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  1. Lee, I've been using it for several years. On a wi-fi connection it's rock solid. When using it on my phone and driving it can come and go based upon how good the service is.
  2. 1st inning of Spring Training and I've heard enough of Jim Price already.
  3. One of the Detroit Papers printed excerpts from the book over the weekend including the famous Monday Night game versus the Yankees. Trying to find a link, but no luck for the archived content. Here is a Q & A with the Author: Found Excerpt:
  4. Interesting Article from the Star Tribune. Souhan: Perhaps it's time to ask Joe for some of those millions back
  5. I was thinking a similar thing. I usually never pass the chance to comment on Darth Jimmy, but even I have to admit as long as he's doing the color I can tolerate him. I really enjoy Dickerson's calls. The one major irritation left is that Price always has to say WOW on every HR or deep fly while Dickerson is making the call. That will always drive me nuts. Like others, I very much miss Paul Carey. I miss George Kell even more. We have been blessed in Detroit.
  6. If true, it says all we need to know about Rich Rod and confirms all the suspicions I've had since the day he was hired. It's about him, not the team, not the University, not anyone else. It's about him, his system and nothing else. I've seen too many people like this guy who come in, say they have to change something thats not broken, then either leave or get shown the door when management comes to these senses and realize that things were not as bad as they thought.
  7. This has the possibility of a 14 pt swing. State can score here, get the ball in the 2nd half and do it again.
  8. I'm trying to think in my lifetime what team has been this good on offense, and this bad on defense. I can't think of a college team, but maybe the Chargers teams of the late 70's early 80's is the only one that comes to mind. Some of the Marino Dolphins teams had this problem also.
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