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  1. Any of you guys see the new report brought out today implicating the Bidens and the Obama administration in the Ukraine...?? https://www.hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Ukraine Report_FINAL.pdf
  2. Saw this post in another forum, and a post I agree with, however I doubt many of you will. My thoughts on COVID-19 are that it’s obviously a serious global health situation, but that the United States’ nearly total shutdown is disproportionate to the threat. An overreaction accompanied by mass hysteria (and political motives) that could cause more overall harm than necessary. I do not agree, & haven’t from the start, that those under 60 & with no underlying health problems should be forced to shelter in place. The elderly, ill, & those otherwise at risk (and those who live with or otherwise come in regular close contact)? Absolutely. But not everyone. It’s quite clear at this point that probably millions of people have had this & recovered without even realizing it. Which is great news. The actual death rate is probably around half of a percent, &, again, the vast majority of deaths were people already in poor health. The nation-wide lockdown was based on grossly inaccurate “models” that wildly exaggerated the death rate. Those models have had to be repeatedly & drastically tuned downward due to heavily flawed assumptions. Yet it’s interesting to me that nevertheless many people are still clawing tooth & nail to prop up the danger of coronavirus & push for a continued lockdown for as long as possible — such as until a vaccine is approved, which could be December/January. Some of these people may just like working from home; some may like not working as long as the government keeps pumping stimulus checks & increased unemployment benefits; but I think the underlying motivation for the bulk of those arguing for continued lockdowns is they actually want the economy to tank so they can blame Trump & use it against him in the election. Just look at how ridiculously the left responded to positive field reports about hydroxychloroquine after Trump cited it as promising news. They reflexively engaged in an all-out blitz to discredit the drug & seemingly wanted it *not* to work, all because Trump mentioned it. Notice the bait & switch, by the way: Initially, the shutdowns were supposedly to “flatten the curve” & keep hospitals from being overrun all at once. Well, hospitals didn’t get overrun, & now we’re past the peak of a much flatter curve than expected. Yet the rallying cry now has changed to complete eradication. Which is unfeasible, but of course an excuse to keep the country & economy shut down. Living comes with inherent risk. 80k in the US died from the regular flu 2 years ago. 40k in the US die in car accidents each year. We don’t lock people indoors every flu season & we don’t ban driving. What’s the point of living if you run & hide from everything? It’s embarrassing how weak & dependent this once independent nation’s population has become.
  3. Have any of the recent Presidents been people who you would classify as ethical...??
  4. I have a difficult time understanding why the US Government needs to reduce the deficit only by raising taxes. The government doesn't make or manufacture anything. One would think given what the government does do, it should be able to do so with a lot less employees given the technological advances with computers and such.
  5. Yahoo sports is saying this: Tigers will receive Joey Wentz and Travis Demeritte in the trade.
  6. Without the power of course. Agree with your sentiments though.
  7. Agree.... Sell off best they can and continue the tank the remainder of this year.
  8. Castro seems to be a pretty good hitter. Although not a lot of power but a good contact hitter.
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