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  1. He did that in 26 minutes. Wow, that's really working the +/- stat in limited minutes.
  2. We all want to make the record books!
  3. It will be interesting to see if he ever plays 70 games in a season. This is one of the "games" I used to play with my Sporting News subscription as a kid. Find players that seemingly never could put a full season together and try to guess how many games they'd end up playing. I remember tracking Bob Horner to see how many games he'd miss pretty much every season. The guy could hit, but he struggled to stay healthy enough to get 500 PAs pretty much every season, sometimes missing half of the season and stuff like that.
  4. Maybe the ABA did it that way as well, but I know the CBA used to give a point for a quarter won. I used to love looking at their standings to see if a team with a weaker record was ahead of a team with a better record because they won more quarters.
  5. And even if he writes it off that way, he's still wrong. Blake being hurt isn't that uncommon of a thing. If Blake is your piece your basing your team around, you have to realize that there's a pretty darn good chance he's not going to play large portions of the season due to injury. And it's not going to get any better - he's not getting younger.
  6. To be honest, I don't remember exactly. I think they supported it. He pushed him without any real intentional of a basketball play - it was the right call in my opinion.
  7. I didn't. But, honestly, I wouldn't mind going to the game.
  8. That was tough to watch. But, somehow, I watched the whole thing. Watched it on TNT. They were joking prior to the game that they'd have some entertaining jokes at halftime, so if for no other reason, stay glued to the game through the first half for the halftime entertainment. I'm shocked they didn't have the Pistons' "Going Fishing" picture plastered on the TV by halftime.
  9. You are right about voting based on policy and that many don't. If people know the policy, I would hope they would. I think younger people embrace the policies maybe more than older generations like mine and those even older. I think Warren is hurt by being to the right of Sanders on some key issues. She's sliding on Medicare for all recently, and that won't help her. She helped vote for the military budget increase and that probably won't help either. She has a strong consumers protection past and that's a huge plus.
  10. That's great that you voted based on policy. You suggested that may not be the case in the next cycle - the reason for some of that post. Clinton did propose it 25 years ago, but her policy has changed dramatically. She said something to the effect that Medicare for all was a pipe dream and was pretty proud of her comment when she said it. Also, Sanders supported Clinton back in the day. You can see video of him right with her during some press conferences. Unfortunately, the 2016 Hillary Clinton is much different than the 1990s version. I did not vote Trump in. I didn't vote for him and I chose to vote for someone who earned my vote. Voting for the lesser of two evils is what has got us to this point. Clinton couldn't beat Trump. That is on her and no one else.
  11. What would hand Trump the presidency again is probably having one of the establishment Dems winning the primary, which the DCCC will try to push just as hard (if not harder) as they did in 2016. I think maybe one establishment Dem has a chance to win if she wins the nomination - that being Kamala Harris. People's history is too easy to read today, much easier than 20 years ago and if people can tell who is lying there will be little passion behind that candidate and that will kill their chances. Biden won't win. He falls quickly when he runs for president. He has Clintonitis - the more people hear from him, the more they reject him. If he runs, he'll be out quickly. He's certainly not going to energize the younger voters, and that is key in today's political landscape for Dems who actually want to win. Harris has a very checkered past with issues that younger generations embrace, but the party would love to have a quality woman candidate. She's very articulate and can speak like a progressive (much like Obama) so she may fool enough of the electorate to win the primary and maybe beat Trump. However, her history suggests her progressive talk of today won't be reflected in her actions, so she'll still have issues with that against Trump. Again, if it comes to Republican vs. Republican-lite, people will vote for the Republican and the Republican-lite candidate will not energize enough voters behind them to win the election. Those I think could beat Trump: Sanders, Warren and Harris.
  12. Wouldn't voting based on policy be a smarter decision? You are really going to allow outside factors from your support for a candidate? I really hope that's not the case. I'd hope you'd embrace your political beliefs a bit more than some outside factor like that. But, back to Hillary and Bernie - even if Hillary and Bernie would end up voting 95% the same, the five percent that they'd vary are pretty important areas. Military intervention, Medicare for all and just their corporate ties are three huge differences. Here's a fact - more Bernie supporters voted for Clinton than Clinton voters voted for Obama when Clinton lost in the primary to Obama. And probably a lot of Bernie's supporters who did go to Trump were independents, so it wasn't like they were Dems. They went with the candidate that had the most populist ideas (albeit all of them being pretty much false). Meanwhile, I'm willing to bet most of those who didn't vote for Obama that voted for Clinton probably were actual members of the Dem party. So if anything, those voters should've felt even more loyalty to the Dem Party candidate. I voted for Sanders in the primary, but didn't vote for Clinton in the general election. But that was never going to happen. I haven't voted for a Rep/Dem in the general election since Bill Clinton's first term. That was the election that I pretty much locked up in my mind, minus some social issues, there aren't many differences between the two major parties. Nothing from that day forward has changed my opinion on something I look at as more factual than opinion. My wife did shift from Sanders to Clinton, and I certainly understood why she did. For those who wanted to direct their vote to one of the major two parties who asked me for my opinion, I did tell them to vote for Clinton - and I do get asked by people for my opinion on these matters. I'm not saying it's 100 people, but I can say I probably helped guide at least 10 people in that direction (and at least one in the direction I voted). And I should say at this time I don't know who I am going to vote in this primary. I will vote the person I think is best in line with my political views. In the primary I will vote against war and the person I believe embraces the populist agenda the best and that has me looking at a couple of candidates. One of those candidates I have already donated to that person's campaign, and that person is not named Sanders (sure you can guess who). So while I have voted for Sanders, I certainly don't qualify as a hard-core Bernie supporter. I think most people who were passionately Sanders supporters weren't shocked Trump won. I certainly wasn't. His rhetoric was to the left of Clinton, and when a Dem reflects Republican-lite tendencies, they will struggle to enthuse independents (particularly young independents) to want to vote for them. She was trying to get Republican-lite voters more than those to the left of her. It was her platform, her policies and the people she surrounded her that lost her the votes needed to beat Trump. And despite what you may think, those policies (and certainly not the key root policies that were driving the election) didn't have those two seeing eye-to-eye on 80 percent of the issues.
  13. I said this to my wife a few times tonight - "Meet your Maker. Thon Maker!" He had a really good second half.
  14. Amazing. The Suns may end up scoring under 100. Pistons on cruise contortions right now up 20. Life has changed this half.
  15. I think the Pistons made a defense a stop two games ago.
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