seem to indicate that. In the end I have decided that I don't have a problem with this signing. It makes the Tigers better in 2010 without a ton of long-term financial risk.
  14. Mark, or anyone else that might have this information, could you confirm Gabriel Purroy's birthdate? I have it as 4/16/92 and Ed's list has it listed as 1/22/90. That's a big difference when considering where to slot him. As an aside, Mark could you give me an idea of how he ranks in regards to other prospects from the DSL/VSL such as Azcona, Machado, Moya, etc. Thanks in advance! Oh, one more thing. Is Byron Aird coming stateside this year and where might he fall in that group of kids that I just listed?
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