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  1. Too early to say much, but Fulmer could be a reasonable plus that wasn’t expected.
  2. How about: Bauer’s balls come under MLB microscope
  3. And they haven’t unleashed Baddoo on the opponents yet.
  4. One semi-bright spot might be having a leadoff batter with decent OBP. That’s been missing.
  5. Over and under on how long Jones stays off the DL?
  6. I forget his injury history, but wasn’t he dealing with a nagging wrist injury for a couple years before his breakout? Not being affected by that issue could be majorly responsible for his improvement.
  7. Yes on Nunez, I don’t think Mazara is that good, but I am fine with dropping Stewart of the 40 man for him. There are others that could go to make room for Teheran (not that I think he’s great either).
  8. I suspect Teheran will make the rotation. Maybe start with Turnbull, Boyd, Skubal, Urena and Teheran?
  9. In your case I would use the term cranial flatulence.
  10. Is that true? I think Grossman’s per year is slightly more than Tram’s adjusted for inflation.
  11. Does the number of starts for Stewart indicate a last chance to show something, anything, before moving on. Meanwhile Baddoo seems like he could stick and have a future. Way to early to read that much into a few games, but...
  12. I would like to see that too, but am wondering if it would be better to convert him to a reliever with the idea he could maybe stay healthy. Shorter stints, less wear and tear. Kind of giving up on the biggest value, but maybe salvaging a strong bullpen piece, since he has been so fragile.
  13. I agree with Tigermojo2 and with G2. With Covid, and the messed up innings thrown in 2020, I want someone that can throw lots on innings. Assuming no significant arm damage, Porcello sounds worthwhile. Not expecting greatness. I am expecting lots of injuries all across MLB.
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