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  1. Thanks.... That is a wonderful story.....!!
  2. Jon Heyman ✔@JonHeyman tigers had no further moves. so fires and others stay. Would be nice if Heyman learned how to spell Fiers.
  3. 2:39pm: Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle has a pair of sources who do not think the A’s are close to a deal for Fiers
  4. 68Tiger

    Bosio Fired

    Why wouldn't you....??
  5. Happy the Tigers are going into a full rebuild, but really going to miss JV. Definitely my favorite Tiger...!!
  6. If that is the case, then why wouldn't he tell the front office in advance....??
  7. JV is at 100 pitches. So you being him out for the 8th...?
  8. Can't recall him look this bad. Certainly not the Miggy we've become accustomed to seeing...
  9. I certainly agree with you premise of having it the same for both leagues. Especially considering the increase of inter-league play. Even though, have a slight preference for keeping the DH. Tiger
  10. Speaking of all the differences with hitters. Would like to see the DH become reality for both leagues. Particularly with more inter-league play in the schedule. Tiger
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