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  1. I was watching on broadcast TV (non-cable), which rarely drops out, but did just before the pitch to Phillips. Black screen with a no signal text alert...thankfully it only lasted for a couple seconds. When the screen came back I saw the arch of the hit into center and the whole thing from there. Wow. And then, my daughter-2000 miles away-and I sharing the shock and amazement. Go Rays
  2. I was wondering about King too.
  3. Shorter, but more encompassing version.
  4. But do they want to monkey with team chemistry?
  5. I don’t find this very convincing (of your premise), and the great Chris Truby came over from a trade, not free agency.
  6. I felt the same way when I watched his limited play in the preseason. Now that he’s getting some regular duty he seems to be at least semi-valuable as a fill in.
  7. Yeah, I work remote, have AC. I gave one purifier to my girlfriend, but am still covered for myself. I cleaned the prefilter on one last night. That was alarming. Waiting for the wind to shift (maybe Monday). But compared to lots of others, including folks not more than a dozen miles away, I’ve got it good. Unfortunately, none of the fires in Oregon are really contained to any significant degree. It is kind of like COVID, realizing that there will be a new “normal” and that it’s messed up.
  8. When you’ve got his wheels, you are always ready to go.
  9. I live in Eugene and my house is between two sensors running a range from low 400s to low 500s. 😳
  10. Can we take a moment to celebrate the Bruins being eliminated?
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