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  1. I could be okay with a lottery that made the odds much higher that the teams with the worst records picked early, higher than, say, the NHL model. More a small deterrent to tanking instead of an exercise in randomness.
  2. Do we know something similar to didn’t happen? I can understand Nick being reluctant to learn a new position again, but his defensive shortcomings are the reason it made sense. Was it ever established he was unwilling to play 1B, I know there was some speculation about it.
  3. Right Cas, they may have had an understanding with him that they would set him free at some point, if he wasn’t being utilized much.
  4. Yeah, lines to get in, lines to get to your seats, walking close to others in your row, lines outside the bathrooms. Lots of logistics that would tend to be unevenly applied or carried out.
  5. Cleveland Cleavers. One Sweeney Todd night per homestand.
  6. There has to be some degree of lingering damage to the psyche there, I would think.
  7. That describes my daughter’s situation. Mid twenties, athlete, in her third month of Covid. Has okay days, and relapses.
  8. His stats show a serious decline to me. After 2012, he did manage a solid half season in 2017, but other than that, quite a bit of suck.
  9. I seldom post in any forum, and never in the political one. I do read that forum, there are many good links to sources for being more informed as a person and as a citizen. I learn things there. But the drivel spewed by the two banned members was corrosive, not counterpoint. Good riddance.
  10. Baseball also has the problem of consumer attention diluted over a 162 season + ST & Playoffs. For the majority of the season each single game is far less important than in football. The avid fan pays attention and savors the matchups, speculates on mid-season trades, watches the IL, etc.. For us it all goes together in our love for the game. Not so for the millions that pay slight attention until October...and then football is there to weaken interest. I agree with the other comments that the game play has slowed down, and that it is important to have played the game as a young person (or had a family member player/fan). Not sure where the game is going now, the trends don’t look very good.
  11. I think the Aoki comp also relates to how many teams he played for in a few years, same for Dickerson.
  12. Boyd’s and Torres’ values, by WAR or other means of evaluation, was different at the trade deadline than they are now. Boyd stumbled and Torres rose -not surprising, but not a given either. And with the Yankees losing the ALCS in part because their rotation was their weakness, I can see them considering the trade back in July. Short term gain only.
  13. I would suspect that the injuries hitters develop are also less likely to by career ending, or as major an event. Are they more likely than a pitcher to have an off year due to injury and come back strong.
  14. I don’t think I know much about hockey either. That said, from what I have seen of Seider so far it could be interpreted as lumbering, or maybe calm and deliberative. He seemed to me to have control of the puck and made smart decisions most of the time. Too many recent Wings defensemen have rushed things resulting in bad turnovers. Time will tell, but I like him so far.
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