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  1. NJTiger

    Bosio Fired

    an entitled person who is told by society to be angry about hearing a particular word.
  2. NJTiger

    Bosio Fired

    Is it really that mind blowing this day in age?
  3. NJTiger

    Bosio Fired

    or maybe bosio told them to just agree cuz he's actually a good person and didn't want them to go down with him. true character.
  4. NJTiger

    Bosio Fired

    after reading that article, i feel awful for bosio. i hope he sues the **** out of the organization. i'm embarrassed as a tiger fan today. sadly there will be no marches in the streets for his rights.
  5. I've heard comps for Candelario to Mike Aviles. Oh joy. For 1.5 years of a lefty reliever with a 12.6 K/9 rate. I really thought we'd get a stud type prospect for Wilson.
  6. Lugo, Alcantara and Jeimer for JD Justin and Alex. I miss Dombrowski.
  7. classic rod. we just talked about his work ethic and how hard he works.
  8. Jason Beck ✔@beckjason First career ejection for J.D. Martinez. Fourth ejection by Mike Everitt tonight. Not the crew. Just Everitt.
  9. whatever the case. only scoring 1 run against two waiver wire pitchers with our offense is pathetic. i'll choose my word more wisely next time.
  10. dominated by two waiver pitchers. this sucks. hopefully fulmer can keep them in this.
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