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  1. Assuming no other roster moves and everyone is healthy, the 25 man will probably be... 1. Avila 2. McCann 3. Cabrera 4. Kinsler 5. Iglesias 6. Castellanos 7. JD Martinez 8. Gose 9. Davis 10. Cespedes 11. Victor 12. Perez 13. Collins 14. Verlander 15. Price 16. Sanchez 17. Greene 18. Simon 19. Nathan 20. Soria 21. Rondon 22. Alburquerque 23. Gorzelanny 24. Another LHP (Hardy, Krol, Ryan, Lobstein ect.) 25. Another RHP (Wilson, Hanrahan, Zeid ect.)
  2. Tigers and Alburquerque settle for $1.725M, per twitter. Everyone is signed up for the season now.
  3. I wonder if James Shields could be a possibility if they really aren't going after Max?
  4. I assume Cespedes plays LF and JD slides over to RF?
  5. Porcello started two playoff games in 2011 and would have started at least another one this year had they not been swept. Also, (not technically a playoff game I know) he started game 163 in 2009.
  6. C-Avila/McCann 1B-Cabrera 2B-Kinsler SS-Iglesias 3B-Castellanos RF-Tomas CF-Davis/Dirks LF-JD DH-Victor BN-Collns BN-Bonifacio SP Verlander Price Sanchez Porcello Peavy BP Nathan Soria Rondon Alburquerque Miller Gregerson Cotts
  7. The O's are (reportedly) not going to pick up the option on Markakis. He could be a guy they target for RF... O's Will Make Qualifying Offer To Cruz, Decline Markakis' Option
  8. So apparently game one is at 5:37 if the Royals win and 6:07 if the A's win. Game two is at 12:07 if the Giants win and 3:07 if the Pirates win.
  9. Everything I've seen says they play at 3:05 on Friday but then Beck just tweeted this... Jason Beck ‏@beckjason 7m7 minutes ago 12:07 or 3:07 Friday depending on NL Wild Card winner. RT @Ali_Maki88: @beckjason anything on Game 2?
  10. Even though it's a lefty-lefty match up; Avila has great numbers against Vargas, so hopefully he is fine and can go tonight. If he can't I really hope they give McCann a shot. I know it won't happen, but I can hope.
  11. Sanchez threw a 25 pitch bullpen today and reportedly felt good afterwords. He's going to throw another one tomorrow.
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