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  1. Loved the message and the song.
  2. And to think th enight before he was sweeping the water out of the dugout. Who's with Robbie?
  3. This was absolutely awesome.
  4. I am so glad to hear that so many people still remember what happened to Brian and take the time to talk about him. I am sure he will be cheering Justin on to a win tonight. I think of brian everytime I walk into Huey's man cave and the picture of the glass with the Old Englih D with a candle in it that he took to the ball park the night after we heard about Brian's death.
  5. Thye are pretty good. I'll steal a few for Justin's scrapbook.
  6. the Cougar, Team Mom and Huey Taxi enjoying dinner tonight. it's so nice to see other Moron'd during spring training. For the record, John did eat but they had picked up his plate before the picture was taken.
  7. I got this email from Grim asking if I could help set this up. It was a special day and very hard for me to keep this a secret. I am recovering from surgery and wasn't sure who a trip to the ball park would work for me. yesterday Huey told me PuNk would be there today and I said great so will we. he didn't know we were going until then. I saw billee walking toward me and I waved, Huey said who' s was that and I said none ya. He actually accepted my answer for once. We had a nice visit with both guys until the game called us to our seats. thanks Terry. Hopefully we get to see them from dinner after the next game.
  8. We had a very quiet upbeat dinner with no tears. Wish I could say the trip there was the same but it wasn't. Thanks for all you thoughts and kind words. It sure makes days like today more bearable.
  9. What a nice tribute to our son. Thanks for the kind words.
  10. You also have her talent for singing. I was always jealous of that. I have a horirble singing voice. I can sew better than my sisters, none of us knit or crochet. I can and do talk baseball,
  11. it was a great day out there. We had beautiful weather. John Warden was his usual funny self but Willie Hernandez stole the show. John was walking back to the dug out and Willie followed him doing the same waddle walk. John didn't have a clue what was going on.
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