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  1. Pena's streakiness can be frustrating, but man did he have a colossal second half last year. That could really be helpful for this year's stretch run (Imagine that, a stretch run !!!). Combine a Pena surge with Maggs return, and it could be real fun. He'll be fine - I'm still projecting .260/32/90 come October ... And hey that's why you have 9 guys, they pick up each other. Look at the offense they are getting out of the C and SS positions, sure you like to have big bangers at both corners, but as Boston showed it's not prerequiste to winning. Of course Boston actually has starting pitching .....
  2. Wow, Douglass has impressed at Toledo so far (3-0, 0.74 ERA), is this guy for real ?? I know the Orioles drafted him very high, and he is still only 26 ... Perhaps he just needed to improved his control to make the next step ??
  3. Johnny B. Wockenfuss, of course !!!!!!!!! But I sucked so I went to more of a Tony Phillips stance and did much better
  4. I would lean toward trading White and Urbina, as they 1. Are in their final contract year 2. Can be replaced from minors or current roster Once Maggs comes back, and puts a healthy stretch together, I bet you'll see an August trade of some sort ...
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