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  1. I have fun at Minor League games. I went to a Lugnut game last year. I went because they were playing the Whitecaps. Well, I ended up with tickets right above the Whitecaps dugout. I had my Whitecap garb on and cheered them throughout the game. There may have been 1,000 people there, tops, so the entire place could hear me through the game. When the game ended, one of the players flipped me a ball when he went back to the dugout. He pretty much pin-pointed me and made sure I got it. How often does a player purposely flip a ball to a mid-40 guy without a kid? Not completely sure why I mentioned this. We'll I guess I do. It seems I have more interesting things like that happen when I go to Minor League games. Let's face it. Unless someone gives me the tickets I'm never sitting next to the Tigers dugout at Comerica Park. You have fun little moments like this at the smaller parks than you do at the MLB parks.
  2. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    At my old job in Illinois I guess the guy that took over my job when I left had issues with trying to get a raise. He "got back" by writing a column. Each of the first letters in each paragraph wrote out a neat response to the publisher. No one would've known, but I guess he was pleased with his work and had to tell some people about it, and it eventually got to the publisher. Of course, he was fired.
  3. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    I didn't see that coming either. It was a neat little twist.
  4. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    I don't really think he was that much of an a*** for doing it. Kim had no troubles trying to take them away. I understand she feels justified because it was her hard work that got them. But, she was an employee. I guess there's gray area involved in that whole situation and it probably rests on what side of the issue you are on. As a complete outsider, I understand her trying to take it. I understand why they fought to keep them. I guess if this was one of those "What is your opinion and to what extreme would you fight for it?" questions, I'd say Chuck isn't a jerk for doing it solely because they were their account. Of course, there is that "getting after his brother part of it" so maybe a tiny jerk. But how much am I going to passionately fight my opinion - not very much. I can understand the other side as well.
  5. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    I really don't think he has to feel guilty or should be considered an *** for doing it. That said even if he was justified doing it, I'm sure Chuck had more passion for the fight due to the fact he would be hurting his brother in some capacity. So maybe that's being a little bit of a jerk.
  6. DTroppens

    Pistons vs. Cavaliers - First Round

    Cavs in five. I think the Pistons win at least a game. I'll go with game 3. What would be a good guess on over and under on Drummond free throw attempts in this series? I guess I'd have to check to see how often the Cavs went to the hack-a-Drummond theory this season. I think they did in one game, but I can't recall if they did in all of them right off. I'll say the over/under is 49. That's just under 10 free throws a game if it goes five games.
  7. I rented it last night and this was my thought about it. No. 4 with a little bit of 5 mixed in. And it was pretty easy to predict what the heck was going to happen or what we were going to learn. Basically this whole movie was done to prove why this new dark side vadar could be looked upon as more dangerous and brutal than Darth Vadar. He showed weakness and had to have the symbolic action of killing Solo to prove he could be pure dark evil. But the thing is I don't think there was any of us who didn't figure out that Solo was going to get killed by his son once it was made clear the relationships and the weak nature of his son. And while I know we have to let some reality go in a show like this the one thing that does drive me completely batty is the lack of cameras around the enemy bases. The resistance has roamed through enemy territory in the past and done some harm. You'd think by now they'd learn from their mistakes and actually have security cameras all over the place. It would actually make the movie more entertaining watching the ways they keep from getting spotted, and then spotted at the all-so-most-wrong time. I saw 4-6 and thought 4 & 5 was pretty good. It took a downturn with 6 and 1 was pretty awful. Never saw 2 or 3. Only saw this one because we had a free video rental coupon so we figured what the heck. We were shocked to see a copy at the store. Some of you may be shocked to hear there's still a video store where we live (within walking distance of our house - that's why we stopped). This was No. 4 all over again. I won't be bothering with the rest of the series. As I presented, I wasn't sworn to this series prior to last night. Just my opinion. If you enjoy the series, I'm glad you do. Don't take my opinion too seriously.
  8. I don't have the great ambition or fire to get to as many sporting events as I did even 10 years ago. But when I do, it seems I'm more excited to go see things on a smaller scale. About 10 years ago I was a Lions season ticket holder, an occasional partial Tiger season ticket holder and an occasional partial Pistons season ticket holder. I certainly never went a month without going to a game involving one of those three teams. Now, in the last two years I've gone to one Tiger game, two Pistons games and one Lions game. However, in that same time I've gone to quite a few Minor League Baseball games, a curling tournament and gone to a couple US men's/women's soccer games. This spring it's more likely I'll go to a D1 college softball game than a Tigers game. I've already committed to a Mud Hens game as well and want to go to a game in Midland. This is what I was talking about earlier. Even the events I do go to, aren't my old "wheelhouse" top three. My new "wheelhouse" pretty much only invovles the Toledo Mud Hens and the US men's soccer team. I also want to get back into a pattern of going to more CMU football games as well.
  9. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    Chuck is a slime ball in his own special way, but not for this action. He had every right to try to keep Mesa Verde.
  10. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    This is one of the things that probably keeps me hooked on the show. It's gotten to a point where it only seems to "make sense" we'll see Gus in this show eventually. The other ties are being created, so it only makes sense Gus will be hitting the show some time. My guess is when he does hit the show, there won't be any mention of him prior to it. It'll just happen - get us to be as visually shocked as they possibly can.
  11. DTroppens

    Better Call Saul Season 2

    I've been watching this throughout, but I have to admit I don't know if I'd still be watching it if not for Breaking Bad. It's an okay series, I guess. I enjoy Mike as much as anyone. I think they are doing a reasonable job incorporating people from BB without being too ridiculous about it, and actually doing a more than decent job in the process, making it fit a potential storyline into what we know from BB. I keep watching, and I haven't missed an episode yet. But the show hasn't wowed me by any great sense.
  12. DTroppens

    Game 80: Wizards @ Pistons

    Nope, I'd rather have Drummond happy for the team, celebrating with the team despite having to be benched rather than sulking on the bench like that. But enough about that. The Pistons are in the playoffs and it feels good. Who the heck knows how long it will last. Let's face it I'd dance on the ceiling if they figured a way to the second round. I'm not expecting terribly much right now. But once the games begin against whoever it is, the Pistons' fan in me will take over, and that fan will be in playoff mode. It's been a long time since this Pistons' fan has been able to enjoy a game in "playoff mode." Plus, now I'm justified keeping my Pistons flag in front of our door hallway for a bit longer. I think that thing is starting to drive my wife nuts. I think she's wishing I didn't find that thing in a store closing sale about now.
  13. DTroppens

    Game 79: Pistons @ Magic

    Bullock was pretty key last night. That's another win, and now one away from locking up a playoff spot. Let's get this done.
  14. DTroppens

    Game 79: Pistons @ Magic

    He just hasn't improved that much since his first season in this respect. There were times early in his career he did look completely lost for large chunks of time. Maybe that's not the case as much any more, but he certainly doesn't look like someone who is passionate about being a strong paint defender. He never has. And now he's getting pretty deep into his NBA career, so it's hard to think he's ever going to be much more than he is now in this respect.
  15. DTroppens

    2014-15 EPL and European Football Thread

    Darn it. I just noticed I'm making these posts in an older season thread. Oh well.