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  1. DTroppens

    Game 41: Pistons @ Clippers

    I'm glad I opened this. I forgot it was an afternoon game.
  2. DTroppens

    The Pistons have a Dwane Casey Problem

    It is an interesting read.
  3. DTroppens

    Game 38: Spurs @ Pistons

    I never saw the stat but I'd be curious to find out what the Spurs shot from the field in the fourth quarter. It seemed there was a time that they scored about 10 straight possessions. Update: If I counted all the shots on the shot chart correctly, it looks like SA was 12-for-17 from the field in the fourth.
  4. DTroppens

    Game 38: Spurs @ Pistons

    I haven't read any of this thread yet, but I think my "favorite" part of the game was when the Pistons were trying to get back into it and I am pretty sure on back-to-back defensive possessions Drummond and Jackson allowed hoops and fouls for three-point plays.
  5. DTroppens

    Game 37: Jazz @ Pistons

    Watching the Pistons feels a lot like an extension of the Flint Metro League prep basketball I cover Friday nights.
  6. DTroppens

    Game 37: Jazz @ Pistons

    Unbelievably believable.
  7. DTroppens

    Game 36: Pistons @ Grizzlies

    So can anyone recall the last time the Pistons played against an opponent who averaged at least 20 points and then scored none in a game where the player actually had a decent amount of playing time? I'm sure it happens but I can't remember one right off top of my head.
  8. DTroppens

    Game 34: Pistons @ Magic

    That's all my goals have been since the Iverson trade season. That and hope they sneak out with 40-42 wins. Gosh, how long has that been now? It's been 10 years. We've seen some pretty generic mediocre basketball since then. You can't look at any of the teams over the last 10 years and look at these teams in terms of long-term goals. Really, all you can be is a "fan" and hope they win each night you watch a game, realizing the squad is no better than one of those generic NBA teams that probably will finish below .500. These aren't teams you can really analyze and say if we have this or that or if we do this or that. Yeah, I guess you can, but it's a fruitless exhibition. And, at this time, it doesn't look like the current pattern is going to change. Maybe they surprise us and win four in a row suddenly look more like a playoff team for a small stretch. We've seen some of these non-descript teams start seasons well (the last two years) and saw at least one other start dreadful and then put something like a 30-game run together to possibly sneak into the playoffs (forget what year that was). Maybe this team wins 35. Maybe it wins 42. Really, it's just a number. They still will be one of those generic teams and I'm not going to look at them as anything more than that. Knowing that, I'm just going to "fan" it again this year. Just try to enjoy the games as they come and not look too much beyond that. That's what I've done most of the last 10 years. Hopefully, we see another positive trend sometime in my lifetime. We probably will see at least one more incline where you can truly analyze the team at a serious level - even if it is just at the 45-48 win team level. I'll just wait for that time to come.
  9. DTroppens

    Game 34: Pistons @ Magic

    That has been a positive.
  10. DTroppens

    Year of the Tiger '68

    I did a 1968 MLB tournament and the Tigers lost in their first round in seven games. I think it went seven games.
  11. DTroppens

    Game 33: Pistons @ Pacers

    When this play happened, I started wondering if the Pistons were the Washington Generals allowing the Globetrotters to do their thing. Seriously, I was kind of half-watching the play and I thought maybe a time out was called or something, he figured what the heck and let's have some fun before going to the bench and that's why that happened. And then I suddenly realized "Oh, that actually did happen. No time out was called." I wish this was the replay from the Pistons' broadcast. It seems like they actually followed the play from bucket to bucket better than I recall the Pistons' broadcast did.
  12. DTroppens

    Game 32: Wizards @ Pistons

    Whenever I see Reggie Jackson I think to myself "Mr. October doesn't have the same ring during an NBA season as it does during a baseball season."
  13. DTroppens

    Game 32: Wizards @ Pistons

    I watched it later on during the replay. But, yeah, you might have a point.
  14. DTroppens

    Game 32: Wizards @ Pistons

    Oddly, Drummond's two free throws were probably the key points icing the game offensively. He looked poised on those shots.
  15. DTroppens

    Game 32: Wizards @ Pistons

    I'd rather win a super ugly game than lose one.