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  1. Gotta get to double digits on the SBs or it’s a huge fail.
  2. Stanley68, I agree. Going back to G2’s thoughts from months ago, I would like to see them add a few bullpen arms that are not the cheapy lottery ticket type. Those are usually valuable at the trade deadline, and with a young rotation that doesn’t go deep in games, valuable while on the roster. Spend a little on a couple good ones, knowing relievers are hard to forecast.
  3. Hi Sean, i want to thank you for your contributions to the forum, I appreciated your posts and the intelligent thought processes that went into them. And the snark.

    Good luck to you, I understand the huge time suck that the forum can be. I went from semi-regular posting fifteen years ago, quickly tiring of that, to infrequent comments. Still enjoyed much of what was posted by others (not named Stan). Thanks, Dan

  4. I would like to see some additions to the team. An impact position player would be great, and the prices might be relative bargains this year. Adding a Walker type makes sense too. I think G2 was advocating for quality bullpen arms earlier. With the young starters breaking in, many not likely to go deep into games, that makes sense to me. Plus, they can be solid trading chips at the deadline if the season goes south. None of this is advocating for long term deals, or huge overpays.
  5. Thanks. As usual, I have numbers in my head that are too low. 😕 Agree to pass on him.
  6. How about LeMahieu to play 1B/able to move around if the kids don’t pan out or for injuries? I know we want Tork to be up and productive. How much money for how long is a question for him or any player. Thoughts?
  7. I was watching on broadcast TV (non-cable), which rarely drops out, but did just before the pitch to Phillips. Black screen with a no signal text alert...thankfully it only lasted for a couple seconds. When the screen came back I saw the arch of the hit into center and the whole thing from there. Wow. And then, my daughter-2000 miles away-and I sharing the shock and amazement. Go Rays
  8. I was wondering about King too.
  9. Shorter, but more encompassing version.
  10. I don’t find this very convincing (of your premise), and the great Chris Truby came over from a trade, not free agency.
  11. I felt the same way when I watched his limited play in the preseason. Now that he’s getting some regular duty he seems to be at least semi-valuable as a fill in.
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