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  1. Dan Gilmore

    Project the 2018 Tigers

    I am of a similar mind to TD-they will tank, but they won't suck quite as bad. And if they bring back some more young talent by selling a FA or two, all the better. None of this should stand in the way of developing/evaluating the core of players they see as important in several years.
  2. Dan Gilmore

    2016 Offseason

    I am fine with letting Jones have CF as the regular, but think it's smart to look for a cheap option that provides insurance in case he isn't ready, or isn't capable. I don't know if Revere is that guy, but yeah, 2015 Revere would have been, 2016 Revere wouldn't. If he wants a contract like Jon Jay got (1/8mil), I'd pass. If he'd take something like 1/3 or so, I'd be interested.
  3. What just happened the last two batters? Gameday is not very helpful. Bad plays by the Sux? TIA
  4. Thanks, did he seem to get better jumps/take better routes/glove work in the outfield-generally play the OF better (before getting to the throw, and not taking any offense into account)?
  5. I assume that the fitness and weight loss would improve his defense to some degree, as a given, but I haven't seen any of the ST games. He was so poor last year that it would require a big step to get up to average. From those that have seem him in ST, how much better is he, if at all?
  6. Dan Gilmore


    I'll take Matt Boyd.
  7. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    This is where I'm at too. The rotation was so weak last year that it needed a decent bullpen to cover for it's shortcomings, and the same was true in reverse. So the failings tended to multiple the negative effects, something that I think is mostly corrected with the rotation, and likely corrected to a major degree with the pen. Plus there are much better call-up options in the minors now–for either the rotation or the pen. Yeah, health issues could derail things, but I am not worried about the team being a contender. Doesn't mean I don't want a better LF, just don;t think the offense will be poor.
  8. Dan Gilmore

    *** 2016 Adopt A Tiger - Registration ***

    Yeah, why not.
  9. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    I don't understand this, at least with the presumed budget. If there is only about 10-12 million left to spend this year, SD isn't going to eat enough salary to fit in Shields. I think the bigger question is where to allocate that 10-12 million. Another bottom tier starter (basically a Simon) plus a solid RP (a Sipp or similar)? Two more RPs, like ODay plus Kelly, and live with the internal options at SP (hope Greene is fixed, or one of the young guys is ready)? Or the cheap SP/cheap LF (Aoki)?
  10. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    You're just resting...beautiful plumage...
  11. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    The story said the GM plans to talk to Fowler, sounds like no deal has even been discussed yet.
  12. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    I agree having a top SP would help more in most playoff situations than having two mediocre SPs. But two FA pitchers means you have some protection during the long season against injury, plus a potential surplus for mid-season trading should some of the young guys step up. So if Sanchez misses time on the DL, you don't have to run Lobstein or Ryan or Farmer out there for a stretch.
  13. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    Thanks, that's good info. Since we know the plan is to get two SPs, what are good combos to sign for around 28-30 mil total?
  14. Dan Gilmore

    2015 Off-season thread

    I'm looking forward to the post season ending and the team rebuild to start for the Tigers. At this point there isn't much to discuss, but Bautista and Norris behavior/quotes don't matter that much to me. To change the subject to potential new players, what are peoples thoughts on Kazmir. Some have seen him as too risky from a health standpoint, but I seem to remember looking at his stats and he had averaged something like 29 starts a year for quite a stretch. Does anyone have a med report that he's too fragile to pursue in FA?